Awesome New Station Being Built! (Important message inside.)

Thanks to the hard work of the slave commander's who by order of Zarek Null, have built a station for all member's of Space Force, and Zarek's own personal guard, New Dominion; to use to further 'MedEvac' roleplaying activities further out from the bubble, and deep into the galactic core.

Here we hope to help CMDR's safely back to the nearest station, as deep space truly is a terrifyingly dangerous enviroment.
Zarek's galactic control is nearing. There is no use fighting it. Just accept it, and succumb to his overwhelming genius, and power.

Praise the Overlord,

If you wish to join either the 'Distant Ganks 2 expedition'

Or the Overlord's own personal Discord server 'New Dominion'
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