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Excellent new video from the Galnet News Digest crew with some of the very best tips that every new commander needs to know*.

* "Alec's Best of Forum" accepts no liability for any loss of earnings, ship, sanity or faith in the Elite Dangerous Community caused by following the advice given in the above video. All opinions expressed therein are those of the twisted and feverish imaginiation of Cmdrs Wotherspoon and Beetlejude alone and my posting of this video should in no way be taken as a recommendation to follow a single shred of the advice given. You do so at your own risk (but do please share any videos resulting from the attempt as we could all do with a damn good laugh).
ahem ... and, moving quickly on ...

Trending Hints of a DW3? + Frontier to do forum based AMA every Wednesday.

I've also added a link for the Hull Seals new rescue site alongside the Fuel Rats link at the bottom of the "manuals, guides and other stuff for new players" section.
Added Anton Natarov's truly sensational Ship Anatomy website to the "ships, weapon stat's, combat tips, etc" section.


In order to celebrate their fast approaching 100,000th rescue (yes, you read that right - ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND) the Fuel Rats are staging an art contest. Basically you need to come up with a design for a poster on the theme of "The 100,000th Successful Rescue by the Fuel Rats".

The winning submission will receive a Thrustmaster HOTAS kindly donated by Frontier.

You can read the full rules on the competition by clicking on the follow banner.

Can't see videos on the forum anymore?

Problem is the forum cookies have changed (you may have seen new cookie confirmation questions at the bottom recently).

Anyway, it turns out that to see youtube video links on the forum you now need to agree to marketing cookies.

To do this the easiest way is to clear your existing cookies for this site (google for how to do this as it's browser/platform specific), then log back into the forum (which you'll have been logged out of) and then agree to marketing cookies (I just agreed to all but you may wish to be more careful).

There's a forum thread discussing this further over here: cookies-setting-broke-forum
Saw the name Alec Turner twice in this video's hall of fame name flyby:
Trending: Dev Diary III (Sphere of Combat) is out and perhaps I am interested in a spot of FPS action in Elite after all 'cos it looks (and sounds) awesome. The Obsidian Ant and the Buur Pit have also both already dropped their videos analysing Dev Diary III.
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Added Golgot's excellent write-up of all the information given in yesterday's Gareth Hughes interview to the Dev Diary III stuff in Trending.

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