And what are the significant differences between the profile for Elite Dangerous from the manufacturer of the Warthog, and the profile developed by You?
Hi @Meresiga

The 'manufacturer one' simply maps buttons and axis in the bind file and does not require the TARGET GUI (scripting engine) to be running.
It also only maps a subset of the switches available.
This is a good option to start with if you just want to plug it in and start playing.
You can add unmapped switches etc in the in-game Controller Settings as you go.
(this changes the profile name to "custom")

Aussiedroid's script adds a bunch of smarts along with tweaking the curves of the axes etc.
The smarts are listed on page one of this thread and a longer description can be found via the links to ADs Steam pages.
You must run the script via TARGET GUI prior to starting the game and in so doing, the individual controllers in Windows are replaced with a single controller called "ThrustmasterCombined".

I mention this specifically because if you start with the 'manufacturer' or standard Joystick profiles then spend a large amount of time setting all the binds to how you like them, then switch to a script based solution, two things happen.
1. Your bindings are made redundant and the 'Custom' profile will no longer work
2. You need to re-learn what everything does (ie new muscle memory)...and that takes time

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I bought pedals today in addition to my Warthog.
ThrustMaster TPR Worldwide USB pedals. I hope that they will be able to work together using Your script.
Hi guys. Strangest thing happened two days ago. All of a sudden, I get random "fire" actions. It happens with weapons, scanners, and also within the menu system of ED! Needless to say, the game is unplayable!
It started around the same time I upgraded to Odyssey. I am still using AD 4.3.0. I checked the joystick actions, and the hardware is fine. Something got messed up in my settings. I saw a setting somewhere that automatically opens context menus (or something like that), which I had turned on for "on foot" and in the buggy. But I changed nothing in the generic bindings. Those auto-context items (under "miscellaneous") have been turned OFF again, btw.
What gives? I have literally no idea how to fix this. Any help appreciated!
Cheers RD
Hi @RagingDoc ,

When this happens is it a short lived occurrence (ie flurry of random stuff) or a specific action happening all the time (like a 7 second periodic fire)?

It was a continuous fire / <select> flurry. Although the frequency was not always the same. It was generally once every 7-8 seconds, though.
I’m using past tense here, because I downloaded the 5.0.0 from github which seems to have solved the issue. An hour of game play last night, no troubles. So, looking good.
@RagingDoc ,

This sounds a bit like you've inadvertently selected a 'Repeater Fire' mode.
I recommend you become familiar with this and other 'modifiable' functions of the script.

It does in a way, but the frequency was very low, it also occurred in the game menus and finally I did not chanfe anything in the conf.
It may remain a mystery, as the problem is gone after I started using 5.0.0.
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