a new project: Elite slow

The Imperial Cutter has finally been equipped, D-rated mostly, and after her shakedown is earning her keep doing passengers missions in Robigo.
The idea is to use the money earned to upgrade her to full strength.

What should be the priority in the upgrades? I'm a bit disappointed by the small difference in A-rated thrusters.

imp cutter heart.jpg

Oh and I ended up in the top 50% in CG today. Fighting for the same side as the Mighty Jingles even.
Except I did it on purpose. 🧐

o7 commanders
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I have been Jinglesed I tell you.



Hahahahahahaha . . .

How do you mean Cohen the Worrior? Is that even a word? And if it is, what does it mean?

Sure it's a word. It's right there. There ! ! !
You're staring at it. How can it not be a word if you're seeing it with your own eyes?

But let me explain what it means.
I was minding my ow business, basking in the glory of my spanking new Imperial Cutter, shaking my fist and cursing at people who offered bio waste hauls, when in came the call to arms: the Thargoids were at it again.
So I had my DBX delivered and rushed over to the Onoros system. Quite a trip.
Once there I ordered the Vulture and that took a while. And some money.
But wait, is it even equipped to deal with the Thargoids? Apparently not, AX MCs were required.
These were available in the area, but sadly out of reach of the Vulture. So stripped it out, put in a bigger FSD and went over there.
The AX MC looked tiny on the hardpoints. Sigh, they were meds and the Vulture has large hardpoints.
Hahahahahahaha . . .
Ok, so I need large AX MCs. Where do I find those?


What, all the way back out there?
Hahahahahahaha . . .

Hopped in the DBX and I'm on my way.
But will I be able to even buy the large weapon in my DBX? Surely not.
So I have to recall my Vulture, buy the AX MC, get all the way back to Onoros and have the Vulture delivered again?
There must be a better way. And there is.
I'll buy a Vulture there use it to order the weapons, then sell it again.
Great plan. Dang, these AX MCs are not cheap. I better get to a Li Yong-Rui system. A bit further away but I'l save some money.
Ok, got there. Buying a Vulture... Or not.
Is there no cheaper ship with a large hardpoint? And there is, it's a DBX.
Wait a minute, I'm in a DBX. 😳
Hahahahahahaha . . .
Ok, that was a waste of effort.

So here I am finally back on my way to the Onoros system one AX MC on the DBX, one in storage.
Can't send it there yet, have to get there first, then have it delivered.
With a bit of luck, the Vulture will be operational today.

So tell me, have I ben Jinglesed or not? 🧐
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Nearly wrecked the brand new Anaconda on her second day out.
Shaking off interdictions in an Ana can take some time, so I had this cunning plan to prevent interdictions by slowing down too late, then enter a cork screw flight path. This will give more time to decelerate. Works like a charm.
Until I hit the planet, the pirate intercepted and my fsd was on cool down.
Luckily the police was there in time to help me out as he took out my thrusters. Docked with only a small % of hull remaining.
Had I lost the Ana, I would have 😭 like a little girl.
Black Friday will soon be on us, Traditionally theres a Paintjob available at that time only....I think you may like it, looks great on the Conda and other ships. Save up some ARX just in case :)
Damn, the game is down and I have a couple of missions about to expire. 😷

So a lot of disgruntled passengers, one was late to his daughters wedding, the other to his dads funeral. I tried to explain to them it's just a game but that only added fuel to the flames. 🧐
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Went to the ghost ship and scanned it.

data transm.jpg

got the ships log

ship log.jpg

Brought a manifest scanner and a hatch breaker, but couldn't get any cargo out. How do I do that? Do I need a collector limpet to get them out?
Any ideas where these systems are?
  • K class star, 11 bodies, 3rd body with listening post
  • M class star, metal body, outpost lat 11.86...
  • A class star . . .
That one could be HIP 69200 right? So the others are probably on a path to it.

Then checking out HIP 61595, HIP 64011 and HIP 65201. Eventually going all the way to coal sack. I'll just bring an SRV then?

Then there is the official flight plan going to Barnard's loop via HIP 33386 (also a class A star) and HIP 39748. But that's in the opposite direction so will check that out later.

Any tips will be appreciated guys! 🧐
Captain's log 31 oct

HIP 61595: 48.04 ly jump
Nothing to see here. G-class star with a class III gas giant. Only a few degraded emissions and a couple of lost FCs.

HIP 64011: 30.05 ly jump
4 star system with 58 bodies, 9 with geological features, 1 with human base
  1. G-star: mapped A1, A2 and A3A / metal rich with geological features. Nothing to report.
  2. mapped AB2: ammonia world, nothing to report.
  3. CD1A: icy body with human settlement. 86 kls out. DBX reached 450 c and performed well. 39 geological features after mapping, human settlement could not be located.
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These threads contain it all from start to current but Spoilers, a lot is worked out and decoded on the thread.

Check the local news in Chukchan at the Station before you set off anywhere...

Then you have the 1st Star type 'K' with 11 Bodies from the logs....and maybe some more information such as direction and approximate distance if youre lucky. 2nd log mentions updating route to rendezvous so may not be in a straight line to Coal Sack.

Limpets - Usually Collector & Hacker but Cargo broken on Megaships by all accounts. Data point may work dunno, need hacker limpets.

Thanks, I'll just report on my own progress here, but since I don't have that much time, I'll certainly peek at those.

Back to Chukchan, to Conti Observ. to get some hatch breaker limpets. Galnet had some local news.




Adamastor 3.jpg

So the flight plan is nearly in the opposite direction of where the ship returned from.
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They were on their way to Barnards and redirected to meet the survey team for some reason.


Scanned the Adamastor, got some escape pods and turned them in but that didn't trigger anything.
Hacked the data transmitter but that didn't get me any data, only p!ssed off the police.

Adam police.jpg
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Go silent running just before hatch breaker attaches until just after it finishes, keep it quiet ;)

I'll look into that as soon as I get back. Driving around on planet 3 of the Musca dark region PJ-P B6-1 now. Lot's of interesting contacts there, but they didn't show up when mapping the planet.

Musca dark region PJ-P B6-1.jpg

These barnacle sites are the Thargoids mines for sure. So plundering them will upset them a bit. 🧐

Went to Survey 23b and got these logs.

Survey 23b logs.jpg

Then the SRV wreck. The wreck itself is rather creepy. But the log I got from it was corrupted. I recovered an occupied escape pod, as it could contain the remains of one of the unlucky explorers.
Does anybody know if an SRV has an escape pod?

crashed srv.jpg

Finally the crashed Thargoid ship is an Interceptor it seems. Couldn't get anything else from it.

Wreck Thargoid interceptor.jpg

Next stop: HIP 69200.
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The DBX is a fine bubble bus, but it is not the most suited ship for investigative exploration. This Dolphin P.I. can carry more equipment.
Any suggestions will be appreciated as usual.

Dolphin PI.jpg

The Azure paintjob is inconspicuous and will blend her in anywhere.
Does anybody know if an SRV has an escape pod?

Well the 'door' on the SRV is open. Its at the front, easier to see from the side. So assumption is yes, and there have been others with pods.

Fit as many scanners as you can of every type, you never know what youll need. Learn how each one works so you know what you have to do to activate it.

On board - D Scan, Data Link, Composition

Priority - DSS, Xeno, Manifest, Wake

Secondary - Pulse Wave, KWS

Recon Limpets are a massive bonus if you can carry them. Limpets are easy to synth (Fe & S) so no need to carry them if weight an issue.

Scan everything with everything, you never know what will lead where. If it doesn't react try a few other things and then shoot it :)
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