Anyone got an Alt to scan the new station in Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 ?

Haha. Funny thing is, the reality wasn't much different:


Also here's Sagittarius A* viewed from the system:


Here's the crystal gangsters holding up station production (I think the purple ones are the leaders):


Here's me landed after the trip:


And finally, here's a minor detour I couldn't resist before logging out for the day:


No sign of a space station of any kind so far.
I presume nobody knows if the new station will be switched on tomorrow/next Thursday/a random point in the next few weeks?

I guess I'll just have a look tomorrow, and if it isn't there, go wandering for a week. I've never gone straight 'down' from SagA* before. Maybe I should do that, see how far I can get.
Stations are usually added on the Thursday restart - so I guess there's a reasonable chance of it appearing tomorrow.


Thu: Station appears
Sun: DW2 -> WP7
Next Thu: CG starts
Sun: DW2 stays at WP7
Thu: CG Ends
Sun: DW2 -> WP8

They could warp it in next week instead though - we don't know. Still - I'm in system just in case :)
The CG is due to start on March 7th. We've been told that the station will appear "several" days before the CG. If it appears on Thursday next week, that gives us almost 6 days to prepare for the CG while the new station is already there. Plenty of time to transfer stuff that is not buyable there. We're scheduled to stay around SagA for about three weeks.
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Scuttlebutt is that's not the correct system for the station anyway. Either way, we'll know in a few days. Still wondering why Copper, Gold, Platinum and Palladium is no longer used in station construction.
Well, ouch. No repairs. Seems we have to be extra careful while mining. Good to have the Hull Seals ;-)
That's what we'll have to work for in CG 2 :D

Yup - amazong how quickly people have forgotten what the purpose of the CG is - build the services at the stations!

Now I need to log in - been a bit busy since the Thargoids have been annoying this week ;)
Well I hope they add restock before the cg or limpets might just become the new void opals :D

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Well, they have outfitting, so I can start shipping my Mining gear over from Colonia - though if we have until the 5th before the CG there's no rush :)
Dropping this here from the announcement I just posted on Fleetcomm...

The Explorer's Anchorage docking hub has now been deployed close to WP7. This constitutes stage 1 of construction. The hub has outfitting facilities, but not very much else in the form of station services at the moment. Mining gear is available to buy there. The station superstructure deployment will occur in stages over the coming weeks.

Stage 2 of construction will be deployed on February 28th when more of the superstructure will appear.

Stage 3 of construction will be deployed on March 7th, and this date is when the 2nd CG will begin. The CG tier goals will determine what extra services will come online. The CG is expected to last one week.

March 14th will see stage 4 deployed.

The fleet is set to leave WP7 on March 17th, but those that decide to stay behind for a few extra days will see the final stage 5 of the station deployment on March 21st.
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Well, they have outfitting, so I can start shipping my Mining gear over from Colonia - though if we have until the 5th before the CG there's no rush :)

yep i was hoping to ship my mining Orca out though ;) ah well mining lasers and manual scooping for the greater good (CG) it is then!
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