In-Development A time series browser for Minor Faction influence data

So here is one of the oddities I am seeing.

As you can see, this system was updated on EliteBGS at 0836 today, yet

BinJr is not updating correctly as most of the factions are behind by days (13 Sep) and the most updated faction is still yesterday. And yet the other systems I am monitoring are updated correctly. I have seen it in others, its not consistant to the same system.
Thank a lot, that's really helpful.

It looks like binjr is ignoring the latest sample in the chart. I'll need to check further but it does indeed look like an issue on my end, probably due to the fact that I'm only processing the "history" part of the server response, which the latest sample is probably absent from as it's considered the "current" value (and therefore not part of the history).

Anyway, I'll fix that as soon as I get the chance.
Hello everyone!

I'm please to announce a new preview of the binjr plugin for Elite BGS:

The main bit of news here is that it fixes the issue reported by @jimbeau1571, namely the fact that the latest value for a faction's influence as reported through EDDN was not taken into account by binjr.

One of the reason this fix took so long to surface, is that it complements, as well as relies on, many underlying enhancements made to the main application to better supports data sources with sparse and irregular sampling frequencies.

Because of this, please note that you will need to make sure your version of binjr is up to date to version 2.9.0 or later.

If you have an older version already installed, you should be proposed to upgrade automatically; if not or if you missed the popup, simply click "Check for updates" on the settings panel.

Other than that, I've also added the ability to select a System by name when adding a new source, to complement the "Lookup for a specific faction" feature that was introduced in the previous release.

All in all, I'm globally satisfied with the core feature set now in place, so this will probably be the last "preview" before a proper 1.0 release.
Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

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