Elite / Frontier About the Elite Archive Book that was on Kick-Starter.

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I was a backer for this tome. I believe I pumped about 200 smackers into this one when it was still active and right now I have a part-one in PDF form. So far it does look good with historical facts about David Braben & Ian Bell, how they met up and developed the idea for the original classic. One thing I learnt from watching a You-Tube documentry that you could fit the entire game in side e-mail. It was that efficiently made and smaller enough back in the day. From With out giving to much of it away that Ian bell was into the Traveller RPG and David Braben was into Space Opera RPG....the latter which I had never heard of. I thought Traveller the space-opera game that was first thought up at around about the same time as the original Dungeons & Dragons was and that had no rivals with same specifics. Silly me.....

I will be purchasing a PDF for those game rules next week when I get paid. If I can. Reason, why I'm sitting here in front of the screen instead of drinking schooners on a beach or pots of beer in night-club...I have no money right now!

Regarding more of the PDF I got along wit the res of the backers......it's also filled with magazine clippings and spreads about anything regarding the first game and it's sequels. Aside from Elite Dangerous which doesn't appear to be mentioned yet. It's only part one after all. The are also photos of each version of the game and it's contents, the ship chart that looks identical to the one I owned.

There is a section about the famous novella The Dark Wheel and it's author Robert Holdstock (I think!) and the winners of the Elite World Championships. I think American guy or the Irish guy who won a trip to America (Which makes more sense in one way...) although I do understand the game was made in Britain. So I'm not sure why it they didn't have it there. The teen-age boy holding a pile of games supposedly all made by the same developers or from the same publishers (There could be a difference there!) with a version of elite on top of them all. I suspect he would be sharing those games with family and friends underneath, because some of them, look did samey. Although, only the one on top was a Elite game. How generous, but those other games didn't look very interesting either. There was something really odd about this photo of the boy holding pile of related software in his hands. There were two photos, and in the one on the left, he is giving us the peace sign with his right hand while still holding all those small boxes with the other. You can't see that he's holding them all in the photo where is giving the sign unless he dropped them or put all of them down except for the Elite game. Really I know that must sound boring to you, but I just found it really odd. Also interesting to note is picture of one of the other winners, a older guy is sitting in comfy chair (It wasn't a actual computer chair, but did look comfy and a great one for gaming in!) paying the classic game while three others are doing the same at the opposite wall. It was a narrow room so, they were almost back to back and this older guy on the left is using the exact same Joy-stick controller I that I had with the Commoredore 64 for the same game. Just thought that was worth mentioning if you can find those clippings or have been looking at the same PDF yourselves.

Nothing really amiss here otherwise.

I'd say more but shouldn't really....only that I wonder what is going into the second half of this tome????

Please discuss!
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