a new project: Elite slow

Well I do carry a burst laser if something needs tickling.

I visited the listening stations pointing towards the generation ships Venusian and Lycaon in the hope it would trigger something. Found a couple of space thingies, but that's it.
The mysterie for the Adamastor seems to be in an impasse and I fail to contribute anything to its solution. 🧐
Anyway, the DBX nor the Dolphin seems to be a good ship for long distance investigation. In fact, I prefer the comfort off the Dolphin over the DBX, even for a bubble bus as the Dolphin can store a passenger cabin for adult entertain ... conversation, yes that's what I meant, conversation.

Equipping a Krait Phantom now and plan on using it to unlock a corrosion resistant cargo rack. Will be needing this rather soon is my guess.
The red cabin interior of the Krait is somewhat tacky. :unsure:

Krait Phantom.jpg

The Staggering Harlette will pick up her Guardian FSD booster and other equipment on her shake down trip, then head for Coalsack for thorough investigation of the sites and possible salvage of any materials. 🧐
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I was in the top 10%, using the Cutter for bringing in cargo, working together with the FC [AXI] Hyperion, loading and unloading.

Coalsack 10%.jpg

Of course the Cutter will get a complete overhaul before she's used for passenger missions again.
So the mothballed Python had to be pressed back in active duty for the rescue missions in Atropos.
elite -slow just got a boost hey?

Nice one on the top 10 though ;)

I'm still adhering to the slow philosophy though, only 10% of the money is spent on new ships or equipment.
Hospital ship De Ruyter, Python class is busy saving human lives in Atropos System. With her compact build and large hauling capacity, she's well suited to operate in hostile environments.

Hospital ship De Ruyter.jpg

And me? I might get acces to the vette. 👨‍🚀
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For courage in the face of imminent danger during the rescue operation in the Atropos system, the Federation has promoted cmdr Cohen the Worrior to the rank of rear admiral.
Unfortunately cmdr Cohan was injured in his last mission, trying to save a child's domesticated faux from the burning inferno.
He is recovering and is expected to make a full recovery.
Cmdr Cohen the Worrior has been discharged from the hospital and is currently relaxing with his family in Blue Moon, a Dolphin class luxury yacht.
He refused to comment on the rumor that he was about to add a Federal Corvette to his fleet but his 16 year old daughter burst out in laughter and shouted "little red". Whatever that means.
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So the Pachyderm is in dry dock getting a complete overhaul after a lot of hauling for the empire. Got top 10%.
Now in the Phantom, looking for some ammonia worlds. Any advice on finding them?
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And this is Vally Tereshkova, reporting directly from Ellis Gateway and signing off ...
Whoohaa, this must be our lucky day as we bump into commander Cohen the . . .

You must have me confused with somebody else lady, I get that a lot.

Commander Cohen, we just saw you putting the Pachyderm 2000 in dry dock. Did you deliver goods for the establishment of Marlinist Colonies?

Dang, you saw that did you? Ok then.
Yes we did. The crew and the Pachyderm performed admirably. And we were honored to put in our tiny bit for the peaceful resolution of this . . .

Well, we heard it wasn't so tiny. According to official records, you finished in the top 10%.

Like I said, the crew and the Pachyderm performed admirably.

But you also took part in the exploration of the Coalsack Nebula, again finishing in the top 10%.

Well, that was the same crew, flying the Staggering Harlette, again performing above and beyond expectations.

But this time the goal wasn't so peaceful, was it?

I don't know what you're talking about lady. It was a peaceful exploration mission.

But you do know the alliance is planning to wipe out the Thargoid presence there, don't you?

I don't know anything of the kind, and I don't believe it either. We brought in exploration data that shows there is plenty of terraformable worlds and we can live there in peace with the Thargoids, as far as we know the only alien intelligent life we have encountered.
so far

Not so peaceful, rumor has it they destroyed your ship . . .

That wasn't the Thargoids, it was some lame @ss punk in a military combat vessel who thinks it's cool to destroy unarmed civilian explorers.
You know who you are punk? And if you don't, it was AKA Hawitzer. Sidewinders at dawn or any other time!
Now if you would excuse us, the Staggering is waiting. Can't keep a lady waiting.

And off he goes ladies and gentlemen, Commander Cohen the Worrior: a true visionary or a naive fool? Time will tell.
I would hate to be AKA Hawitzer though.
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During the first trial run, it became clear that the power distributeur could not support the two medium mining lasers. Even after A-rating the thing, it still couldn't keep up.
So only one mining laser was used and this is the result.
Never seen one of these before.

fed cap ship.jpg

fed cap ship 1.jpg

No interaction with it though.

Also crossed the path of this guy.

Johan Derksen.jpg

and then I got yanked out of hyperspace by two odd looking fellows. Sadly, no pictures.
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