Animated UGCs - What do we know so far?

Goodmorning everyone!
Sorry if i write this post without introducing myself but i was not able to find a Presentation TD (if there is, please pm me).
I'm PC addicted since it's lauch in 2016 and with TMT update i'm making a lot of UGCs Sets (Steampunk, Ancient Minoian, ...) that i'd like to publish to the WShop asap.

I'm stuck on animating objects.
3D Smax had the issue about weird random rotation, so i started animating in Blender, but when I upload the zip on the TMT, it generates (without error) an empty 250kb file. So i tried changing some settings, but nothing changed.

So i'd really like to know if there is a proven "procedure" to follow, to have Animated Objs work in TMT.

Thank you in advace!

if you are using Blender 2.8 I am sadly not up to date on how that works. But this is how I make animations work correctly in Blender 2.79:


By having my object's natural rotation set -90 degrees along the X-axis (you then have to apply rotation and scale to both armature and all meshes) the lighting effect in-game will be correct. Please note in this screenshot that under rotation all angles on X, Y and Z are set to 0 degrees, even as my model is lying down. That is how to do it.


These are the settings I use when exporting the FBX-file. Note that the 6.1 ASCII option does NOT exist in Blender 2.8, only in the earlier versions of 2.79 did this exist.

The following setup of "Y Forward" and "Z Up" is how you align the model properly so it stands up correctly in-game, while retaining the correct lighting aswell. The animation checkbox must be checked aswell.


That´s one way of doing this,
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Thank you so much @Delgus for your accurate reply! I'll give a try now

EDIT: I strictly followed what you suggested, but still TMT after 2 hours building gives me a 250kb empty file...I think there is a sort of BUG or something
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