ADDER infestation is out of hand

This has become a major problem, when it takes multiple returns to the main menu to do anything in game, multiple = 15 + since 10:30PM PST yesterday continuing into today.
I have reset my router and modem with no luck, seems strange that Elite is the ONLY game on my PS4 with this problem.
NO it is NOT OK to return to the main menu again and again and again


I thought this was going to be about NPC adders clogging up the docks like the jolly old beluga festivals! They were a monstrous pita!

On topic though, I find it annoying too OP. Seems more common when more are on the servers, so I think they need to feed the hamsters some of the high energy food you get at pet stores. Maybe we could crowdfund some for FD.
I was in Chacobog first thing this morning then in COL 285 sector cc-k a38-2, escaped after 12 Mauve Adder errors, so much for mining. Wonder if the 124 Capitol ships parked in the system right next door to the mining system have anything to do with the wonderful service for the last 14 hours.
Haven't had too many errors lately... except when I visited Deciat. Crashed when entering glide into Farseer. Mine was Scarlet Krait.

Perhaps it's simply that some systems are getting too busy for the matchmakers to handle?
Orange Sidewinder for me yesterday pretty much everytime I dropped from SC or jump in while being in engineers system. Even had a crash to desktop (first time in more than 1250h playing this game).

FCs added a lot of instability in busy systems.
Well 10,000+ carriers have been bought and half of them are in and around New Borann. Add to that, it's a national holiday and major vacation time in the US. Also, half the country is under record setting heat so everyone staying inside. Frontier servers could probably use a good electronic plunger to unclog the pipes, so to speak. My suggestion is don't go to New Borann, but I doubt anyone would listen. I haven't had problems, but I'm also on pc AND not in New Borann.

Good luck to all of you though. Stay cool. Wish I could be of more help.

SR o7
Some of em out there are after the next meta !! 1 trillion credits. Borann ll an 3 are heaving with fleet carriers. Might even go do some myself.
Oh.. nah don't need it. Mining sucks.
Scarlet Krait's and MANY Orange Sidewinder's for me trying to go to and leave engineers where there are a lot of FC's in system, no problems in places like Alioth though. What a coincidence.
Once I actually get to an engineer now I just try to jump out of system after launching, engaging fsd to go into supercruise is just too much wasted time
Almost impossible to mine in a wing at Borann II... (that's the new trip Ltd at Col sector) You need a good half hour of connecting and reconnecting and looking at frozen screens before you can even do anything. Was stuck in the system for hours at one point unable to leave just kept on being Addered. Please fix this...
I had to resort to reloading the game, thought that fixed things untill an hour ago. Black Adder is back at it again today.
I've noticed that the jump to supercruise transition takes up to a minute when there are a dozen FC in system. Longer with more FC in system. The transition is instantaneous when no FC are around. This is clearly a problem that surfaces due to the impact of many in-system carriers on the server load. Also, I wish they would have provided a navigation panel filter to eliminate all FC except for mine and my friends.
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