Notice A notice on ARX (17/09)

What about this? (I've mocked this up on a spare version I had lying around, so it's in dollars and the layout is a bit odd, but it should give you the idea.)

Thank you for taking the time to do that 💐
About the 400 ARX Limit...It's too few...and it gets in the way of players trying to get ship kits
It is not meant to be enough.
It's just a tiny trickle, the carrot on a stick.
If you want that paint job or ship kit, fork over the money. Or wait for it 6 months.
You will get it eventually, but by then you won't care about it anymore.
so at this point in the conversation i need to ask...

when will we be able to buy some arx? i tried through my game, got 404 error... nowhere on the game site seems to sell them... i checked around in steam, still nadda...

so, any idea when we will be able to?
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Olá comandantes,

Queríamos fazer uma atualização rápida de alguns avisos do ARX antes do lançamento da Atualização de setembro de amanhã. Encontre mais detalhes abaixo:
  • Com base nos seus comentários, fizemos algumas alterações e reduções nos pacotes ARX em determinadas moedas. Encontre os preços alterados abaixo (destacados em laranja):
    • 5000 ARX - 2,99 GBP / 3,49 EUR / 3,99 USD
    • 8400 (bônus +420) ARX - 4,99 GBP / 5,99 EUR / 6,99 USD (total ARX - 8.820)
    • 16.800 (+900 de bônus) ARX - 9,59 GBP / 11,49 EUR / 12,99 USD (ARX total - 17.700)
    • 25.500 (+1.300 de bônus) ARX - 12,99 GBP / 15,99 EUR / 18,99 USD (total ARX - 26.800)
    • 51.000 (+3.000 de bônus) ARX - 24,99 GBP / 29,99 EUR / 37,99 USD (ARX total - 54.000)
    • 85.000 (bônus +15.000) ARX - 44,99 GBP / 54,99 EUR / 59,99 USD (total ARX - 100.000)
      • Observe que os preços dos pacotes de console ARX podem variar de mercado para mercado com base nas especificações da plataforma, conforme mencionado aqui .

  • PlayStation 4 Commander s em determinadas regiões *:
    • Os pacotes ARX em várias regiões não estarão disponíveis no lançamento da atualização de setembro e serão lançados gradualmente em todos os territórios afetados nos próximos dias.
    • Os comandantes nessas regiões ainda poderão ganhar e gastar ARX grátis ganhos no jogo.
    • Quaisquer pontos de fronteira pertencentes a comandantes ainda serão convertidos em ARX e estarão disponíveis para gastos quando a atualização de setembro for lançada.
* Austrália, Áustria, Bahrein, Bélgica, Bulgária, Croácia, Chipre, República Tcheca, Dinamarca, Finlândia, França, Alemanha, Grécia, Hungria, Islândia, Índia, Irlanda, Israel, Itália, Kuwait, Líbano, Luxemburgo, Malta, Holanda, Nova Zelândia, Noruega, Omã, Polônia, Portugal, Catar, Romênia, Rússia, Arábia Saudita, Eslováquia, Eslovênia, África do Sul, Espanha, Suécia, Suíça, Turquia, Emirados Árabes Unidos, Reino Unido, Ucrânia

Obrigado pela sua compreensão.

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How about having modules for ARX, like a 100LY jump boost to explorer ships (pre-engineer) I would pay 54k ARX for that.
How about having modules for ARX, like a 100LY jump boost to explorer ships (pre-engineer) I would pay 54k ARX for that.
I must say, that I appreciate that Fdev so far hasn't made this game "pay to win". I would have wanted a slightly higher jump range going to Sag A* in a Mamba though ;) On the other hand, I now "know" how gigantic our galaxy is.
It's likely that to achieve 400 Arx, you will have to play for around 20 hours. That's possible in a week -- it's under 3 hours a day, every day -- but most people do not play that much. However, as the spreadsheets above shows, to get a small ship kit, you have to play the game for 653 hours. Even if there was no weekly cap, that's 24 hours a day for an entire month. If you've got any sort of life at all, you're not going to get it for several months.
Okey ..week ended. Played whole week in deep space. At least 7 hrs per day. Today had LESS then 200 arx for all that time. Nice gifts ...better they shouldn't do it at all.
And ye..I understand I can visit station and get my 400 limit at once....however, next station will be some when 6 weeks later...or 7. So 400 arx per 9 weeks ...nice. I like it.
Damn, if Elite really is your job then I agree that that's a very bad wage.
Why you said so ? :) 7 hrs is ok time for me. When "i have nothing to do" i can play 20-30 hrs :D ...not only Elite, I play some other games too.

But Elite / deep void is extremely good thing to think. My best ideas pop there, that's why I like it.
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20-30 hours a day? Are we still talking Earth hours? :p
Ye ... that's a bonus of freelancing :D I have own living schedule. My "day" is somehow 30 or 35 hrs ..sometimes. Can be busy/playing (I don't say i play so much always) for 20-24 hrs, then sleep next 10...don't care.
When we were at university, we agreed on the convention that tomorrow starts when you have gone to bed or when the sun comes up, whichever comes first.
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