A Star Destroyer in Planet Coaster


I've seen similar in other building block games, but this...this is a treat. Thankyou!
Put a coaster through the middle of it!!!
I know you can do a lot with this game, but this is insane...

I'm pretty sure everyone at Frontier had their jaws dropped as much as mine was..

Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's incredible... WOW! I don't have this talent in me, so I'll continue to make my little buildings and try to be satisfy with them [squeeeeee]


Was just about to ask what the music for the video was, but you alreay posted it on the youtube description [haha]
Great build! I loved the tie fighter in the hanger!
Thanks for all the great feedback.

But big thanks also to the game itself - 3 axis rotation will kill my freetime I guess :-D

Honestly I got plenty ideas which I couldn´t realise in alpha 1., but now I´ll be able to...

That will escalate quickly...pretty sure about that
Second time I watch this video, this is always A-MA-ZING !!! [woah][woah][woah]

I spend so many hours on Minecraft,
I'm sure I will spend ... MUCH MORE on Planet Coaster. [rolleyes]
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