bad missions and the beluga damn / malas misiones y la beluga

ok, regards ...
I want to complain about the problems I see in making misons and in the beluga ship,
first, the missions of recovery of black boxes etc, when you come a squadron of 5 ships for you do not let you finish the mion because or you break or you have to go out and find the signal of the mission and take the material fast, and as you do not have shield and / or helmet boosters you are lost, I waste hours in doing this misfortune of missions to win a pepper. very little.

The beluga,
is a , has more passenger modules the anaconda because of luxury who makes 5000 to? no one. !

and that you get a luxury passenger who pay well is not.
and that is stuck in the entrance or exit of the stations is traca, but you lose in the repurchase or repair of the ship that in enjoy it.
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