Any "Gold" rush right now?

You read the title!
Core mining or platinum/Osmium laser mining
Don't bother with Painite or LTDs, they aren't worth it anymore.
Goid blasting (payout have been improved by A LOT)
Passenger missions still pay decent

No gold rush atm, but a more or less balanced way of earning a decent living across the board.
Unless you are into smuggling and piracy, it's still not worth it.
Yes, CGs are good now. I raked in 44M from the two CGs just past, besides all the bounties and cargo profits which I think totalled another 40M.

Last night I checked EDDB for loop trading too. Loop trades of 26k/ton from large pads or 47k/ton from medium are available ATM. That's about 15M from a two-way trip for a Cutter.
CZs are working quite well. A 90 kill massacre mission + comat bonds is working out at a total of 70 million.

I've also heard very good things about Thargoid killing, although you probably want to have prior experience or wing up with players who do for that to be profitable.
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