A tool that helps in building

Hi everyone !! I don't know if this idea has already been suggested but I would like to comment on it anyway, sorry if it has already been said.

Many times while building, I ran into quite a bit of complications trying to select certain objects, especially if they were surrounded by other pieces or plants, and I guess I'm not the only one with this problem.

In fact, as the complexity of the construction increases, it reaches a point where it is practically impossible to select all the pieces without having to destroy or move everything around them. This is especially noticeable when trying to create a blueprint of a certain ingame build.

What I want to suggest is a tool that allows us to select exclusively certain pieces, that is, when we want to select a set of pieces in a build, you can filter those that interest you from those that don't. For example, if we have built a building and we want to select all its pieces, but many of them don't form a group and are behind multiple plants, with the filter we can decide to select only the pieces in the building, while the plants are not selected, therefore only selecting what interests us. The same would happen if we want to select plants, but on the other way around.

Another option too, could be that instead of a filter to select, it is a filter to hide. In this way we could hide the plants or certain buildings/pieces, making it easier for us to select only what we want.

Therefore, the idea would be to add one of this options (or both) to the already implemented "Multiple Selection Tool", or maybe even as a completely different tool.

Similar tools have already been created in other games such as Cities Skylines or Zoo Tycoon 2, respectively, and I sincerely believe that they could be a great addition to help us building ingame.

Well, that would be all. I hope you like this idea !! Please do not hesitate to comment on your opinion and any suggestions !!
I think an option to make plants invisible would be very useful when building. Also to select an animal that is hiding in the foliage.
Plants and rocks. For me rocks seem to be the biggest annoyance when trying to select multiple things at once, especially since rockwork often involves sinking rocks into each other/terrain.
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