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So quite often I find myself wanting to recommend a bunch of forum threads to other players and rather than having to dig around each time I thought I'd start a thread that attempts to pull all the good (IMHO) stuff together in one place. I'm going to try and keep on top of this and include a "Trending" section as well which showcases some current stuff that I think is noteworthy.

Oh, and I make no apologies for the fact that some of the recommended threads are my own!

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Since I aim to point new players at this thread from time to time (and if that's you right now - welcome!) I wanted to add that you should feel free to post questions in here about using the forum or about any of the content featured herein.

P.S. Some of you may have noticed that my thread has now been updated to [v2]. Unfortunately the first thread outgrew the storage capacity of its original home (my oh my how this little undertaking has grown since its inception) but hopefully the space I've now reserved here will allow this to continue long into the future.

o7 commanders!


Stuff that's currently catching my eye (last updated 22/07/2020)
In a series of record breaking runs Cmdr Ravenov claims the new speed record for Sol to Sagittarius A* - 1hr 34mins 39secs!

Congratulations to Obsidian Ant who's recently hit 200,000 subscribers on Youtube.

Operation Ida - mission complete!

Another month, another Buckyball Race - this time we're in Guardian space!

Thread title says it all really, a nice read.

An Elite: Dangerous events calendar

Not so obvious, quirky, ingenious, inventive and unusual ways to play the game

A victory for Turning The Wheel as The Dark Wheel get nudged one step closer to Sol!

The Lavecon 2020 Buckyball Race (so fast you already missed it)

Techniques for using fleet carriers to passively earn money through Tritium trading

Lave Radio have been salt mining

What exactly is a "tenuous atmosphere" and what does that mean for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey?

What exactly is a "slave" and was does that mean for the Empire?

The Buckyball Racing Club are back with an engineer base themed race (runs from 20th - 28th June)

Will Flanagan's bittersweet announcement

Cmdr SleepyDelegate's exploration journal (a beautifully illustrated account of one commanders journey into the black)

Fuel Rats first post-update case requires use of fleet carrier to rescue pilot who spent months stranded in same system.

Fleet carrier showcase

Frontier's Fleet carrier stuff

Skoomer explains why his truly wonderful "Strange Worlds" series of exploration videos with friend Zach has come to an end. If you haven't seen the series then it's now been stitched together into a single epic video and it's truly one of the best made and most moving exploration journeys I've ever seen. If you like it then go send the dude some love.

Obviously ... Odyssey - the official name for the new big Elite: Dangerous DLC as announced on 3rd June 2020.

They called the Truckers crazy when they tried to deliver a mug to every station and now they're saying the same about Kai Zen for trying to push The Dark Wheel towards Sol in his attenmpt to trigger the appearance of Raxxla. Will you point and shake your head or will you join the ever growing throng of commanders now running missions out of Shinrarta Dezhra?

Older stuff
Frontier want your reports, videos, songs, etc about fleet carriers - you could win an X52 Pro!

Speaking of which ... getting a fleet carrier to Sagittarius A*!

On this day in 2017

Wait ... there are signs of life ... yes, the Buckyball Racing Club are back with their 71st race!

Old Duck postulates a controversial thought.

A brand new (unofficial) Elite: Dangerous story starts to take shape.

Donate your fleet carrier to this very practical cause ..
.. or perhaps this somewhat less practical one?

Nick Web completes his absolutely sensational 2,100 part lego model of an SRV!
lego-technic-srv-wip ("I did it!")

From the ashes of the ECM rises vECM - yay, now everyone can attend!

Frontier are staying at home ... and quite right too.

They have fuel, 70000 of you don't, any questions?

At the request of a fan - that "little ravine" has now taken me over 3,000km and the adventure continues!

Bruce wants your face! (not at all sinister)

Last but not also least.

Fresh meat (Hi Bruce! ;))


I'm under the influence! Cheers. 🍻

Two new challenges for the price of one at the galaxy's hottest new race venue!

The most addictive meme thread since the meme thread!

No news is good bad news!

Commanders recall some unforgettable moments from the last 5 years.

How do you do. How do I do what?

"Frontier Flopping" at Dav's Hope ... a necessary evil? or just plain evil?

Don't be salty, have some whiskey instead!

Frontier update on mining supply/demand changes.

Following on from the somewhat salty have-we-been-lied-to thread this other thread popped up on Sunday which references (among other things) an interesting blog post (last updated in April 2019) listing what Frontier have promised and delivered thus far. Worth a read!

Elite Community Meet dates and tickets announced and this year they're raiding Cambridge ... and also Texas!

The Hutton Truckers have come up with some insane plans in the past but this takes the biscuit MUG!

It's patch note feeding frenzy time!

January update drops on the 14th, work on fleet carriers and bug fixes continues but no more Interstellar Initiatives for a while.

Awesome new nostalgia thread on Elite's apparent "niche" appeal, who it seems to attact and why.

The Hull Seals take over the running of the next Buckyball Race and leave its reputation for risk averse and responsible piloting in tatters. ;)

Attention philatelists everywhere!

Let's start the new year with a thread full of awe and wonder at this wonderful game we all love so dearly.

New Buckyball Race (Total Recall 3) starts on Saturday

With a 2x multiplier on Federation ranking and massive discounts on Federal ships (especially the Corvette) at the moment ..

Old Duck gets Rift S VR, asks some questions and writes up his thoughts on it ..

Frontier offer to solve a long running mystery

Hardly news but the beta patch notes are out! (incl. lots of new BGS states + no more npc crew permadeath thanks to crew insurance)
And all the info you need to do good productive beta testing is linked here ..

Frontier release details of the bugs to be fixed in the January update + public beta test information

Author and ED lore master Drew Wagar is planning a lore based tour of Elite: Dangerous in 2020

An interesting and informative discussion on how gravity wells affect supercruise speed

New Buckyball time trial race "Lava Loop" starts tomorrow (16th November) and runs until next Sunday (24th). Anyone can enter, at any time (and as many times) throughout the week - small and medium ships only (because it involves landing at outposts in low orbit around lave worlds).

A new Guardian site has been discovered! (I read somewhere that it's possibly even the last as one was known to be missing).

Follow the adventures of Cmdr Rustnsawdust as he circumnavigates an unforgiving ice world (well worth following - a really good read so far!)

Speedbowl 3 is this weekend!

Yours truly has been comparing the size of Palin's new "Abel Laboratory" planetary base with various cities on Earth.

A new generation ship ("Golconda") has been found in the "Upaniklis" system. Personally I'd recommend heading out there and discovering the logs for yourself rather than reading this potentially spoiler heavy forum thread (even the thread's title is a spoiler).

Returning commander asks "what's new?" (but surely he must have seen huge piles of salt before?)

An out-of-game web front-end to the Elite: Dangerous cosmetics store is now available but people still aren't happy about ARX

On a lighter note - can't logout without landing/docking? always honk, even if you've been here many times? have to scoop with the star on your left?

Planetary circumnavigator is going around again.

The bad news - fleet carriers delayed again, the good news - Frontier to focus on fixing bugs with open betas.

A Halloween tour of the most terrifying places in Elite: Dangerous!

Elite Aid - 24hr 36hr! charity livestream event in aid of the Queensland fire brigades - starts tomorow!

Earn 945,000 credits per ton in second phase of the Scourge ... seriously?!?!?
Drat ... too late!

Enlightening discussion on differences between consoles and PCs and how it affects players' ability to compete in Buckyball races on a equal footing (or not).

New "blight" state introduced as part of the "Scourge" interstellar initiative.

New interstellar initiative "The Scourge"

Frontier have a new livestream series dedicated to racing called "Full Throttle". Kicks off this coming Thursday with the Buckyball Racing Club and a race which everyone can take part in called "Full Throttle at Pareco". The race is on NOW (so lay down some times for Frontier to try and beat) and runs until midnight Sunday.

We the undersigned ...
Petition: Community Requests to FDev for Elite Dangerous
Zac Antonaci's response

Nothing, definitely no "buildings" in Elite - ha ha - oh look! a badger (points frantically off into the distance)

The September update (aka The Good, The Bad and the Ugly)
september-update-known-issues (official list)
september-update-bugs-master-list (unofficial list)
turn-off-the-prompts and button-prompts

Still reading? Still like Elite? Then join the celebration.

Speedbowl 3

The new player experience and ARX
arx-and-frontier-points-conversion (further update on ARX incl. rough ideas of what things will cost)

Greatest "heist" in the history of Elite or EULA breaking rule infringement? Elite takes a step into the world of Eve Online courtesy of the Code.

Perpetual Elephant Butt Leather PS4 whinger "Old Duck" gets a taste of what it's like in the PC master race ... and likes it! :)

Frontier's record year and Elite breaks 3 million sales.

Celebration of early astronomy expedition, departing January 3306

Farewell Brett C!

The record for the fastest time from Sol to Sagittarius A* has been broken by Cmdr Up2d4t3 who completed the journey in just 1h 52m 10s!

Dav Stott answers a few follow-up questions to his BGS "Discovery Scanner" - he's not at liberty to speak about th BGS hamster tho!

The Buckyball Racing Club launch a new venture in Colonia!

With fleet carrier threads now breeding uncontrollably the best thread about them is this meta thread about fleet carrier threads.

Cmdr Numerlor wins Buckyball Racing Club's "Hot Off The Press" by dying after boosting through a Buckyball holo-ad - what a way to go!

Thargoid's develop new racing ship, but too late to take part! :D

Cmdr turkwinif offers up to THREE BILLION CREDITS to anyone who can beat his Pomeche Ridge Challenge SRV race times!

Fleet carrier news!
Also worth a watch:
Obsidian Ant's take on all this
The Buur Pit's take on all this

Let's hear a big ARF ARF ARF for the hull seals!

Dav Stott explains how the Background Simulation managed factions.

Fleet carrier preview incoming? (or is it just @PrimetimeCasual's new megaship speedbowling event?)

More clarification on the Galnet news - yup, imho it's bad (but other opinions are available)
galnet-changes (update)

Latest Buckyball Race is Hot Off The Press!

Featured commander Malic_VR ..
.. does several orbits of a planet in his SRV and then slingshots it off on a multi-day journey over an asteroid field and across to a neighbouring planet!

Galnet to "concentrate on in-game activity" - seems good, but reading between the lines, sounds bad!

Interesting update from Will re: the outcomes of the Enclave Interstellar Initiative (incl. Thargoid bobblehead).

Excellent "featured commanders" interview re: ToCoSo.

Rootsrat's excellent list of player suggestions for Fleet Carriers

The Enclave Interstellar Initiative, a change in Thargoid tactics and Palin's retreat from Maia + apparently some commanders are annoyed at being mildly inconvenienced by the ongoing inter-species war that's raging in and around the bubble!

The Buckyball Racing Club's "Seven Sisters Speedway" event is now over! Who won? Arguably the Thargoids!
Roll up, roll up, roll up - the Buckyball Racing Club are back in town!

The long standing Buckyball A* challenge is now under new management courtesy of Cmdr Raiko

Yours truly attempts to dispel some myths about Stellar Forge.

Frontier reveal new content coming in September
Additional FAQ on ARX (new store currency)

"Into the Black" (book one of "Salome's Legacy") - a really excellent new fan written novel

What will Frontier show us at Lavecon and will it be a Yay, a Meh or a Boo?

The Apollo 11 expedition heads off in just 3 days time!

Not been there? Not done that?

What's the average orbital speed of an unladen Scarab SRV?

Big fan of the Burr Pit so it's great to see this.

Interstellar Initiative 02 - The Enclave!

New "Discovery Scanner" livestream on crafting the Krait MkII

Interesting suggestion on NPC crew

Commanders who aren't bored with Elite attempt to explain why.

Planetary terrain generation - too extreme, too samey or just about right?

NPC SRVs anyone?

Commander protests ED cheats by wedging an infinite shield Beluga in the Jameson Memorial mailslot.
An interview with the commander

Fantastic fan-made video showing what it might be like to climb into a Sidewinder from the ground and walk around inside it.
video-paseo-por-el-interior-de-una-sidewinder (the original Spanish thread)

Cmdr DasExorcist discovers an "astonishing assortment of mountain ranges averaging 25-30km in height"

Zende Partners FTW! (kinda)

How fast can you rank up from nothing to Elite? An official Frontier sponsored competition with prizes!
First Official Elite Rank Speed Run Competition! (Exigious video)

Brave commander's journey comes to a sad end.

Primetimecasual and co. circumnavigate the outermost moon of Semotus Beacon

After 56 days (and 7,300km) on Kumay yours truly finally completes The First Great Planetary Expedition

Planetary explorer proves that "base building" (of a sort) is already possible in Elite: Dangerous

Brave young Cmdr Michael recieves astonishing support from both Frontier and the wider ED community.

"Cheats never prosper" ... or do they?

The first Interstelllar Initiative moves into "phase 3"

More details about the "Bridging the Gap" interstellar initiative (there's even a decal!)

Attention race fans - although the Buckyball Racing Club slumbers on (for now), The Okinura Sprint is once again open for business!

And the winner is ... Synuefe EN-H d11-96

Absent faces on the forum remembered ...

As one great expedition comes to a close ..

.. another rolls on

Pilots Federation rescue commander stranded on the edge of the galaxy

Patch for the April update reverts controversial Drag munition change, allegedly fixes SRV damage multiplier for multiplayer instances and more besides.

Attacking fellow commanders in the Pilots Federation District is stricly forbidden!

Cast your vote for one of five pseudo-random sequences of letters and numbers - woo hoo! /s

Isinona (the godfather of Elite: Dangerous story telling) is back making a brand new series of his superb "Flight Assist Off" videos. He'll be making two 25+ minute long adventures every month and you can now sponsor him on Patreon.
Isinona is creating Videos

"known issues" with April update and some bugs currently under investigation

Discussion on the change to the "drag munitions" engineering special effect which is causing a bit of a stir in the PvP community.

April update patch notes and discussion

Detailed list of content covered in FD's April Update livestream.

Details of the first Interstellar Initiative - called "Bridging The Gap"

April update (including advanced docking computer, supercruise assist, nav panel changes, in-game pilots handbook, interstellar initiatives and more!)

The First Great Planetary Expedition is well underway now and the 50+ commanders involved have been posting some fantastic images and videos of their adventures as they drive around Kumay in the Chi Herculis system

Frontier posts about new bug "issue" tracking system.
And the bug "issue" tracker is now live!

Raxxla Found, Anaconda "Sold Out", Panther Clipper Too Big

"We'll see you on the other side" (fingers crossed)

Featured lunatics commanders - the First Great Planetary Expedition.

Community goals are dead, long live community goals

Dying can be a funny old business ...

Interesting bar graph of paint pack/ship kit availability per ship type

It's that time of year when we play "guess the new IP" again

The First Great Planetary Expedition now has a logo, a route and a start date

Details on the forethcoming BGS update

Discussion on the community update from Obsidian Ant and DJ Truthsayer (DJ joins about halfway through)

That announcement from Will on the looooooooong term future of Elite: Dangerous (and muchos subsequent reaction)

New alien life discovered!

Planning of the first great planetary expedition moves into phase 2!

A brand new forum cometh!

After being stranded without fuel since November 3304 Cmdr Deluvian's long wait is nearly over - the Fuel Rats have arrived at his location and the rescue is scheduled for Saturday night.
Cmdr Highwaywarrior's twitch stream
Simultaneous cast of all 3 rescue streams

There is now a station near Sagittarius A*

Ed Lewis lands job as European Community Lead at Bethesda
Edward Lewis on Twitter

Releases 3.3.04 and 3.3.05 (neither of which I'd describe as especially exciting)

Frontier announce new monthly livestream series "in which your Community Managers will take you through the latest news for our Frontier games and communities."

Squadron leaderboard graph porn

Some nice new ideas on planetary landing gameplay

Frontier make some new ED "wallpaper" images available

Obsidian Ant and co speculate over the implications of the phrase "big refresh" in a new Frontier financial report (yup, it's another slow news week!)

Obsidian Ant video re-ignites cool discussion on the idea of a dark Pilots Federation for those that play on the opposite side of the law

Season one winners of the Squadron leaderboards have been announced.

Featured commanders livestream II - a recap of what the community has been up to in the last 6 months

Interesting Polygon article on gameplay duality within DW2 and the wider ED gaming experience

Commanders successfully fly 250 million light years and earn a unique Cobra MkIII paintjob

Planning a planetary expedition

Fuel Rats rescue update: Cmdr Deluvian has now been stranded for 58 days but the rescue team are closing in!

Stories of disaster from DW2

DW2 is hosting a planetary circumnavigation event starting today

Commander hits triple Elite after spending only 10 credits on Fuel

Patch notes! (and a fix for the masslock bug among other things)

Known issues with the BGS ("Isn't it easier to write a list of things that do work?")

Out now! Issue #17 of Sagittarius Eye - the best damn Elite Dangerous magazine in the entire galaxy!

Let's get Ed Lewis immortalised in-game as well as in our hearts!

Speaking of which - Ed's last ever livestream is tonight!

The Fuel Rats are currently engaged in their longest ever mission - a rescue which could take over a month to complete!
Expedition-VI-The-Longest-Journey (a glimmer of hope)

Ed Lewis is leaving Frontier!

Distant Worlds 2, despite being awesome, is off to a shaky start
Servers-offline-after-the-first-jump-of-Distant-Worlds-2-Come-on-Frontier! (on server issues as thousands of DW2 commanders bring FD's servers to their knees)
I-hope-DW2-gets-ganked-all-the-way-to-Beagle-Point (salty title for a thread discussing early flurry of DW2 ganks and whether FD should be restoring commanders ships)

For those staying in the bubble - the Buckyball Racing Club are back with their first race of 3305

Share your fondest memory of Frontier games to be in with a chance of winning a prize!

This month Frontier celebrate 25 years of Frontier developments with a months worth of livestreams, giveaways, CGs, etc

"Leaked" images of Thargoid insectoid models confirmed as #fakenews
Video-Leaked-Thargoid-models (FD comment)
Video-Frontier-response-&-NEW-Thargoid-"Leaked"-3D-models (Yamiks response)

Ability to use mutliple Abrasion Blasters to knock multiple lumps of same surface deposit confirmed as bug

Even older stuff
Trending pre 3305
Trending pre 3304

(forum tips and tricks)

Seeing as this is a guide to what's good on the forum here I thought it might be worth posting a bunch of tips and tricks I've picked up re: the actual use of the forum itself. Apologies if some of these are bloomin' obvious, it's often hard to tell.


You can subscribe to individual threads via the "watch" button at the top-right (and by default will automatically subscribe to any thread you create or submit a post to). Along the grey menu bar near the top you can then pick "Watched" to see a summary of all the threads you've subscribed to. Threads which have new posts (since you last looked at that thread) will be highlighted in bold.

Jumping into threads

You can jump into threads at three different places via the summary display as shown here:

Posting images

There are some screenshot links further down this page (including a nice guide by Qohen Leth on how to take good ones) but the main thing to note is that there's a limit to the number of images you can upload directly to this forum so what I suggest you do instead is upload your images to an image sharing website (most people use which is free) and then post the image into the forum using what's known as the "bbcode" from imgur, pasting that directly into your post (the bbcode is just the image url enclosed inside [img]...[/img] tags).

Linking to another post

You can of course just use the "Reply" link at the bottom of a post when you want to respond to someone else's post within the same thread but sometimes you want to include a link to another post (perhaps from a different thread) within your own post. I see a lot of people including page URLs (i.e. the URL that's typically in your browser's address bar when you're reading the forum) which end with "/page-N". Unfortunately these are unreliable since people may be seeing the threads with a different number of posts per page. A much better technique is to use the URL of the specific post. You can get at this by clicking the "#" number that's shown in the top-right hand corner of each post.

Switch editor to source mode

When you're editing a forum post there's a really handy little button in the top toolbar of the edit window which looks like a little gear (with the "Toggle BB code" tooltip). With this unchecked you're in WYSIWYG mode which can be useful for seeing what your post is actually going to look like but is problematic for editing since it can be difficult to place the text cursor outside of things like emphasised or hypertext linked blocks. By clicking the toggle button you switch into a source mode where you can clearly see where these blocks begin and end and place the cursor accordingly. It also shows images as bbcode's rather than as the actual images which can make editing text on mobile a lot easier.

Following Frontier developer posts

When a Frontier developers posts in the forum you'll see a highlighted "Dev Post" next to their their post in the forum summary. Clicking on that will take you to the first dev post in the thread. If there are subsequent dev posts in the same thread then the highlighted "Dev Post" on the right-hand side of their actual post will take you to the next one.

Oh, and if you want to see all recent posts by the Frontier dev's (and other key figures) then you can use the following link.
Uncheck Reddit, Steam and Twitter at the top if you just want to see Forum posts.

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(continued from post #1)

(manuals, guides and other stuff for new players)

What is Elite: Dangerous? (cmdr shadragon's excellent writeup for the PS4 community)

Also, a terrific video from the Buur Pit (see "youtube channels, podcasts, etc" below) which does a great job of summarising what Elite: Dangerous is for those new to the game.'s "beginner's guide to the biggest MMO around" (another nice intro' to Elite: Dangerous)
Getting started in Elite: Dangerous

The official Elite Dangerous manual
Elite Dangerous Players Guide (latest)

Official Frontier training videos
Pilot Training Tutorials
Horizons Training Guides

The Guides and Tutorials section of the forum where many of the guides highlighted below can be found

EDTutorials - Cmdr Exigeous' brand new site which aims to be THE definitive one-stop resource for all your ED information needs. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cmdr Exigeous' fantastic (and extensive) series of tutorial videos. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Elite Dangerous Tutorials (YouTube)

MAD-7's Danger Zone Discord - an exstensive Elite: Dangerous reference library ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Danger Zone Discord Invite

Player written ED Manuals and guides.
--- General ---
Zombieapocalypse's truly awesome "Elite: Dangerous - a comprehensive beginner's guide"
(now revised for the September 2019 update) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cmdr David Winter's truly brilliant "Guide for Almost Everything"
The GuideScroll collection of Elite Dangerous Articles (an extensive collection of guides on almost every aspect of Elite Dangerous)
Elite-Dangerous-Pilot-s-Guide-Manual-Tutorial-Help (note: this is REALLY old but has some great technical backstory and early concepts for the game)
--- Mining ---
The-popular-guide-to-mining (updated for 3.3)
Beginners guide to mining (Sagittarius Eye magazine - issue #18) ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ast' Cracks: A visual guide for deep core mining
Cmdr Grimworth's Deep core mining guide
--- Planetary Landing ---
The-popular-guide-to-planetary-landings (updated for 3.3)
Master your SRV (Sagittarius Eye magazine - issue #17) ⭐⭐⭐⭐
--- PowerPlay ---
--- Exploration ---
Exploration for beginners (by Orvidius) (including some excellent advice on ship builds)
The-Popular-Guide-to-Exploration (updated for 3.3)
Obsidian Ant's "How to explore" video guide
--- Ships and Outfitting ---
--- Bounty Hunting ---
--- BGS (Background Simulation) ---
Don't Panic: BGS guides and help
--- Trading ---

Jon Potts' collected series of infographics including many of the things featured elsewhere in this thread but all gathered together in a single IMGUR album (an incredibly rich source of information) ⭐⭐⭐⭐
New Cmdrs Welcome Pack

Qohen Leth's Foundation (an absolutely epic exploration resource covering Astronomy, Planetography, Cartography & Navigation, Outfitting, Expeditions, Community, Quality of Life, Media and various other Comprehensive Guides)

Drew Wagar's Lore Primer (aimed at bringing PS4 players up to speed but a good read whatever platform you happen to be on)

Handy tips and tricks (n.b. some of these are pretty old now but still contain great info - I've ordered them with the newest first).
50 Facts About Elite: Dangerous You Don't Know (Probably)

First impressions of ED (what others players like yourself think of the game).
Usually a very nice read and worth turning to when you're tired of hearing people slagging off the game ... usually!

Lieutenant Dan's adventures in Elite Dangerous - a lovely thread full of encouraging tales of one commanders (surprisingly rapid) progression through the game.

And another new commanders refreshingly written tales of his first steps into the Elite: Dangerous galaxy

Despite the title this thread has some good advice if you're finding it difficult to get started in the game (somewhat old now)

Andysonofbob's brilliant "Eliminate the Grind" series - guides for grind-averse gameplay made very much in the style of Isinona's legendary videos (see below)

A fairly active thread (when it gets a kick) with constant reminders of the wide variety of goals (in and occasionally out of game) that ED players are setting (and achieving) on a daily basis.

Commanders personal challenges (another thread potentially full of inspiration for things to try and do)

And another nice positive thread (rather old now but still worth turning to when the general mood on the forum is getting you down).

Looking for a group to join?

Looking for Wings, Trades, RPG and Bounties with other players? Then this could be the site for you.

How to deal with "griefers" should you happen to be bothered by them.

Out of fuel? Don't despair. Call the Fuel Rats (a player run group who will come and rescue you, anywhere in the galaxy).

(regular newsletters, magazines, blogs, etc)

"Sagittarius Eye" - an incredibly high quality Elite: Dangerous magazine featuring fantastic community written articles and some truly stunning artwork ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sagittarius Eye (main website which also includes Breaking News and Video bulletins)
Sagittarius-Eye (forum thread)

"The Outpost" - excellent fan produced weekly newsletter by "Remlok Industries" (available in both French and English) - over 100 issues and counting

The EXO wing's "Weekly Dive" newsletter (last issue was Feb 3304 - possibly now defunct?)
The Weekly Dive

The Fuel Scoop - another nicely presented and well written ED news blog
The Fuel Scoop

MadRaptor's "Galactic Geologist"

The GameOn Elite Dangerous community magazine (still only one issue of this - I suspect it's a one-off).

Cmdr Arithon's excellent (and sadly overlooked) Elite Dangerous blog (one of the longest running Elite Dangerous fan sites out there and well worth a look).

The Mossfoot Muckabouts - "a series of fanfic novels set in the Elite universe both past and present" (they're excellent and they're free)

FANGS (a fantastic "noir-inspired" comic book series by Lee Hutchinson)

Dreadnaught CNV-301 (a superbly written and illustrated episodic Elite: Dangerous fan fiction series, now in its second season and with plans for season three to move to a fully animated format)

Callsign J-KR (a brilliant serialised Elite: Dangerous novel which you can read right here on the forum)
Callsign J-KR

(screenshots and videos and songs)

The following screenshot threads should probably all be merged into a single thread but currently there are four really good ones that are all worth subscribing to.

Screenie(s) (now full)

There's also a new thread dedicated to PS4 screenshots (and some helpful advice on how to take and share them - see post #79)

And another thread for Xbox screenshots.

And finally(?) there's a new sticky thread devoted to Distant Worlds 2 photography

I've also done a couple of compilation videos featuring some of my favourite images taken from these threads. I'll just include links to these rather than embed the videos because I've found that embedding lots of videos within a single post can cause it to load really slowly.

Elite: Glorious
Elite: Beautiful

And one more (original screenshot selection by Cmdr Cocalarix)
Elite: Magnificent

And here's a thread for sharing gameplay videos.

SPVFA (the Stellar Photography, Videography, and Fan Art group) have published their end of 3305 most voted for images compilation - STUNNING!
SPVFA: most voted contributions 2nd year - google drive

Cmdr Divergents truly stunning images of the galaxy
On Facebook
On Twitter

MadRaptor's wonderful collection of panoramic 360° ED screenshots
Panoramics & 360's

Qohen Leth's excellent guide to taking great screenshots

Rardain's handy guide to using the new camera suite controls

Codger's quick beginners guide to using the camera suite (incl. bindings and video guide)
Initial forum post (see also subsequent post and video link)

The Buur Pit guide to capturing video footage

Here's a selection of my favourite videos.

Isinona (for me and many others this guy's videos are what got us into Elite in the first place, a constant source of inspiration). ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Erimus: Distant Worlds (first video series from one of THE great ED explorers and, like Isinona, something that got a lot of us into the game in the first place).

A new discovery for me, Tikas and some awesome video editing skills.

Cmdr Alot's Buckyball Sagittarius A* films (four films charting Cmdr Alot's record breaking attempts at the Sagittarius A* run - cool, funny and genuinely thrilling - basically works of insane genius) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Buckyball Run A* Journeys (Do Not Deviate, From B to A, A Job Well-Done & The Fateful Eight)

Mat Recardo's absolutely fantastic videos showing off the relative sizes of all the different ships (and Space Loaches, and bananas) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Nebohtes' wonderful series of "Modularity E:D" videos showing how the interiors of our ships might be layed out

Cmdr Mach1ne's wonderful fanfic introduction to the start of a new commanders life in Elite: Dangerous

Flight Assist Off (still probably my all time favourite ED video) ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Official Frontier Ctrl+Alt+Space film competitions
2015 shortlist (eventual winner was "Rangers of Florin")

"Strange Worlds" - a superb new fortnightly exploration video series from Cmdr Skoomer
Elite-Strange-Worlds-A-documented-journey-across-our-galaxy-A-fan-made-Elite-series-WIP (Skoomer)

"Laser Cops" - Ghost Giraffe's '80s themed Elite Dangerous cop show

"DarkenSpace" - terrific, episodic, story driven video series from Cmdr Draven Darken (n.b. I only picked up on this from episode 7)

"Grim Reaper" - a truly stunning animated short film by Gaia Rai

Just gonna sneak this lot in here too. :cool:

Also, a special mention for Cmdr Hugh Mann's epic collection of ED parody songs
(Thanks to Iron Anode for pointing out this horrific omission from my list).
Elite: Dangerous Parodies

And lastly, a work of pure genius from Hutton Truckers Dave "Vingtetun" Pearson and Grant "Psykokow" Woolcott
Reviewing the Simulation (mp3)

(youtube channels, podcasts, etc)

Obsidian Ant (one of the most popular ED Youtubers out there) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cmdr Exigious (an extremely prolific ED streamer and video maker featuring a vast array of really excellent short tutorial videos) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Buur Pit - Witchspace News (an excellent weekly ED Youtube news feature from the Buur Pit crew) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Discord link
(see also "The Thargoid Report" - a weekly Thargoid news feature)

Vindicator Jones (another long running and excellent ED Youtube channel)

Josh Hawkins (and another)

Kornelius Briedis (back after a lengthy absence with lots of new videos)

Helloitskolo (a fresh/seasoned face on the ED scene with her wonderfully refreshing and hugely popular ED twitchstream)
(no spoilers in chat please - she wants to learn the hard way!)

Bognogus (moustachioed, sartorially elegant, chilled ED gaming from across the pond)

MalicVR (part-time helicopter pilot and consummate ED VR pilot)

Alternatively, if you prefer your twitch streams gnarly, opinionated and LOUD then I strongly recommend tuning in to hear R4, a legend from the early days of ED livestreaming, who's back for more damn glory, engineering the son of sidewinder Sneaky Pete ("we're gonna be engineering the 'F' out of this spaceship")
(not safe for work or snowflakes!)

Lave Radio (excellent weekly Elite Dangerous podcast, basically THE Elite Dangerous podcast) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hutton Orbital Radio (official radio/podcast of the Hutton Truckers and essential listening for that loooong haul out to Hutton Orbital - a station which does NOT sell cheap Anacondas no matter what some people might tell you)

Loose Screws (The fast growing "American Elite Dangerous podcast" - Ty, Dravenos and Kai Zen meet up every week to talk Elite Dangerous - including brilliant interviews with some "names" from the ED community that you may have heard of!) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Elite Week (an off-shoot from Loose Screws featuring Kai Zen's run down of new stuff to check out each week)

The Guard Frequency ("The best damn space sim' podcast ever" - primarily covers Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous news plus other general space sim' chat and an EDRPG section) ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Flight Assist podcast (the latest new Elite: Dangerous podcast, nice half hour interviews from regular Twitch streamers MalForTheWin and Psykit)

The Pixel Bandits' Podcast (general gaming podcast which often features a section specifically focused on the latest news and developments in Elite: Dangerous)

Escape Velocity (terrific audio drama set in the ED universe, produced by Lave Radio's Chris Jarvis, now into its 3rd series)

Lave Revolution (a full-cast audio drama based on Allen Stroud's excellent Elite Dangerous novel of the same name)

Radio Sidewinder (essential listening for that long exploration trip)

Galnet radio (playing music for explorers since 3302)

Sagittarius Eye Bulletins (breaking galactic news from the producers of Sagittarius Eye magazine)

Pete "we read the news so you don't have to" Wotherspoon's absolutely brilliant Galnet News Digest broadcasts (which are otherwise featured twice weekly on Lave Radio and Hutton Orbital Radio) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
iTunes podcast link
Plus his fantastic roundups of 3302 ..
.. and 3303 ..
.. and now 3304!

ION - The Pilot's new community driven alternative to Galnet News replacement service.

(useful reference lists)

INARA's fleet carrier list (including location and services)
INARA fleet carrier list

Cmdr Green Skin's detailed analysis of high-value mining material trade prices circa January 3306.

Notable phenomena - while the Codex only shows the first discovery of each, Qohen Leth's list aims to catalogue them all

Marx's excellent catalogue of galactic nebulae including generated nebulae, generated planetary nebulae and manually added real nebulae.

A list of new (as of release 2.2) in-game structures (ships docks, CQC installations, etc)

A list of stations under repair (following Thargoid attack) with quantities required and percentage complete for each one.

Updated reports From Eagle Eye on which systems are being targeted next by the Thargoids.
Thargoid Attacks: Where, When and What you can do about it

Sapyx's detailed guide to the generation ships (what they are, where they are and what became of them)

Ian Doncaster's guide to Colonia (an extraordinary 82 page census of every system in the Colonia region)

Truesilver's list of crashed Anaconda sites (handy places to find raw engineering mat's)

Geysers, Fumaroles and Organics - oh my!
The Beyond update brings with it a fresh new website to continue MadRaptor's catalogue of geological wonders.
M.W.S.O.G (The Milky Way Society of Organics and Geology)

Dziondziak's list of exactly what geological features have been found for each system map description and on what types of planet

Tourist Beacons

SRV base jumping locations

Earth-like worlds

List of "strange and wonderous" planets and planetary surface features (somewhat out of date now)

Glowing Green Giants (Cmdr Sapyx's "definitive" list of luminous green gas giants)

Map of "local" nebula (really nice graphic map of noteable nebula within a 6kly radius of Sol)

Permits list

Discounts on ships & outfitting

Boorberg's Material Finder Chart (based on data from Down To Earth Astronomy who's original sheet is linked in the first post)

Galenrog's comprehensive list of engineering materials and where to find them.

And an older list of rare materials which is still good for things like Arsenic (see post #4 for a similar list for Colonia).

JetsonRING's complete list of all the Elite Dangerous controls (originally created for the Q4 beta)

Rare commodities
CMDR Zoy's Rare Goods Emporium

DaftMav's excellent list of interesting surface waypoints (including crashed ships, INRA bases, exploration camps and much more)
Surface Waypoints (Google Doc)

USS types (no longer supported)

Different types of signal source and what you can find in them

Alternative HUD colours

Things to try in-game

Barking Mad's list of what's coming in the future ..
The Future? "Its on the list."
.. and also a complete list of ED updates (with patch notes and feature lists) - basically this whole website is all kinds of awesome!
Elite: Dangerous - Patch Notes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cmdr Cocalarix's Elite: Dangerous "2.4 and Beyond" 2018 roadmap

(ships, weapon stat's, combat tips, etc)

Flintlock Engineering's superb video guide to weapon choices and the various engineering modifications and experimental effects ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Flintlock Engineering Series

Down to Earth Astronomy's awesome utility for evaluating the best shields for any given purpose. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Best Shield in Elite Dangerous (Youtube link)

A nice infographic (uncredited) showing some suggested ship progression routes apporpriate for various career paths
Ships of Elite at a glance (the defining characteristics for every type of ship)

Complete stat's on ship speeds (including boost, pitch, roll and yaw performance) [pre 3.0]

And another table of pitch/roll/acceleration statistics.

Supercruise turning rates for each of the different ships

Some truly mindblowing maths on the science of optimal supercruise flight courtesy of Heisenberg6626

Cmdr furrycat's guide to engineering a Viper Mk III to go 932m/s!

Cmdr furrycat's guide to the science of the Guardian FSD Booster

Weapon damage stat's

Table of all special effects for weapon engineering and their associated side effects

Roguey's ship builds (example ship builds for different roles rated by the community)

Some nice tips on combat including flight techniques (circle-strafing, etc)
L'Intouchable's Elite: Dangerous Combat Guide (video series)

A guide to git gud at PvE combat by ryan_m17 and the Galactic Academy team
How to build a PvE Combat Ship

A guide to put you on the path of gitting gud in PvP by ryan_m17 and the Galactic Academy team
How to build a PvP-Capable Ship

Ziljan's excellent guide to gank evasion

An older (Sep 2017) collection of useful PVP guides (some already included here)

Thargoid combat tips

Gluttony Fang's guide to outfitting your ship for Thargoid combat

The Anti-Xeno Initiative's absolutely exhaustive knowledge base on everything you could possibly want to know about Thargoid (and non-Thargoid) content
The Anti Xeno Knowledge Base

Excellent AXI infographic on all the Thargoid combat stat's
Cmdr Hobs truly brilliant "Flight Assist Off Training" videos - if you've ever been tempted to learn to fly like Isinona, look no further! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Think you're ready to try out your skills in a bout of consensual PVP? Then why not come along to Fighter Club!

("mysterious things" and lore)

Stuff to do with aliens, barnacles, ancient ruins & Raxxla plus general Elite background lore.

The new primary root of all discussion concerning Alien archaeology and other mysteries
The last big Canonn threadnought (Canonn science is the player group that researches all things mysterious and alien).
n.b. posts #1-5 attempt to summarise everything that is known so far.

Canonn Codex (the official Canonn resource for all things Xeno and beyond)
Canonn News (and the latest science and mystery news)

The Factabulous Thargoid FAQ

The Anti-Xeno Initiative website (a new hub of content for all content relating to the AXI) ⭐⭐⭐⭐
The Anti-Xeno Initiative

Vall's wonderful interactive 3D map of all the new Thargoid "base" locations

Thatchino's excellent summation of the Thargoid story so far (up to 19th July 3304)
Unknown-signal-Spectrograph-solved (inside SPOILER tags)

AXI's Annual Thargoid Report for 3305 - a brilliant rundown of Thargoid activity throughout 3305
Annual Thargoid Report for 3305 (reddit)

Yours truly explains how to see what happens when you put a Guardian item into the Thargoid machine

Jmanis' well documented list of Thargoid reactions to various cargo types

OakPanda's research on Thargoid interactions with limpets

The Guardian Research Division (Cmdr Dreamstate's epic new collection of Guardian information plus associated theories)

Cmdr masCh KisieL's fantastic interactive list of ancient "Guardian" ruin sites ...
Forum post about Ancient Guardian Ruins 2.3 (actual list here)

Hozbase list of Guardian structures with layout and blueprint type + ability to sort on distance from given reference system
Guardian Structures

Guardian Obelisk pictograms decoded by Indigowyrd et al. (with pretty blue pictures)

"Decrypting the Guardian logs" - a complete list of all 28 logs from the 2nd Ram Tah Guardian mission (with audio)

Dizzy B High's excellent guide to getting all the stuff you need in order to unlock the Guardian Tech

Cmdr Baton's excellent guide to the "Brain Trees"

Formidine Rift, Hawking's Gap and The Conflux (in-game places of mystery and intrigue taken from writer Drew Wagar's "Elite: Reclamation" book featuring the enigmatic Salome character and a group called the Children of Raxxla)
n.b. posts #1-5 attempt to summarise everything that is known so far.
THE-FORMIDINE-RIFT-MYSTERY-(Part-4) (discussion now closed)
See also: Project Dynasty

Although the mystery of the Formidine Rift has now been solved the enigmatic Raxxla remains elusive

"The Holdstock report" A detailed history of the galaxy from the Children of Raxxla.

Obsidian Ant's video recap of the alien story so far ..
Obsidian Ant's epic history of the Guardians
Obsidian Ant's excellent "Future of Elite - a historical timeline"

Canonn Radio's excellent new video series "The Thargoid Question" which details the timeline of events surrounding the discovery of the Thargoid bases.

Drew Wagar's background lore documents (now hosted by Canonn)

Elite lore from Remlok Industries (available in both French and English)

Official Frontier Thargoid lore recap from pre-2.4 livestream

(misc' other useful and/or interesting links)

The galactic mapping project (everything an explorer could possibly want to know about the Elite Dangerous galaxy is contained in the first 7 posts)

Nice visual guide to the exploration value of all the different astronomical bodies you can scan

"Planet identification guide" and "Dashboard hologram reference" - handy images showing what the different planet types look like on the HUD (courtesy of Cmdr ColdGlider on reddit and also Cmdr Jantah here on the forum - latter also available in Russian)

Fantastic visualisations of our exploration of the galaxy using data gathered from EDSM and elsewhere

Pulse Wave scanner images illustrating what "motherlode" asteroids look like
PWS-Scanner-Does-it-really-work (Mark Zima)
PWS-Scanner-Does-it-really-work (ExoForce)

Efficient planetary mapping - Cmdr Angr's visual guide to efficient probe launch patterns for various body sizes
Colonia connection route map (handy planetary base waypoints on the way from Sol to Colonia)

Hozbase "Elite Dangerous Utilities" site's list of interesting star systems within 4000ly of Sol
Sol - nearest interesting star systems

Hozbase Utilities list of tourist beacons (a distance sortable list of 700+ tourist beacons each with system name and full description)
Tourist beacons

An excellent guide to understanding the sounds made by different planet types in the system map (see also "Planet Explorer" in the "Other 3rd party sites and tools" section below - n.b. "Planet identification guide" and "Dashboard hologram reference" above may be an easier way to spot things like potential earthlikes)

Cmdr Baton's handy guide on how to locate planet surface POI's for geysers, fumaroles, pumpkins, brain trees, etc

Minor faction news and the BGS (Background Simulation)

And another brilliant guide to the BGS explaining factions, states and how to influence them

The player faction wiki.

HazardousMatt's definitive guide to engineering your ship for exploration

Cmdr Roraima's Easy Material Collection Guide (a Hutton Trucker's excellent guide on how and where to collect all your essential engineering mat's)
Direct link to Roraima's PDF document

Major Klutz's excellent guide to landing safely on high gravity worlds (follow link in his post to get to the guide itself)

The Lords of Elite present a new video series on better ways to farm engineering materials

Handy flowchart(s) explaining the whys and wherefores of bounties, fines, dormant bounties & legacy fines (no longer valid post 3.0)

Jack Shaftoe's awesome new C&P flowcharts for 3.0
(light version)

(dark version)

Cool maps of the different planetary city and base layouts

Cmdr Arithon's beautiful blueprints for all of the Elite Dangerous ships (and more) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cmdr Arithon's vector graphics for all of the ED ships

Cmdr Arithon's beautiful vector graphic icons for all of the ED vehicles

Anthony Hunt's superb Elite: Dangerous vehicle codex (gorgeous site including statistics and blueprints for all ED vehicles and more besides) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Elite: Dangerous Blog | Vehicle Codex

Qohen Leth's version of the Eve Career graph for Elite: Dangerous

Mossfoot's "Pilot Ejection Table" - a more nuanced alternative to playing out-and-out "Iron Man" mode

Fabulous collection of Elite: Dangerous themed wallpapers for desktop and mobile devices
Elite Dangerous Wallpapers

Fantastic collection of FD licenced Elite Dangerous Windows and Mac desktop icons

Vast collection of Elite Dangerous assets including logos, colours, decals, fonts, icons and much much more
Elite Dangerous Assets

Qohen Leth's wonderful collection of ED "cartoon style" ship vector graphics plus "colouring book"

Elite retro gaming

Site dedicated to Elite, Frontier and astronomy, full of archived material from all the old games plus much more - take a trip down memory lane!

Brilliant (if technical) thread by Jackie Silver and Esvandiary describing how galactic co-ordinates relate to individual systems and can even be translated into the system name (and vice versa)

Old but incredibly detailed and beautifully illustrated thread describing the science of Elite Dangerous

Really nice thread discussing the many subtle details that have been built into this amazing game.

Fuel Rats official thread (for tales of rescue and derring-do + general Fuel Rat banter)

Buckyball Racing Club official thread (general race club banter - subscribe to hear about upcoming race news)

Buckyball Flight Academy (misc' racing tips and tricks)

Cmdr furrycat's definitive guide to engineering your ship for racing

The Likedeeler Dangerous guide to the galaxy - Want to learn about Kumbardin soap-carving or the two-for-one liver transplant deals in Raijuhan Yi? Need to know how to feed the seahorses of Bipek and why not to give cigarettes to the Saagerlaken on HIP 277? Then this is the guide for you.
Warning: the marzipan potatoes of HIP 117883 may contain traces of almond ... and Titanium!

The livestreams Q&A thread (the 2nd post contains links to each of the Q&A livestreams along with a detailed list of additional answers to questions raised during each stream)

---- stuff applicable from Horizons chapter 4 onwards ----

Qohen Leth's visual guide to the various signal positions along the new FSS frequency spectrum

Darkfyre99's interesting "pictoral" insights into using the new FSS

(other 3rd party sites and tools)

EDDB (brilliant website database for looking up all sort of stuff about systems, commodities, etc) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

ED Shipyard & Coriolis (brilliant websites for experimenting with ship builds and outfitting while out of game) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

INARA (terrific website containing all sorts of information, particularly useful for info to do with engineers) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Note: INARA's engineer info is pretty out of date at the time of writing so you might find this more accurate

Down To Earth Astronomy's excellent new site featuring guides, ship builds and cool tools for material finding, shield testing, calculating fleet carrier costs, etc. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
CMDRs ToolBox

ED Discovery (an extensive and much loved application including over 30 panels of information on combat, trading, exploration, star data, ship loadout and more)

ED Tools - Miner (handy site for finding out where to sell those Void Opals for maximum profit)

Elite Observatory (a handy tool for finding "interesting" places in your journal that you've visited, perhaps without knowing it)

Eduardo (a nice, simple to use, crafting assistant website with information on components, engineers and blueprints)

Component Calculator for Blueprints (spreadhseet based tool for calculating the requirements for a given 3.0 engineering upgrade)

Elite Dangerous Utilities (find pristine rings, rare commodities, special & interesting star systems, bounty hunting systems and more that are near to you) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wavescanner (a nice little website that interactively illustrates the different SRV wavescanner patterns)

Planet Explorer (a nice little website that interactively illustrates the sounds made by the different planet types in the system map)

EDbearing (handy tool for calculating a planetary bearing based on your current co-ordinates and those of where you want to get to)

E.D.I.S.O.N. (utility that reads co-ordinates and altitude from the player journal in order to calculate heading and angle of descent required to land at a specific surface co-ordinate, which it then relays to you via text to speach and/or a HUD overlay, effectively guiding you in to your landing spot).

EDRouteManager (cool AutoHotKey utility for multi-stage route plotting)

Elite Dangerous Neutron Router (Spansh's excellent tool for plotting routes utilising neutron star FSD boosts where possible)

ED Pathfinder (cool little utility for locating data points and other materials at planetary settlements - includes detailed maps of each base)

EDEngineer (very cool utility which provides an in-game overlay to keep track of your engineering requirements)

Pristine Metalics Distance Calculator (find high yield mining resources near you)

Exploration Payout Calculator

Cmdr Orvidius' superb utility for turning the travel journal log files which ED stores on your PC into a timelapse video of your travels around the galaxy. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Maps-and-visualizations (original travel video thread post)
Elite: Dangerous Astrometrics (direct link to website)

An external list of 3rd party tools

(epic tales of derring-do)

Over the years there have been a few really standout tales of epic adventure and/or foolhardy misadventure which I think are worth preserving in one place so that future generations might learn from them and marvel at those who are either unafraid to push the boundaries of galactic endeavour or too damn stubborn to know when to quit. Herein lie their epic tales.

Cmdr Bomba Luigi gets stranded in his SRV on planet "Wilson" after his ship blows up and he subsequently falls into a very deep dark hole. Numerous commanders spring into action and what ensues over the coming days is still one of THE great Elite Dangerous adventure stories.

Cmdr Macedonica runs out of Germanium less than 1000ly from Beagle Point. Unable to synthesise any "Jumponium" to get himself out of the galactic cul-de-sac he finds himself in, the future looks bleak. What he didn't excpect was that Cmdr Chiggy Vonrictoffen would travel halfway across the galaxy to mine the necessary materials for him.

Buckyball racer Cmdr Tannik Seldon (aka SushiCW) loses his ship during what should have been a 30 minute SRV race. Undeterred, he decided to drive to the nearest surface base to get a replacement ship and complete the course. The only problem ... the nearest base was literally on the opposite side of the planet.

EXO commander Nerth decides to travel to Beagle Point ... the LONG way round ... in a Sidewinder. Seemingly unable to bridge the 200ly gap to his final destination his year long mission appears doomed to failure. Doomed that is until he remembers the story of Cmdr Macedonica (above) and calls for help.

Commander Neospike ends up with a damaged and unrepairable Fuel Scoop some 3,600ly from civilisation. In the now legendary "Operation Neospike" the Fuel Rats dispatch a team of ships who proceed, over the course of the next 3 days, to relay in excess of 500 fuel limpets back to the commander as he slowly limps back home in his badly damaged ship. All hail the Fuel Rats!

Jonathan Burnage's nailbiting double neutron jump into the galactic record books (and a damn fine bit of story writing to boot)

Cmdr Persera's brilliantly written account of the Void Beyond project and how a 48hr supercruise from the furthest reachable star in the galaxy has left her ship 65,659Ly from Sol but with insufficient fuel to get back ... unless ... will a co-ordinated rescue attempt by multiple Fuel Rats be able to save her, or will it leave them stranded as well?
And Cmdr Highwaywarrior's terrific blog describing the rescue attempt.

The Distant Worlds Expedition - around 1000 commanders set out on a 3 month long journey to explore the far side of the galaxy. Quite possibly the single greatest co-operative multiplayer event ever staged in video-gaming history. Lest we forget!
Distant Worlds Expedition
Distant Worlds - A journey beyond the Abyss

The Planetary Circumnavigation Club - an exclusive club who's membership is limited to those bold and/or crazy enough to drive (flive?) an SRV all the way around a planetary body.

Yours truly spends 4 days trying to get a ship launched fighter inside a Thargoid base.

Yours truly assists a penal colony in repelling a Thargoid attack armed only with an SRV.

Cmdr straha20 went 3kly below the galactic plane, then he went 3kly above the galactic plane, and then he decided to try and reach dizzying new heights of galactic exploration. Read the fantastic account of his adventures over here.

After three months and over a million light years of galactic travel Cmdr Malibu and a team of volunteers finally complete a mission to draw the Fuel Rats logo across the galaxy!

On the 23rd February 3305, after being stranded in space beyond the far edge of the galaxy for something like 3 months, Cmdr Deluvian was finally rescued by a dedicated team of Fuel Rats while nearly 3000 commanders watched and cheered from the sidelines via holostream. Cmdr Highwaywarrior, one of the rats central to the rescue operation, tells the tale of the Fuel Rats greatest ever rescue mission.

On the 12th May 3305 Cmdr Jonathan Burnage and a small team of dedicated explorers reached Trieneou AA-A h2, a system 3,393 light years below the galactic plane. You can read the full story of their extraordinary journey, the planning that went into it and the discoveries they made over here.

Watch in awe as commander Rui Rebui cooks his ship over a period of 40 minutes to a record breaking (at time of writing) 812,591% heat!

(accessories, add-ons and tools to improve the ED experience)

There are now a lot of add-ons (both hardware and software) to enhance the ED experience. Here's a few of my favourites.


Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X joystick
A HOTAS (Hand On Throttle And Stick) joystick is a great way to enhance your ED experience. There are many different joysticks available, the one I (and many others) use is the Thrustmaster T-flight which is absolutely unbeatable value, costing justing £30 on Amazon at the time of writing. It's not the most precise stick in the world (see also "Joystick Curves" below) but is pretty robust and a really good way to start before (maybe) deciding to spend a lot more money on something flashier.

Additional note on the use of so-called "shift key" buttons to maximise the amount of ED controls you can bind to your stick.
Elite allows you to bind button combinations to functions so what you can do is use one or more of the buttons on your joystick as so-called "shift" keys. Generally these don't do anything when pressed by themselves but affect the behaviour of other buttons. For example, on my Thrustmaster T-Flight I have the thumbstick operating my vertical and lateral thrusters when pressed by itself, but if I hold button 5 then they operate my pips, if I hold button 6 they target next/prev ship and next/prev subsystem, if I hold button 7 they operate my various side panels and if I hold button 8 they do miscellenous things (lights, silent running, FA off and galaxy map). As you can see I'm actually using 4 "shift" buttons which gives me an enormous amount of flexibility. To map a button combination you simply go to the control bindings screen, pick the function you want and then hold down the desired button combination.
Very active thread for the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS (another very reasonably priced joystick, next step up from the T.Flight)

UPDATE: I wrote the above a very long time ago now. I still use (and am pretty happy with) the T-Flight and, since it's the only HOTAS I've ever used actively, is the only one I feel qualified to speak about. However, its price has gone up a fair bit (haven't seen one for £30 for a long time now) so it's no longer the no-brainer budget choice it once was. Cmdr Exigious has just done a really nice quick review of a few alternatives so I'll link that here and simply say that using a HOTAS adds immeasurably to the immersion of Elite Dangerous but it's well worth shopping around to find the one that's right for you. I would also add that, although Exigious says the T.16000M was his least favourite, I know that it's still a very popular stick within the Elite community (read the comments on the video - also, long term reliability is another factor the video doesn't fully take into account).

Picking the Best HOTAS: A Complete Product Guide (by Cmdr Exigious)

Virpil Controls
For those with a lot more money to spend looking for a top quality HOTAS I'm hearing great things about Virpil who make a range of components which you can mix and match from their website. They're quite new (at the time of writing) so their software is still a bit raw and not that easy to get set up but luckily Souvarine (from Sagittarius Eye magazine) has done an excellent write-up on how to get it all working.

The VKB Gunfighter MK2
Massively detailed review of this new $450 joystick from VKB (a direct competitor to Virpil)

TrackIR5 head tracker
Head tracking devices allow you to use head movements to look around the ED environment (e.g. you can look up to track a ship you're following in combat or look left to enjoy the view of the planet you're flying past). After the joystick it's probably the single best way to enhance your ED experience. The one I use is the NaturalPoint TrackIR5. It's a small device that clips to the top of your monitor and uses IR to track the movement of a small metal frame that you clip on to a baseball cap or similar. I absolutely love it but will admit that it's somewhat expensive. A cheaper alternative is the ED Tracker, created by an ED fan and available either as a kit or ready assembled. (also check out OpenTrack)

Tobii eye tracking
Another form of head tracking also worth a mention. Although I haven't had a go it basically works by tracking your eye movements rather than your head movements.


Voice Attack (brilliant bit of software which allows you to control your ship with macro'd joystick/keyboard bindings and voice commands)

HCS Voicepacks (add-ons for Voice Attack that adds new voices and characters to your Voice Attack setup)

Game Music Packs (an innovative new dynamic voice controlled music system for use with Elite: Dangerous and Voice Attack)

This has now evolved into a greatly improved new product called "VMX 2.2 Dark Edition" (Advanced voice controlled music system for VoiceAttack)

Roccat Powergrid (a brilliant utlity that lets you map ED functions to a panel of touch buttons on your tablet or phone) - [no longer maintained but still useable]

Elite: Dangerous "Panels" app (similar to Roccat Powergrid but developed especially for Elite and actively maintained - includes popup windows with local system and planet information)
Panels for iOS and Android
(original Reddit post)

GameGlass - the latest (and greatest?) Elite: Dangerous tablet control app'
GameGlass for Elite: Dangerous

Joystick Curves (an excellent utility that allows you to setup response curves to fine-tune the behaviour of your joystick)
And an excellent video to guide you through setting this up.
Joystick Gremlin (another free Joystick configuration utility like Joystick Curves - haven't tried this but it looks pretty comprehensive)

Clicker's script which takes the pain out of configuring the TARGET joystick software for pips and curves.

Control bindings reference sheet generator (handy tool for generating a printable reference sheet with all your HOTAS key bindings on it)
Original forum thread

Aussiedroid's Enhanced Thrustmaster Warthog script (not being a Warthog user I can't vouch for this personally but it's clearly a thorough and well maintained piece of work which adds a lot of useful features for users of this well loved HOTAS)

Elite G19s Companion app (originally created to provide masses of additional ED info and facilities on the LCD that comes with certain Logitech keyboards, but now works equally well without one via a second monitor, phone or tablet).

ED Toolbox (a terrific utility for picking up information from the running game such as current system, galnet news, etc and relaying it into a separate website that you can view on another screen. You can also get data from this website that can be fed into Voice Attack so you can use text to speach to have it read out to you)

EDDI (basically the foremost utility for utilising the official player journal in order to add loads of new immersive features to the game)

Trade Computer Extension (a suite of overlay panels for ED which provide a vast amount of information for trading as well as navigation aids for both space and surface travel)

TTS4ED (a cool utility by demux4555 which uses text to speach to read out the messages in local chat)
TTS for ED (project web site)
Original reddit post

(stuff to do with VR)

There's loads of great discussion about using VR to play Elite, these are just a few of my favourite threads.
(n.b. I'm an Oculus Rift user so I can't really comment on which Vive related threads are best)

VR newcomer questions, advice and first impressions ...

first-impressions-of-ed-in-vr (Old Duck)

Sir.Tj also created an excellent index of VR forum threads over here:

Configuration and setup tips ...

amazingly-realistic-immersion-mod (Old Duck)

Drkaii's ED Profiler - Drkaii is a prominent ED Youtuber and explorer who's written this great tool for managing multiple Elite profiles (collections of graphics settings, control bindings and HUD colours) that you can switch between at the click of a button (really handy for switching between VR and non-VR play)

Oculus Tray Tool - a very slick little collection of utilities providing a number of Oculus "tweaks" including supersampling, ASW control and USB power management.
Oculus Tray Tool

Rift vs. Vive vs. ??? ...

Vive-or-rift (1)
Vive-or-Rift (2)

So that's settled then, Rift is better .. no wait ... Vive is better ... errr, never mind, they're both awesome! :D

More recent thread on the best HMD for Elite with pro's and con's for each.
Also ..
And ..

And also a fantastic post from Christopher Martin on the Oculus Virtual Reality facebook group comparing the Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest (with Link) and Valve Index. As with all these things it contains stuff that's just personal opinion but I just thought this was an extensive and really well written comparison.
So I’ve had a chance to try out the Quest and the link function for a full day now and would like to share my opinion on how it stacks up to the Oculus Rift S AND the Valve Index. I know my opinion is going to set off fanboys on all sides who will inevitably claim I’m just not using it right or some other such nonsense, and I’m just going to say it up front, I’m going to ignore you. I know what I’m doing. I know how to use these headsets right and I know how to adjust the various straps and settings. I own all three (for the moment). My primary gaming rig is an Alienware Area 51m laptop with an i7 9700k, 32 GBs of RAM and an RTX 2060 built-in. In addition, when I’m at home, I plug this into my Alienware Graphics amplifier which has an RTX 2080. It’s a beast of a setup that runs everything on Ultra or Epic settings with little to no effort. I usually end up pumping up super sampling quite a bit on every VR game.

I’ve actually been holding off on selling any of my VR equipment until I could test the Oculus link for myself. I really am not particularly loyal to any of them and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. I’ve read and seen a lot of the hyperventilating of overly excited YouTube fanboys and VR news sites alike over Oculus Link, but my trust in them was severely damaged when I trusted them and preordered a Valve Index based solely on their hype only to find it wasn’t the miracle device they made it out to be once it arrived. Not even close.

With that, you may have already gathered my dissatisfaction with the Valve Index. It is clunky, not user friendly and has the worst room scale setup of any of the units I own. I also strongly dislike the massive controllers that are uncomfortable and not at all ergonomically designed and were designed with a flaw right out of the gate. Feels like strapping plastic bananas to your hands. The non-clicking right thumb stick was a pain to deal with and even after being RMAed, it still did not click. I have to rebind a lot of games that require the right click in order to sprint or do something else. In addition, the grip action sucks. In order to perform actions in some games, you have to grip the entire handle such as sheathing\unsheathing your weapons in Skyrim VR. Well, in SkyRim VR, clicking the left stick sprints. But in order to click the stick, you have to grasp the handle pretty hard in order to get enough leverage to push the stick down which triggers the grip action. Straps aren’t enough to hold the controller in place. So, your weapons get sheathed because you gripped. So you end up charging at an enemy with your weapons sheathed. Another thing I had to re-bind. The stupid touchpad pill in the middle for the controller face forces the buttons too far over to the right and the stick to close to your inner hand for my comfort. The menu buttons are inset and so far down on the controller face that I cannot press them without using the other hand. These controllers are NOT the greatest things ever made as some make them out to be. I feel like Valve just got too fancy with the design and just over did it. In fact, I’d trade them for touch controllers in a heartbeat if I could.

I love the Index HMD itself. The display is sharp (the sharpest of all of the HMDs I have but not by a huge margin more on this later), sounds fantastic and has a wider field of view. The blacks are pretty grey-ish and the glare is really bad occasionally (mostly dark back grounds with light UIs or foregrounds... Elite Dangerous is terrible). It gets a little hot (yes, I took off the removable face plate) and after two months, mine has developed a dead pixel on the right eye which can be distracting. I’ll have to send it in for repair if I sell it. And the Steam VR software just sucks. Valve needs to do some major work on the UI and streamline it. Especially compared to Oculus Home. And Revive always lags behind with Oculus game support when new games are released (which IS where a LOT of the best titles are coming from recently). Vader Episode 2 and Stormlands are unplayable for me on the Index right now and From Other Suns is still a stuttering mess on the Index, but is smooth as silk on the Rift S. Not really anything Valve can do about that because they don’t support or develop Revive, but it’s still a consequence of choosing the Index if you go that route.

Ultimately, I feel like I paid too much for this HMD. Yes, I know you don’t have to buy the entire kit, but in order to do the same things I do on a Quest or Rift S, yes, I did. I did not have base stations or controllers that would work with the HMD, therefore the entire bundle was required if I wanted to play VR games with it, so the price comparison is completely fair. Next time, I won’t buy the hype. Lesson learned.

As for the Rift S, I bought this and the Quest at launch at the same time. I bought it as an upgrade to the CV1 (YES IT IS AN UPGRADE, despite the haters’ complaints). Like many others, I was not aware that Oculus would soon release a link function that allowed the Quest to play Rift S games. I may not have purchased both had I been aware. More on that later. I still believe the Rift S is an insanely good deal for the money. Super sharp display with the least amount of screen door of any of the HMDs, great lens with little to no glares or god rays, incredibly comfortable with no heat issues and really, really good tracking. I love the halo strap myself and it fits really well and is so easy to put on and find the sweet spot. The easiest of all the HMDs, actually. And it tends to stay on better and not lose the sweet spot once it’s there. The other two headsets do require occasional adjustment after playing for a bit. Easy to setup, and easy to use it just works. I haven’t had a problem with an Oculus product since the early days of the CV1 and its USB 3 issues. When I want to play, I grab the controllers, strap them to my wrists, put the HMD on my head, adjust the head strap with a twist of the and bam I’m in. It’s never that easy with the Index. There’s always something that needs addressing. And the touch controllers are STILL great. Not quite as good as the CV1’s touch controllers, but they are still the best of the best of the current gen hardware, in my opinion. Comfortable, intuitive and they JUST WORK. No rebinding or fighting with unreachable buttons or non-registering stick clicks.

I mean, when I’m introducing a friend to VR for the first time, these are the controllers I have them use and they learn it very quickly. Don’t get me started on how long it takes to teach them the Index controllers. They only thing I ever have to worry about is replacing the batteries, which last a long time, so it really isn’t a big deal. No less annoying than having to plug in a USB cable after every session.

The negatives are the slightly washed out blacks of the LCD display and the sound SUCKS. In fact, it has the worst sound of the tree. I mean really bad. Plan on getting a pair of headphones if you buy a Rift S. I recommend the Koss Pro Portias. They have a slim metal band that fits neatly underneath the halo strap with no mod needed and I believe the same drivers the CV1 had. Some believe the tracking is not as good as the CV1 or Index, but I can report I have NO issues with tracking since the updates a few months ago. I use a pro tube for shooters like Contractors and Pavlov and have experienced no issues at all. They track was well as the Index controllers or the CV1 controllers, no problem. Oculus has done an amazing job with inside out tracking and I believe have proven that external sensors for most mainstream gaming are now obsolete.

Before starting on my thoughts on the Quest with Link, I should point out that I do have an overhead cable management system in place. Tethering has never hampered my sense of immersion or felt like a problem for me on the Index or Rift S. I barely even notice the cable anymore. If you play VR in a dedicated space, just get a cable management system. It’s worth every dime and makes any tethered HMD nearly as good as a wireless HMD when it comes to freedom of movement and immersion (in a limited space, anyways... my space is 16 feet by 12 feet your mileage may vary with bigger spaces).

Now the Quest. I honestly haven’t been using it much. There aren’t many exclusive titles on it and if it isn’t exclusive, you are almost always better off playing it on another headset if you have the option. The overall graphical quality on the other headsets is FAR better. Despite the hyperventilating fan boys who claim it is only a "slight" downgrade in quality. Anyone who plays Robo Recall on a Rift S and then plays it on the Quest and claims it is nearly as good is being dishonest with you or with themselves. It IS NOT nearly as good. It looks pretty bad, in fact. Not all games look bad. Star Wars Vader Immortal, for example, is really well optimized and actually looks really good. BUT once you’ve played it on Rift S and see the compromises that were made in lighting and texture quality, you realize that it doesn’t look nearly as good as it does on PCVR. To be fair, it SHOULDN’T. A device that gets it’s power from a battery can’t possibly compete with a device that draws hundreds of watts from the wall. Not yet. But great games don’t need to have mind-blowing graphics. Super Hot is a prime example. It’s basically un-textured polygons but it is one of my favorites to this day and one of the few games I actually prefer to play on a Quest because the lack a tether makes it much easier to dodge and move around the way I want to, even with the cable management. But let’s not kid ourselves; great graphics DO add to immersion, which is what VR gaming is supposed to be about.

To be clear, it isn’t the DISPLAY that looks bad. The display actually looks very, very good. Very sharp and a great lens with little to no glare or god rays. Deep blacks, vibrant colors and physical ipd adjustment for extreme ipd ranges. The sound is not bad for an in-strap solution (certainly better than the S). If you have never played a PCVR game, you may not even realize how ugly the graphics can be on it’s low-end, mobile hardware.
But the link functionality makes all of that a moot point, right? Pretty much, yes. All of the games I tested look and played surprisingly well. Much better than I expected and much better than the terrible wireless streaming hacks we’ve seen to date. They looked really good on the OLED screen, even though the screen door is slightly more noticeable, I believe the vibrant colors and deeper blacks make up for it. It does appear that some resolution is being lost in the process though, because games do look a little more blurry and less detailed than on Rift S or especially on the Index. Gauges in my flight sims, for example, that are perfectly legible in a seated position on the Index and Rift S require a bit of leaning in to read on the Quest. And there’s definitely some latency, but it is only barely noticeable. I can definitely tell a difference in Pavolv. Using the link function definitely put me at a disadvantage there. I’m usually fairly competent in shooters but I just got out gunned by a split second on many occasions when I typically do not. I’m usually quicker on the draw about half the time. My tests had me losing those split second contests a lot more often than I usually do with link, even with my pro tube (which also fits the Quest’s touch controllers).

Other than the slight downgrade in clarity and sharpness, I have two major gripes about the Quest using link. My first complaint with using link is trying to keep my USB C cable plugged in on the side of the HMD. It was constantly yanking out of the HMD if I moved too quickly or tugged just a tiny bit on the cable management system. A bit of Velcro strapping helped a lot, but wasn’t perfect and would still jiggle loose. Maybe the official link cable will have a better secured connection?

The other problem will not be as easy to address. And that’s comfort. The quest is definitely the least comfortable HMD. It is front heavy, not well balanced and constantly feels like it’s going to fall off of my face, no matter how well I tighten or adjust it. The cable actually ADDS to the problem. It hangs from the usb port on the side of the HMD. Even when I used a Velcro strap to latch the thing on to the strap so it swooped backwards and out of the way, it still added to the unbalanced feeling of the Quest even more, even with the cable management. It’s super annoying and constantly pulled me out of the immersion. No matter how I adjusted the Velcro and the cable, I still had this problem. The cable I am using is fairly heavy though... a lot heavier than I imagine the official fibre optic link cable will be.
I guess, in conclusion, all three headsets (Quest with the Link cable) are pretty good and most of the graphical flaws are really only noticeable if you look for them.

Which one would I buy knowing what I know now? I would rule out the Valve Index right off the bat. Great HMD, bad everything else and it was way too expensive. I’d buy one of the other HMDs and use the money I saved to buy games or upgrade my PC... maybe get a 2080 ti. I’m probably going to sell the Index kit I have once I get it back from the repair shop.

That leaves the Quest and the Rift S. The choice is easy if you don’t have a PC. Get a Quest. No questions asked. It’s pretty darn great. If you have a PC, in my opinion, the Rift S is STILL the way to go (with a good set of headphones). VR Gaming is all about immersion... that’s what sets it apart from 2D gaming. I mean, you completely forget about slightly grey blacks when you are really immersed in a game. You don’t even notice 120 fps vs 72 or 80 fps when you are completely immersed in a game. As it stands, the Quest just doesn’t immerse me as much as the Rift S for all of the reasons I listed in the paragraphs above. Maybe the official link cable and a head strap mod will change that. In any case, I’ll wait to sell the Quest until I try the official link cable and will try to find a head strap mod and try again. It’s pretty close so I may change my mind.

And before someone stumbles in bleating "PiMax!!!!": No, I’m not buying some off brand, crowded-funded Chinese crap that may or may not be supported in a few years. I’m only looking at the big boys right now.

Thanks for reading. Hope it was informative.

P.S. I should add that I actually really like the Quest + link cable for Elite Dangerous. While still not the most comfortable, you are relatively stationary so the cable and it's tendency to unplug becomes a non issue. Also, the OLED display is perfect for the black heavy graphics in E:D. The Index is nice too because of the added sharpness, but the glares are really bad in E:D.

FAQ ...

Q) How do you operate the galaxy map in VR?
Firstly, you almost certainly need to abandon trying to use the mouse to operate the galaxy map in VR so sort out the bindings so you can control it with your HOTAS (you'll need movement in all three X, Y and Z axes, zoom and rotation all configured to bindings that you find natural to operate).

Next, make sure the grid is turned on. Also, when you open the galaxy map the first thing you'll need to do is pitch it down a bit so that you have more of an isometric (i.e. angled) view of the map rather than a horizontal (i.e. straight across) view (I wish FD would fix this so that the galaxy map starts out angled when you open it).

Once you've done that, you need to master the use of pan and zoom. Zoom out so your lateral (X and Y plane) movements are traversing the galaxy at a decent speed and you can easily pan to the rough vicinity of the system you're trying to focus in on. Then what you need to do is, as you start to zoom back in on the target system, try to get a feel for whether that system is above or below the plane of the grid. Don't zoom in too far until you've moved the grid plane down or up in the Y axis so the system is more or less on it. The more you zoom in, the more accurately you'll need to align that Y axis. Once it comes into view the thing you need to focus on is the blue dot which represents your target system on the grid and not the star itself (which will probably still be some way above or below the plane). If the star disappears as you zoom in further then zoom back out, adjust the Y plane height, and zoom back in again. It can also be useful to spin the map around occasionally to make sure your target is roughly centered in the X/Y plane. Another way to do this is to temporarily tilt the map so you're looking directly down on the grid and make sure your target is in the center. Practice makes perfect. If you have a friend marker way off in the distance (e.g. if you're in the bubble and you have a green friend marker out in Colonia) then practice manipulating the map to focus in on their current system.
Q) After a while I start to feel sick in VR, anything I can do about that?
When I first got VR I was OK most of the time but driving the SRV made me feel really nauseous. So, the first thing is - don't overdo it! If you start to feel sick then don't try to press on, take the headset off and take a break. It is possible to build up a mental association between VR and nausea (I've heard stories of people who only have to smell their Oculus headset now to start feeling sick). Just do it in small bursts - fly around in the ship (assuming you're OK with that) and just do 5 minutes or so of SRV driving at the end of each session to start acclimatising. Over time you will get used to it (training your brain that this separation between what your eyes are telling you and what your inner ear is telling you is actually OK). It took me a couple of weeks but I'm absolutely fine in the SRV now. There are a few graphics settings that might help in this transition period too: "reduce camera shake", "vehicle motion blackout" and "vehicle maintain horizon camera". Also, I thoroughly recommend getting a small desk fan. Having a gentle breeze on your face can work in much the same way as having the window open if you feel car sick. The one I use is this ..

(click image for Amazon link)

Miscellaneous ...

Oculus Dash + Home 2.0 - a new update to the Oculus software which, among other things, now directly supports embeddding desktop windows within your VR experiences (including the Elite: Dangerous cockpit).

Note: At the time of writing I haven't tried any of the following.

Using voice attack to dictate text for in-game comms messages, etc.

Embedding other Windows app's (e.g. web browsers, video players, etc) into your VR display.
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Yours truly takes his "goofy" "bumble bee" (people can be cruel sometimes) out for a quick photo shoot ... and spends three days in heaven.

Commander Brentnall's response to the Thargoid invasion ... "I don't have to outrun them, I just have to outrun you!"

An EXO commanders epic year long galactic circumnavigation to Beagle Point in a Sidewinder is over!

Explorer? Damaged ship? Need repair? Call Alex Brentnall!

New Buckyball Race on now (until September 10th)

Makes the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy look positively square!
ALLtours Magazin 3303

2.4 beta is now over, now we wait!

Patch notes for 2.4 beta 3 (and Sandy clarifies some stuff about Pilot's Federation bounties vs. PowerPlay)
More from Sandy on rebuy penalty and powerplay
... and ...
Path notes for 2.4 beta 4

Ma-gic, Mo-ments, mem'ries we've been shaaaaring! (here's to 2018)

Elite Racers stage series of live race events throughout September

Themadoll's valient/insane (delete as appropriate) attempt to get an SRV inside a space station (STOP PRESS - he did it!)

David Braben and Gabe Newell duke it out!

Lave Radio just wanted a place to leave their socks ... and now people are using words like "tyrany"!

We all thought it would be Jurassic Park. It's Jurassic Park. Debate over? Not on your nelly, it's barely begun. RAWR!

grab a coffee, the 2.4 changelog is out!

Farewell to Bran Tse Mallory

broondog's terrific pictorial tour of the various different station types currently appearing in the galaxy

A salient warning from a burnt out player on the dangers of Quince and the lure of the easy win.

The mega-survey results are in, 12601 players contributed! Fascinating statistics such as:
49% of the people asked said they predominantly played in Open mode (28% solo, 23% private group)

Commanders share their experiences playing Elite on a variety of early home computers

Immovable beacons, healing lasers and a flagrant disregard for Newton's first law!


Wonderful video by majesky84
My time with Elite Dangerous

Player run Alliance Combine Party takes control of permit locked Federation system Ross 128

Zarek Null in da house fo shizzle!

Are the Unknown structures growing?

Buck Rogers in the 34th Century! (awesome video)
From the maker of "Elite Dangerous does Buck Rogers", DRX's Del Tarrant releases another fantastic new video!
And another ... all aboard the Love Boat!

Brett C says "Details: Soon".
Sandro says "NO ETA, NO GUARANTEE."
But also ...

Frontier announces the "special event"!

Attention VR fence sitters - Oculus + Touch for $399!

New Buckyball "Prison Brake" race on now (until 13 August)

Take part in the ED player survey!
Elite Dangerous Mega Survey

New racing skins for Eagle, iEagle and iCourier! (now all we need is a Buckyball Racing Club decal **hint** **hint**)

Buckyball Race "Armed and Dangerous" reaches its mid-point and has attracted a whole host of new racers!

Braben's "vision" vs. FD's "reality"

Fuel Rats hits 30,000 rescues!
Plus a new "Rat Tale" from TartanDragon

Little bit late with this one but ... Chiggy Von Rictoffen to the rescue ... again!

RollingStone magazine interviews David Braben!

SLOW DOWN is NOT a command!

Patch notes!

Overshooting your supercruise approach seems to be a popular discussion topic at the moment!

A grand total of 208 alien "base" sites! Damn, we're in a tight spot!

Drew Wagar speaks about Premonition and his thoughts on the whole Salome event. I won't attempt to summarise but if you have any interest in how those events unfolded then I'd strongly recommend listening to this.
Lave Radio Special Episode - An Interview with Author Drew Wagar

A new tail(sic) from Fuel Rat TartanDragon

SadSky <3 David

Dognosh's guide to solving the Ancient Guardian Ruins mission (and earning 201,000,000 credits in the process!)

OK, I'm really failing to keep up now. Did you know that Unknown Links could shoot out beams of light that direct you to the next alien base? Nope? Me neither.
Obsidian Ant and The Thargoid Location Device

Alec's adventures beyond the heart of darkness.

Thargoid base discovered (avoid if you don't want spoilers)
Alien-archeology-and-other-mysteries-Thread-10-The-Canonn (first appearance on thread)
Alien-archeology-and-other-mysteries-Thread-10-The-Canonn (location details)
Alien-archeology-and-other-mysteries-Thread-10-The-Canonn (MadRaptor's guide to solving the central UA/UP/UL puzzle)

Bran Tse Mallory - You V The Weekend

New engine colours now in the store
And new name plates too

The fastest man in the galaxy is, once again, the fastest man in the galaxy

Draw Wagar's "Elite Premonition" eBook is out!

New Buckyball Race "Double Action Jackson" starts 1st July

Beneath its short changelog hides some significant networking and surface instancing changes if memory serves (also, didn't someone say the missing avatar in supercruise had been fixed too?)

More Lavecon stuff (WARNING: some of this has been written by yours truly in a state of post-Lavecon hype and/or Frontier drink spiking/RNA manipulation)

"We're gonna need a bigger scoreboard!" (the Lavecon Buckyball Race enters day two and the competition is really hotting up ... the big question is will Mr Blobby make a run today?)
The Lavecon Buckyball Race 2017

Oooooh Blobby (Lavecon news)

Zulu Romeo (Haji Ahamat) wins the internet with his collection of Ye Olde Elite: Dangerovs images

Mischief Managed!

Michael Brooks bids the Elite team a fond farwell

Jaw droppingly brilliant song by Gluttony Fang (performed by John Greive) dedicated to the Hutton Truckers

It's Lavecon time!

People actually enjoying the game? It's an outrage!

Bret who?

Never drink and fly folks!

Excellent dramatisation of the events surrounding "The Return" courtesy of Phoenix_Dfire

Don't want to fight the Thargoids? What else might we do?
Or maybe just write them an open letter?
Bran's Open-Letter-to-the-Thargoids
Also ... CAVES and frickin' EGG SACKS!

GameRevolution article based on E3 interview with Sandro which suggests that atmospheric landings may be a way off but that exploration may be getting lots of attention soon!

XBOX finally gets a HOTAS joystick!

At last, we can finally call a spade Thargoid a spade Thargoid!

Lavecon draft activities overview and timetable are now available!
Frontier Q&A, Ed's biscuit review, Deal or No Deal, Dockers live and much more besides.
Lavecon 2017 @ hwsevents

Ed Lewis clarifies the E3 livestream situation (and makes some of us feel slightly bad about our negativity following the first one)

Two extremely promising new Youtube video series to subscribe to!
Elite-Strange-Worlds-A-documented-journey-across-our-galaxy-A-fan-made-Elite-series-WIP (Skoomer)
Elite-dangerous-Episodes-I-want-your-feedback!! (IiliI PEL IiliI)

Obsidian Ant's had a glimpse of the future, and it seems pretty rosy

Best bug report ever!

New long distance Buckyball race (Nebulocity) now on (runs until 18th June)

Flower ships and Barnacles!

Season 3 to focus on core gameplay, existing features, quality of life and other improvements!

Following the above announcement I think it's worth highlighting a few threads (some of them started by FD) gathering ideas for what some of these new QoL and core gameplay features might actually include:
Quality-of-Life-Improvement-Suggestions (started by Mike Evans @ FD)
Exploration-Scans (started by Sandro Sammarco @ FD)
Crime-Update-Discussion (started by Sandro Sammarco @ FD)

Time to confess your senior n00b moments, again.

Controlling the SRV (Skidding Recalcitrant Vehicle)

An overly "negative" forum poster take a step back for a moment.

BREAKING NEWS! Hyperdictions INSIDE the bubble!

Around the galaxy in 38 days!

New "Candy Crew" 67km SRV Rally (23rd - 28th May 3303)

And the winners are ...

Title says it all really

First timer stories of rookie mistakes and silly events!

Lead developer Sandro Sammarco discusses "Karma" system with community
(Basically there's a very long thread on "Deliberate Ramming" which I must confess I'd ignored as I assumed it would just be another salt'n'shake thread. However it turns out that Sandro has chipped in quite a few comments concerning the forthcoming "Karma" system. Requiem Mortis has helpfully summarised these in a separate thread).
Referal --> Karma / C&P Debate in "Deliberate Ramming" Thread with input from Sandro Sammarco

New "Italian Lavian Job" inspired Buckyball SRV race now on (final day!)

Buckyball Racer loses ship but ploughs on regardless! Will he manage to drive half-way around a planet to get a new ship and finish the race before the end of the week? Tune in here to find out.

Cmdr Isinona is back with some class action (including an encounter with HP and the SDC gang)

Dumbledore's Dead, Snape did it Salome's dead, "you know who" did it!
In case you've been under a rock for the past few days, a few threadnoughts for you to skim ...
Drew Wagar's "aftermath" statement
Obsidian Ant's fascinating interview with Drew Wagar prior the event
And lastly (and I haven't listened to this yet) ...
The Lave Radio Salome aftermath special.

Support the Miners 3rd party developers (or not).

Oh what the hell ... "Rock 'n' Roll - let's all have a pear thank the dev's"


You say Salome I say Salami let's NOT call the whole thing off! (29.04.3303)
n.b. Ignore the fact that this thread is on the xbox side of the forum, it applies to everyone.

Help Drew decide what to do on the 29th STOP PRESS - 29th is a GO!

Make you're ship look like a Reaver ship (SPIKES!)

Salt has been mined, update 2.3.01 is here!

2.3.01 discussion - a bit salty but what the hell

.. alternatively, if you like your popcorn sweet ..

New Race from Buckyball founder ElectricZ now on over! (or ... "how to earn over 2000CR/second")

Lots of more love for the game over here ...

Find out what it costs to transfer various ships to Colonia (WARNING: you might want to sit down first)

Owners of stupid ship names need not apply!

Do you remember the first time?

While you wait for the download why not watch Obsidian Ant's excellent roundup of the 2.3 features.
Or just settle down with a LARGE coffee (or beer depending on time zone) and read the changelog.

Nice interview with THE ARCHITECT!

Hurrah, someone actually likes the game!

What's your idea of fun?

A tale of Modular Terminals brilliantly written by DNA-Decay.

Early days for this "funny moments" thread but I have high hopes for it!

Make Bran laugh for comic relief!

Anaconda fails to follow SLFs high speed manoeuvres with truly disastrous consequences!

The Hamilton Incident (Vindicator Jones' awesome new machinima movie)

What's in a name? - well, money apparently. EZ argues the case against.
... STOP PRESS ... pitchforks down everyone!

2.3 Q&A part 2

Superb video (with zero combat) lures another commander into the world of Elite: Dangerous

One small vote for Elite: Dangerous one giant vote for Cmdr Ryder (cast your vote now and make someone VERY happy)

Rejoice - Isinona is back!

Commander drives SRV so fast that he literally bounces into orbit!

Truly stunning images - if these don't make it to the newsletter I'll eat my hat! (they didn't ... chomp chomp eurgh)

Superb combat video using the new camera suite

List of Sandro's Q&A answers from the 2nd PAX livestream

Warning: contains horrifically fugly human visages ... and their avatar counterparts (baddum tish)

Get your 2.3 Q&A questions in early! (now with added answers)

Discussion of the new ED trailer shown at PAX

Beta 2.3 patch 2.01 (Leeloo Dallas - MUL-TEE-CREW!)

Beta 2.3 patch 2 is out (but multi-crew still isn't)

Bran Tse Mallory posts a new thread ... and people take it quite seriously! (warning: contains dementors!)

The beta 2.3 changelog is out and it's a MONSTER!

The beta is out (but multi-crew isn't)

Buckyball Racing Club presents "Tunnel Vision" - the best race in the galaxy, the best thread on the forum (I may be a tad biased I suppose)

Zombie Apocalypse! Necro of the biggest baddest thread on the forum. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! (or hide in solo like the snivelling cowards you are :p)

And another necro, this time of one of the all-time best threads and most exciting rescue operations this forum has ever seen!

Hilarious, Dave Gormanesque, "Found Poem" (courtesy of Lave Radio) featuring forum whines from the 2.3 beta delay thread - LOL.

With ship naming coming in 2.3 this could soon be an essential tool (P.S. "The Poor Colonial Necessity" is now taken :p)

Surprisingly good-natured and enjoyable read about how people are earning their credits

The forum in musical form! :D

Does "blocking" another player prevent you from instancing with them? (from what I've read so far ... nobody knows for sure)

2.3 beta livestreams! - first look at some brilliant new stuff including the avatar creator ("Holo Me"), the new camera suite and, of course, Multi-crew.

Season 2 has been great.

Procedural cities! (bad thread title, terrific content)

#HairGate - nearly 1000 posts about long hair ... LOL!

Colonia Olympics!

Which ships support what multi-crew options?

Link to brilliant article on Mr Braben

Thread with some lengthy and quite interesting posts on the subject of "Content" and "Gameplay".

Excellent post clarifying the issue of "realism" in ED and how "naturalism" is a better word to use

Frontier licence rights to "enduring movie franchise of global renown" for their 3rd game (alongside Elite and Planet Coaster)

Emergent use of 2.3 multi-crew - before it's even out! Check out the Galactic Travel Agency.

An actual bloomin' honest to goodness dev update courtesy of the beige cowboy!

The official 2.3 dev update mud-slinging contest!

And, as a counterpoint to that, some positive spin on 2.3 (at least until the mud slingers get wind of this thread)

Dan and Dean are Elite Dangerous Noobs (don't ask!)

Conflux data held to ransom in epic player generated roleplay drama!

A thread of all the "exploration lacks gameplay" threads.

Decoding the ancient ruins (more ancient ruins)

Jackie Silver's galactic feature map

First contact (more alien interdictions)

Extraordinary forest of weird "brain trees" discovered!

Cool imgur album of player created gameplay concept images (one for the devs to check out maybe!)
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Older Trending posts pre 3305.

Happy new year! What are your plans for 3305?

The forum ship of the year is ...

Distant worlds hits 5,000 registrations!
And Distant Worlds 3305 radio is now live!

Deep core discussions (how to find them and the huge profits to be made)
Please-don-t-nerf-the-new-mining (linked to post from Will)

New epic mountain discovered on Smojai IT-P D6-2 A 2 A

Bran Tse Mallory is back with his forum ship of the year competition

Hutton Truckers net 1.3 billion credits in a single record breaking wing mining transaction!

Update 3.3.01 (with patch notes)

Preparing for DW2

We're all miners now!
The-popular-guide-to-mining (UPDATED for 3.3)

Advanced graphics tweaks

Frontier raise �43k and rising (at the time of writing) during another epic 24hr livestream

Yamiks flogs his dead horse and proves that the squadron max membership limit is indeed 500

Codex selfies

Analysis mode - it's balls right?

"What is it?" - assorted discussions on the hot new topic of Stellar phenomena and the Codex

Issue #16 of Sagittarius Eye magazine is out!

Frontier's festive store countdown has begun

SPVFA (the Stellar Photography, Videography, and Fan Art group who, among other things, supply the images used by Sagittarius Eye) celebrate their 1st birthday with a compilation video
Best of SPVFA 3304

Frontier release two new pilot training videos
Pilot Training - Exploration
Pilot Training - Mining

It's 3.3 update day - woo hoo - assorted threads on the subject

Don't forget - Speedbowl II is happening this weekend!

The console SRV crash bug has finally been fixed!

Distant Worlds 2 - community goals

Cmdr Explorix completes his circumnavigation of Olelbis 3a

Distant Radio website has now been created

Old Frontier office building discovered in Elite: Dangerous - hunt is now on for the new premises

Ongoing discussion re: the naming of the 42 new galactic regions

Proposal for a Sagittarius Eye community Discord

The Q4 "first mapped by" goldrush

Q4 releases on 11th December!

Aegis figure out how to neutralise the disruptive effects of Thargoid sensors on starports

Operation IDA launch "Happy Holiday Haul" charity fundraiser

Frontier's traditional 24hr charity xmas livestream is happending again!

Are you the greatest SRV driver that Elite: Dangerous has ever seen? No? Me neither but give it a try anyway!

Distant Radio 3305 - a dedicated DW2 radio station

To celebrate 50,000 rescues the Fuel Rats are having an art competition (with prizes)

Discovery Scanner is back with a new livestream about the audio design and implementation of motherlode asteroids!

Q4 beta ends Monday December 3rd

Do you remember when?

Cmdr furrycat is at it again - this time sciencing the heck out of the reserve fuel tank

Wonderful new exploration montage video (haven't had a chance to watch this yet but the comments on the thread speak volumes)

As Frontier continue to nerf galactic wonders such as colliding planets and luminous gas giants a new petition springs up in their defence
Keep-Galatic-Anomalies-Petition! (tweaked to point at first Frontier response in thread)

Planetary Circumnavigation - one completed and another just begun

Distant Worlds 2 draw ever closer with a new trailer from Erimus Kamzel

Winners of the "Truckers Up Teide" in-game mountain climb race announced

New BGS state announced on last night's stream for systems suffering Thargoid incursion

Frontier's "beta blowout" final Q4 livestream

Awesome video of the T9 canyon race from a couple of weekend's back!

Frontier announce winners of Colonia engineers screenshot context

Have people been "wasting their time" in the beta? (tongue-in-cheek)

Discussions on how Q4 changes are going to affect the BGS

The "Truckers Up Teide" in-game mountain climb race is happening this Sunday - come and join in the fun! (and maybe even win a prize)
And meanwhile, the actual Truckers (who are cycling up a live volcano on Sunday) arrive in Tenerife and get a surprise message from William Shatner!
A very special message (twitter link)

Cmdr R4nger0 (or R4 to his friends), a lengendary character and streamer from the early days of ED, has almost certainly broken the record for farthest distance from Sol in a Sidewinder!

New Full Spectrum Scanner triggers migraine attacks for well known video creator and spells an end to his exploration career?

The official Q4 beta "feature instructions" post has now been updated with the new squadron and mining stuff being released today.

And the patch notes for the 2nd week of beta are now up!

Mining and Squadrons coming to the Q4 beta tomorrow (7/11/2018)

Fuel Rats hit 50,000 rescues!

Rootsrat's terrific Q4 lighting comparison video

Mengy's excellent analysis of travel methods and speeds in the Q4 beta

Frontier's official Q4 beta FAQ post

Frontier show off the new Q4 Squadron and Mining updates

Jonas Treesong's planetary circumnavigation of Ariel is complete!

Various threads which might help with Q4 control bindings and/or general testing and operation the new features in the beta
Beyond-Chapter-Four-Beta-1-Feature-Instructions (official beta post from FD)
Beyond-Chapter-Four-Beta-1-Feature-Instructions (similar/identical? post from bug report forum)
FSS-Observations-Tricks-and-Tips-for-Deep-amp-Speedy-Sweeps (some handy tips from Cmdr Ziljan)
How-to-switch-analysis-mode-without-entering-FSS (seems to be one of the most common problems people have been having)
Beyond-Chapter-Four-Beta-1-Known-Issues (worth a read before reporting Q4 bugs)
Also - note that the bindings to control the DSS probe launcher can (currently) be found under the multi-crew gunner role options!

The beta is here, as are the patch notes (over 2000 bug fixes!)

Betas and Livestreams - this is the day! (well, and Thursday)

Distant Worlds 2 is a go for mid January 3305

Frontier show off the new Q4 BGS and "scenario" changes

Syllabus for the Elite Dangerous University course (a Youtube series coming on the 1st of November) Source:

Frontier show off new visual improvements (including "night vision"), cockpit interface changes, exploration mechanics and the Codex and the crowd goes WILD!

Kerenn "two jumps" Vatueil returns to ED after a long absence and finds there's a lot of new things to do and see.

And speaking of having lots of things to do ..

Jonas Treesong's planetary circumnavigation of Ariel is just about to get seriously interesting!
Ariel-circumnavigation (start of discussions about the "seriously interesting" part of the journey)

The Fuel Rats most desparate hour - "Help us CMDRs, youre our only hope"
Come save the Fuel Rats from losing their home system
Fuel Rats Mischief 46.7%, Constitution Party of Fuelum 45.3% after Tick

Type 9 canyon race on the 4th November 3304
Epic Type 9 Race Announcement (video)

While the Truckers climb a real mountain in Tenerife teams of SRV drivers will be scaling a virtual one in the Magec system!

Issue #14 of the ever magnificent Sagittarius Eye magazine is out now!

Thread for the next Q4 livestream is up

Nav beacon bobblehead now in store!

Frontier announce Q4 livestream schedule, beta release date and a new Q4 teaser trailer

Frontier recognised as one of the games industry's best places to work (along with a superb mass Frontier group photo in their new offices)

Fuel Rat's Fool Cat kills two!
The Fuel Rats apology to the Cmdr destroyed this morning.

Another week and another planetary circumnavigation begins!

Cmdr DARIVS has broken Keef Drow's "farthest distance from Sol" record!

If your play-time is limited but you still fancy going on an expedition then The Fatherhood ("When the kids go to bed we go to space") have what you seek!
The-Lost-Souls-Expedition!-Launching-October-20th! (aiming to cover approx. 3kly per week)

Scott Manley demonstrates Elite: Dangerous to NASA

Various threads concerning a visit by a number of prominent(?) community members to Frontier's offices last Thursday to see all the new Q4 stuff
Community-guests-at-FD-HQ-on-27th-for-Q4-news (my own drunk posts begin here just after midnight - eventually this thread drowned in so much scepticism about the motives for the visit that I unsubscribed but make of it what you will)
Yamiks-Obsidian-And-and-Co-Creator-s-Roundtable-On-The-Visit-To-Frontier (fast forward about 1.5hrs to the Beyond + FD visit bit)
Round-Up-of-3-3-Impressions-FDev-Community-Visit (excellent thread by Golgot who's attempted to summarise all the comments from various threads and livestreams in one place)
Obsidian Ant's "3304" video about his visit to FD
Community guest FDEV visit 3.3 impressions (nice roundup of various comments from the "Blessed 17" over on reddit)

Cmdr Up2d4t3 breaks the unlimited class record for the Sagittarius A* Buckyball Run! (1hr 52m 29s)

Nice ongoing travelogue of one commanders journey to Colonia (with some terrific screenshots)

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - a new single player space gaming coming out next year that's worth a look (far more arcadey than Elite but really impressive nevertheless)

Micro-jumps - the graphic novel, the video, the suggestion - awesomeness3

It's an old idea but done really well - Forum Bingo - eyes down for a full house!

Cmdr Odengard's beautifully documented on-going journey to some of the more colourful corners of the galaxy.

Frontier's description of the Q4 exploration changes are here!
Plus further explanation and feedback via livestream

The dedicated mission server and an end to "board flipping"?

Off-topic but how awesome and hilarious was that Banksy stunt! (or perhaps you disagree)

New Buckyball Race "Triangle Triathlon" (involving Ship, SRV and SLF stages) now on - runs until October 8th

Some positivity in a sea of doubt and uncertainty

Further noteworthy discussions on the new exploration mechanics

Issue #13 of the ever wonderful Sagittarius Eye magazine is out now!

Fresh from attaining record breaking galactic highs and lows, Cmdr Straha Yeager now turns his attention to planetary circumnavigation with what is already proving to be a really interesting and educational forum thread quite simply the BEST thread on the forum as far as I'm concerned.

Expert advice on how to construct a forum rant (LOL)

Hyperdicted Gnosis jump - Frontier's greatest fail or boldest storyline yet? Only time will tell but I'm reserving judgement for now.
Updates from Frontier on the Gnosis story plus a status report on fixes for current issues
And a pretty decent article on the event from Kotaku.

It's been a while since the last one and we could do with lightening the mood, so - another thread showcasing the plethora of wonderful little subtleties built in to this game

With almost prescient timing IGN publish an interesting article on the power of video gaming communties

A highly amusing take on the language used in FD's recent update announcement

Iridescent paint jobs! (Oh my god these are BEAUTIFUL - but if you want them all it's gonna set you back �156)

The Hutton Truckers are cycling up a volcano for charity (hey, once you've made it to Hutton Orbital anything else is a piece of cake right?)

Official Frontier "Colonia Engineer" screenshot competition (win a Hyper X headset)

Far God surface bases discovered

The offices of Sagittarius Eye magazine have gone dark

Nee "Hydra" Thargoid ship type (I think he means new)

New Guardian stuff (SPOILERS!)

Cone sector now permit locked (and full of Hydra!) - but Gnosis jump is officially still going ahead - Watch the Skies!

Patch notes for the Q3 update are up!

Cmdr PrimetimeCasual completes his SRV circumnavigation of Mitterand Hollow, taking 51.5 hours and witnesssing 2,156 planet rises in the process!
His #TrippyHollow Twitter Feed

Cmdr straha20 reaches new Peak above the galactic plane (a truly awesome forum post - probably worthy of an "epic tales of derring do" entry)

Galnet article talks about new types of body-worn HUD to be revealed at an expo in October (surely there is an ar least 50:50 chance that this is FD teasing something?)

The Gnosis' five week mission to explore strange new worlds

Official Q3 launch announcement with full details, images and video
List of new things announced at Gamescom (unofficial)
And a leaked video from the evening event

New Buckyball Race starts today and runs for one week

Cmdr Edradour's promising new account of his adventures in Elite: Dangerous

Beyond Q3 teaser trailer and launch date (28/08/2018)

Have you ever? (it's confession time)

Leading BGS groups propose new gameplay ideas

Close examination of Krait cockpit reveals "classic" Rare trading map hidden in the details

Head look lock lambasting inspires creation of awesome new weapons

Humanizing the AEDC! (OK, I admit it, I jumped to some conclusions about the AEDC - turns out they're human just like you and me and I apologise)
Lave Radio AEDC special with some fascinating insights into the world of the meta-BGS (link points directly at mp3 file)

Ed Lewis definitely was NOT down the pub and definitely did NOT eat this delicious plump breasted pigeon spill the beans on the Q4 update!

Lockdown in Lave and the on-going struggle between the AEDC (Filthy [Alliance] weasels, fighting their dirty underhand war!) and the supporters of Lave Radio (Splendid fellows, brave heroes risking life and limb for the [Independents])
(note: use of Blackader quote implies a humourus tongue-in-cheek take on this - feel free to swap according to who's side you take in all this)

PC Gamer article with Dr Anthony Ross talking about Stellar Forge

EDProfiler, the essential VR configuration utility created by drkai, has been receiving some awesome updates recently including a fantastic new "tone mapping" utlity which allow you to "make space dark again". Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already seen it (and may well be of interest to non-VR users too).

Frontier implement a new system for submitting applications for a player owned minor faction.

Nothing ground-breaking (or especially new) but a few (occasionally somewhat trollish) threads I've been following this week.

Complaints from the future! (really quite funny)

The winners of Frontier's holo screen advert competition have been announced! (he says, with a cheesy grin on his face :D)

Krait ship kit now available in the store (and yes, it has a spoiler!)

Cosmicspacehead returns to Elite after a long absence and documents his journey back into the game.

Yet another "advice for new players" thread (only time will tell whether this one proves worthy of preserving in the OP).

New Buckyball Race - "The Race To The Poles" - on now and runs until midnight Sunday 22nd July!

Excellent new interview with Braben and Co. about Frontier.

Chapter Two Treasure Hunt (aka Screenshot) competition winner announced!

Issue #11 of Sagittarius Eye magazine is out now!

At someone else's request - my three day struggle to ride my SRV on the back of a Thargoid is over.

Tannik Seldon is orbiting planets in his SRV again! (with awesome Farseer Base fly-by)

The Buckyball "Black Riband" smuggling race is back and it's bigger and better than ever before!

Cmdr Malibu, who famously drew the Elite: Dangerous logo on the galaxy a few months back, needs your help with a new venture!

Join DWE organisers DrKaii and Erimus Kamzel this Sunday for the Sudden Mystery expedition! (73.05ly minimum jump range)

Patch 3.1.1 has arrived - in particular it fixes the Guardian FSD booster (again - hopefully!)

Which ship do you fly? The Crapwinder, a Jack of No Trades, a Toast Jammer or a Federal Courgette?

Take part in the first great galactic census (why? no idea - couldn't find a TLDR, nice video tho!)

Lists of things people want added are ten-a-penny but this is a pretty good one.

New things are being discovered in the Alien Breaking News thread.

Problems with images being shared from imgur are being investigated.
UPDATE: imgur's block on the forums has now been removed - phew!

3.1 bug notes!

3.1 patch notes!

Beyond chapter 2 update is launching today ..
.. and among other things we get the Krait and the Challenger - here are the spec's for the 2 ships.
Challenger spec's
Krait spec's

Some interesting Elite: Dangerous concept art (including new surface ports and megaship designs) from Nick Tagney

Following a question asked at Lavecon it seems all Colonia player faction bases will now be getting shipywards!

Further details of the Q4 mining update are now available in focused feedback.

Cmdr rootstrat is planning on celebrating the 40th anniversary of Hermaszewski's trip into space by re-running the Winged Hussars Buckyball Race.
Feel free to join him if you're not too busy engineering your Kraits.

From a recent "list your three most used ships" thread, results are now available (the results might amaze you - then again).

A timely reminder that you might not be getting the best ED colours from your HDMI display (and there's a REALLY easy way to fix it)

Various summaries of what was revealed at Frontier's Lavecon presentation

The results for the Lavecon 2018 Buckyball Race are up!

And (for those that have now developed a taste for it), there's a new Buckyball Race starting on the 16th June.

Cmdr Sanderling sets a new normal flight high-g enhanced speed record of 32,825 m/s!

Cmdr Tannik Seldon travels the 50km from Ferguson Prospect to Elwood Camp on Wasat A 2 E in one mighty SRV bound!

Lavecon 2018 (8th - 10th June)

Gnosis causes gravitational anomaly over Mitterand Hollow which is pulling SRV's off the planet's surface!

"List your favourite ships" threads appear quite often but this one is especially good!

Arghhhh, my immersion!

There's lots more to this game than just exploration, mining, combat and trade! Check out Qohen Leth's fantastic career chart!

Beyond Chapter Two coming June 28!

Hanekura Shizuka completes a record breaking circumnavigation of the entire galaxy in just over 7.5 days!

Keef Drow just broke the furthest distance from Sol record - 65,707lys and still going!

The Buckyball "Falling With Style" base jumping race/festival is over and the winners have been announced.

More stunning paint-job concepts courtesy of Qohen Leth

Awesome new spinning station timelapse image from Qohen Leth.

It's very rare that I post stuff like this but I like rootrat a lot and I think he's written a terrific post here ..

Issue #9 of the fantabulous Sagittarius Eye magazine is now available to download!

Official new Elite: Dangerous card game ... yes, seriously!!!

Expedition to visit all 9 of the generation ships has been declared a great success.

If getting more stuff for less money/material is your thing then you'll love FD's bonus Weekend! (other opinions are available)

Cmdr Kith000's "Panels App" for Elite Dangerous is now in beta testing for Android!

Cmdr Keef Drow is attempting to break the record for farthest distance from Sol (and, with a multi-week supercruise journey, also the galaxy's most boring video stream! :p)

Sandro has proposed some new Powerplay ideas including .... drum roll ... making Powerplay Open mode only! :-O

The Buckyball "Galaxy's End" galactic pub crawl race is over and the winner is ... errp ... well that's awkward! :D

Thorberg Shavestroke lands on a planet with atmosphere! (kinda)

Summary of the Squadrons livestream

Cmdr Baton has found a planet with Pumpkins, Brain trees, Bark mounds and geysers!

Will Flannagan and Adam Bourke-Waite Squadrons livestream at 6pm tonight! (note earlier than usual start)

The highly anticipated focused feedback forums for Squadrons are now up!

The Outer Rim Station Tour - a 2 month long expedition to visit some of the more remote inhabited stations around the galaxy

A long running and very popular discussion thread on the subject of atmospheric landings (and space legs)
And a more recent thread on atmospheric timeline speculation

Join the best damn Elite: Dangerous news team in the galaxy!

Mad Raptor's beautiful short film on geological features in Elite: Dangerous.

Speed Bowl 3304 - winners announced!

As the title suggests with some good ripostes to the question.

When world's collide! (terrific video from Ghost Giraffe on colliding moons)

Cmdr Malibu creates the universe's largest Elite Dangerous logo - basically the size of the galaxy!

Mat Recardo's absolutely frickin' awesome Elite Atmospherics videos (yes, that's right, plural - he's done another one!)

100 amazing new paintjobs now available!

Fancy having your own advertising billboard featured in-game?

Deadline for Buckyball Race "The Galaxy's End: A Buckyball Pub Crawl" has been extended until 13th May 3304!

Frontier announce focused feedback schedule for Q4 updates

It's the end of Elite: Dangerous on the Mac!

The "genius of Elite" - a new player shares his story so far.

Off-topic - Spacebaboy's silly (but strangely compelling) picture quiz

Owww! Oh yeah, hurt me baby ... oh ... it's not that kind of thread.

Get orf moi land!

Sandro continues to look into the idea of "handing yourself in to the cops" + improvements to friendly fire and notoriety decay

Issue #8 of Sagittarius Eye magazine is out now and it's an absolute stunner!
Sagittarius Eye issue 8 - Crime in 3304

For those that missed it ... REALLY terrific "80 level" interview with Doctor Anthony Ross on the Stellar Forge and how it manages to generate our galaxy.
Generating The Universe in Elite: Dangerous

Help wanted in gathering resources for the Distant Worlds 2 expedition!

MadRaptor teases stunning new "Geologic" short film

Children of the 70's gaze upon the game with childlike awe

Cmdr Bomba Luigi completes his circumnavigation of planet Wilson

Cmdr Kris completes his 30 day circumnavigation of Syralaei BF-A d69 5 a

A spoiler for your spoiler sir?
Oh YESSS Frontier store Master Trolls
Spoiler++ for the T-10 available!

D-day may be less than 48hrs away! (it wasn't)

New Buckyball Race ("Poisson d'avril") - final weekend!

Cmdr Kathryn Kando gets interdicted at a Neutron star and loses her canopy - but 25mins of life support will be plenty right?

Guardian FSD booster - great range, TERRIBLE fuel consumption!

The winners of Frontier's 3.0 screenshot competition have been announced.

The Eagle Eyes seem to have woken up again?

Yours truly visits Bomba Luigi on planet Wilson, falls into Sarlacc's Pit, escapes and spends some time with the intrepid circumnavigator.
Planetary-Circumnavigation-Wilson-Edition (Sarlacc's Pit)
-Planetary-Circumnavigation-Wilson-Edition (Chasing Bomba)

Will and Steve on Community Goals in tonight's Frontier livestream.

Uh oh! Have the Thargoids already grown wise to the Eagle Eye installations?

This week's Lave Radio features a Q&A with Adam Bourke-Waite and Will Flanagan (interesting statistic - over one weekend 1.6 million missions were completed!)

Meanwhile, Cmdrs Kris and Bomba Luigi continue their inexporable bids to join the ranks of the Planetary Circumnavigation Club
Kris - day 20
Bomba - day 4

New issue of the "Galactic Geologist" out now!

ToCoSo's stunning collection of photoshopped ship scale images.

Frontier's "Treasure Hunt" screenshot competition turns it's attention to Thargoids and Guardians

New update (3.0.5) to fix trade data issue.

In a slow news week, a thread about it being a slow news week.

Patch notes for 3.0.4

Wingman navlock bug has now been officially granted a Grade I listing on the Historic England heritage list! (this may not be entirely true)

Famous castaway Bomba Luigi returns to planet Wilson and this time he intends to drive all the way around it!

Hot hot hot!
Hot-Ships-and-Bounties (focused feedback)

Eagle Eyed commanders are on the trail of something new in the Pleiades!

Mengy's before and after 3.0 planetary comparisons thread

Patch notes for todays update are now available

The final(?) episode of the brilliant DarkenSpace video series is now available.

Cmdr Nick Sticks completes his epic 2 month long, 2785 km circumnavigation of a small planet in an SRV
And just as he finishes, Cmdr Kris begins his own planetary circumnavigation attempt

Cmdr Alot breaks the 2hr barrier for a Buckyball run to Sagittarius A*!

Timmy Brabston accidentally drives his SRV into orbit and has to call the Fuel Rats (wonderful video)

New Buckyball Race "Chicken Run" is on NOW! (and runs until midnight Sunday 11th March)

Best galactic exploration heat map yet?

Guardian stuff is happening! (WARNING: spoilers!)
Guardians-Discussions (link to where it starts)
Not everyone is happy tho!

Fancy exploring the Pleiades in an Adder? Check out the "Eclipsis Adder Tour", heading out 1st March 3304.

Comparison of Sol moons, before and after 3.0 surface colouration

3.0 has landed - what have you done? what do you reckon?

Maro-Val re-creates the Interstellar docking sequence with an SLF and a spinning Corvette

I need your help creating a list of SRV base jumping locations!

Excellent and very funny (but incredibly sweary) video on what ED is like in VR

Information on Elite Meet (in Reading) and Pizzameet (in Portland Oregon)

Even better than the patch notes!

New "Celeste" COVAS voice pack available on the store!

Patch Notes!!!!!!!!!

Servers down - 3.0 cometh!

While you wait for 3.0 to download why not watch some live streams?

Oh, and watch SushiCW's stunning video of his time on the "World of Death" too!

On-going Kill Warant Scanner feedback discussion (I think Sandro's pretty much arrived at a solution now)

Charity auction to "name your own megaship"

Beyond 3.0 Chapter One is being released next Tuesday (27th Feb)

The February edition of the excellent Sagittarius Eye magazine is now available

Official summary of C&P updates for 3.0 Beyond

Rejoice - Isinona has dropped a new video

Sandro Sammarco wants your feedback on the 3.0 Kill Warrant Scanner changes

A reminder and update to Cmdr Arithon's wonderful set of ED ship blueprints (as featured in the main "Best of" post) plus a superb new trailer video!

ie Landing and Willie Highwake take over Hutton Orbital News Radio (Ed Lewis and Will Flanagan get VERY silly indeed!)

Qohen Leth's beautiful DW2 "Grand Tour" printable poster artwork

Sandro explains more tweaks to the C&P system

And also - increases to material storage limits!
Materials storage and FSD synthesis

The Dove Enigma expedition finally made it and have been partying in style!

It's time to to start officially signing up for DW2!

Questions wanted for Thursday's Q&A with Sandy

The Buckyball "Medevac Memorial Challenge" race is now over - hmmm, I wonder who won?

Planetary fog is back (YAY!), Dark side of planets is no longer dark (BOO!)

Help Cmdr Dreamstate with his investigation into the age old "dark squares on planet surfaces" bug!

3.0 beta finishes on the 9th Feb (after one more update on the 6th Feb)

"Staggering outpouring of support" will hopefully save the Dove Enigma expedition!

The release of 3.0 beta 2 brings with it better engineer rolls, the ability to pin all grades of a given blueprint and easier progression through grades 1-5 if you already have higher reputation with that engineer. FD may have just hit the sweetspot with this release.

Beta bug allows Cmdrs to boost their ships to over 2MM/s! (with video evidence)

Cmdr Persera's ongoing galactic adventure (she of epic Fuel Rat rescue on the fringes of the galaxy fame)

A bunch of interesting beta 3.0 threads for those unafraid of spoilers
Mass-Manager-vs-Deep-Charge (getting the best FSD from the new engineer changes)
Beyond-3-0-Open-Beta-Aliens-Spoilers (Canonn discussion beta spoiler thread)

FD posts a 3.0 known issues list

The 3.0 beta patch notes are up!

Some excellent (and nicely illustrated) ideas on new styles of Elite: Dangerous gameplay

Summary of content featured in third Beyond livestream (Engineering, Materials trader and Galnet audio)

The "Enigma" expedition - over 500 cmdrs on a life affirming journey from Jackson's Lighthouse to Colonia all in support of Cmdr DoveEngima13 and his valiant battle against cancer. With 15 days left to go it's not too late to join in!

Got stuck in the toast rack? Recalled ship just blown up? Ghost Giraffe's terrific new instructional video with 5 handy tips that every pilot ought to know!

The January edition of the superb Sagittarius Eye magazine is out now!

Good list of things to try (if you haven't already)

Answers to the questions asked following the second (Chieftan) livestream have now been posted.
Content-Recap-Beyond-Chapter-One-Livestream-(18-01-2018)-Part-2-Recap (additional answers)

Answers to the questions asked following the first (C&P) livestream have now been posted.
Content-Recap-Beyond-Chapter-One-Livestream-(16-01-2018)-Part-1-Recap (additional answers)

Summary of content featured in second Beyond livestream (Planets, Chieftan, Trade tools, etc)

Summary of content featured in first Beyond livestream (Crime & Punishment, Wing missions)

Cmdr Arithon (he of ship blueprint fame, among MANY other things) needs your help with his Vehicle Codex

Elite Racers host new "Breakout" racing season with ladder-style 1v1 race events around 3 separate space installation circuits

Cmdr Nick Sticks begins continues his epic circumnavigation of a small potato moon in a bid to join the ranks of the Planetary Circumnavigation Club.

Plans are afoot for a major CG (and much more) in support of the Distant Worlds Expedition II

A bunch of threads reacting to what was shown in the 2nd Beyond livestream

Beyond livestream schedule

Ed Lewis leaks Beyond info' on Pixel Bandits podcast including more Chieftan details (medium ship, no rank lock, 2 Large, 1 medium and 3 small hardpoints)

What philosophy do you live by in Elite?

First great "things you love about ED" thread of 2018

Cmdr's Alot and Hanekura Shizuka win in their respective classes of "The Last Gasp" Buckyball Race

White knight? post something negative, forum whinger? say something positive.

Beyond Q1 beta update (including Chieftan + a whole raft of improvements) coming Thursday 25 January!

Title says it all really!

New Buckyball Race "The Last Gasp" starts 06.01.3304! (what would you do if you only had 25 minutes to live?)

Say hi to new community manager Will

Finally some progress for attacked stations under repair!

Wing Atlantis have managed to find the Thargoid Scout ship seen in David Braben's video!

Slightly off-topic but ... new Jurassic World Evolution footage (and it's looking frickin' awesome)

Operation "Beyond the Void" - Cmdr Highwaywarrior's blog recounting the events leading up to the extraordinary rescue of Cmdr Persera, 65,659Ly from Sol and 48hrs in Supercruise beyond the outer edge of the galaxy!

Obsidian Ant's review of the last year

Pete "we read the news so you don't have to" Wotherspoon's Galnet summary of 3303

Cmdr Cocalarix pulls together some of the best ED screenshots of 2017

ED new year's resolutions
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