a new project: Elite slow

Went to see Felicity and she was very surprised to see me show up in my brand new Hauler, should have gone in my Sidewinder. I miss that Sidewinder.


We had an interesting talk but she insisted I'd buy her some Meta-Alloys.
So off to Maia.

The game seems to be picking up speed, so I decided to pay a daily sum of 5 times the insurance cost of the ship.
I'm playing open, went to see Felicity open.

My preliminary conclusions after two days playing this slow game
  • earnings divided by 10
  • refuel and repairs multiplied by 100
  • docking fee: same amount as insurance value of the ship
  • use of outfitting = docking fee
  • cost for unloading / loading of cargo and passengers: ???
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Started again after the first trial and this is how I'm playing the game atm
  • earnings divided by 10: for every 10 profit made, 9 go in the kids college fund
  • refuel and repairs multiplied by 100, so better avoid damage and use the fuel scoop, even in the bubble
  • docking fee: same amount as insurance value of the ship
    • This means simple trading is not worth it
    • Some missions are hardly worth it, better combine missions
  • daily maintenance, storage and handling cost: value of the ship (20 times the insurance cost)
The idea is to keep the accounting to a minimum and this can be done in a simple spreadsheet by
  • only registering the money invested in the ship, 9 times this amount is set aside
  • the remainder divided by 10 is the money available for future investment.

Day 1
  • left kindergarten asap, did not take the 100k credit mission
  • combined some trading and missions to upgrade the Sidewinder to D.
  • did some scouting and ended up with a 2B FSD
  • got an invite from Felicity
  • went but she wanted me to buy a meta alloy
  • went over to Maia to buy one
  • got an invite from Elvira
  • finished the day in with a 2B FSD and surveyor status
Day 2
  • paid 82k lease, maintenance and storage
  • continued scouting in the bubble
  • got a 2D FSD, SRV and 2C power plant
  • gathering material for FSD range upgrade
    • this is very useful because it reduces fuel consumption when taking the eco routes
    • so no long wait times for the 2D fuel scoop to top her off
  • info on Juri Ishmaak
  • got a DSS
  • started 100 ly excursions in da black
  • got the lvl 4 FSD range upgrade
  • ended the day with pathfinder status
Day 3
  • paid 472k lease, maintenance and storage
  • had a bit of luck, found a metal rich planet with geo features
  • ...
The plan is
  • a 200 ly trip in da black
  • finish the FSD range upgrade
    • need arsenic, will get them from the trader if I can't surface mine them
    • need more datamined wake exceptions, will probably get them from encoded emissions
  • get a Hauler and transplant all the equipment from the Sidewinder
Did you notice the Sidewinder is heavier than the Hauler?

Question, why would I sent my ship in orbit when driving the SRV around? Imo it's a great reference point driving around.
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Just got killed while landing at Farseer inc. Was in the fire free zone and all, but that didn't seem to help much.
The worst part is, nearly 6 Mcr of exploration data intended for Felicity, was lost. Looks like I'm not getting that Hauler today.
Finished the grade 5 FSD range upgrade using my last wake exception, so that was lucky.
Before taking off I asked ms Farseer to do some final upgrades to the ship. She did bring up the lost exploration data again though.
Came out to see me off in my Sidy, she really seems to loves Sidies.
  • surface scanner: expanded probe scanning radius grade 1
  • sensors: lightweight scanner grade 1
Now off to get a Hauler, heard some systems are selling almost never used Haulers for a pretty discount . . .
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To the shipyard to see some barely used Haulers.
Did not have enough money even after turning in the Sidewinder. Requested a test drive, that was ok.
A misunderstanding: I was not supposed to leave the system??? How was I to know?

Anyway, here's the rest of the money . . .

Made 14 MCr with the testdrive.

sidy stripped.jpg

Sidewinder stripped

new Hauler.jpg

And here she is. The color is not my first choice, but hey and elderly lady only used her during the weekends.

The Hauler is a more capable ship than the Sidewinder by far.

It has a decent cockpit, well it has a cockpit. The Sidy has a chair directly bolted to the FSD drive.
It is lighter, yet has a bigger fuel tank and more room for modules.
It jumps further and has more jumps in a tank.

How would it fare as a bubble taxi, short and mid range passenger transport, you think?
Also, is wake scanning still a thing?
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Finished my first sight seeing mission today in the bubble taxi. Didn't bring in much, but the exploration data saved the day.
One bad thing about the Hauler, the faux leather has an awful smell when the Hauler runs hot.
I don't know what a faux is, but if it's leather smells like this, imagine how the beast reeked when alive . . .
One careful lady owner and 5 who didn't give a !

A couple of Magic Trees will sort the smell if using it as a bubble taxi but judging by most taxis I've used, they smell like the driver couldn't care!

Passenger hauling could be the way...
Found a system named after an exploration hero born in my city. So I'm setting up shop here.
Ordered 2 economy cabins size 3, since they weren't readily available.
Stacked two sightseeing missions, leaving no room for cargo sadly.

"the best wake scanner money can buy please
euh, that much eh?
ok the second best wake scanner money can buy then"
and it still added over 15k to the insurance cost.

Leaving the station, what do you think?
Not a single wake to scan ! ! !
and not a single wake in the next systems either.

Got Janie Ball to her destination.
Planning the next leg of the journey we got interdicted. As I'm fighting off the interdiction, a knock on the cabin door.
Gary Morgan, not even noticing the interdiction, "wanted to make the journey more comfortable."

Really? How about your escape pod scooped and you sold into slavery. How's that for comfortable Gary?
But that's not what I said, I said: "sadly there is no cargo room available at the moment sir."
Gary seemed disappointed.

Anyway, fought off the interdiction, back to planning the second leg.
Looked at it from this side, from the other side, there's no way around it, with the fuel tank still half full, I would have to refuel.

Picked an outpost to land on, figured they wouldn't notice the new, never ever used scanner.
No such luck: 51k in landing rights and refueling ! ! !
That Adder is not coming any time soon. :unsure:
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Wakes - Nav Beacons are good, as are 'Checkpoints' in certain system states (Outbreak), usually a few mins outside a busy station and NPC traffic gets into a routine coming and going and jumping semi regularly. If you follow an NPC out of the station, just keep watching them they'll jump approx 3.5-5km from station.

youll get plenty of warnings about hardpoints deployed but no fine or bounty or trouble if you just scan and dont open fire with any weapons.
Thanks for the advice, I'll take it into account.

Was able to scan some wakes on the return leg.
Gary sulking in his cabins like Achilles in his tent though.
Also found some encoded and high grade emissions.


That can come in handy some day.

Another stop to refuel, I have spent nearly 150 k on docking and refueling.
Picked reputation for both missions, so I'm not breaking even.
Got over 8 Mcr worth of exploration date though, so I'm looking at some Adder brochures.

The economy class passengers cabins were ready. Went over to pick them up, but they were size two, not size three like ordered.
Oops, something went wrong with your order sir, very sorry. That's very nice, but I could really use those cabins now.

Most people seem to think the Adder is simply a bloated Hauler, with an extra slot.
Under the hood however everything is very much different and not a single core internal carries over. So it is going to be an expensive upgrade.
This is the Adder bubble taxi I'm looking at.
That extra slot gives it more versatility, it can be used for cargo or a fuel scoop. But it can also house an AFMU, and sacrificing one cabin for a fuel scoop means this can be used for data gathering expeditions.
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Pulled the trigger on that Adder. Got the 3E economy cabins there too.

Seems I can't apply the range engineering on the 3A FSD drive though.
Strange, as engineering on the sensor can be applied.
Is that because I didn't turn in the 2A FSD?

This didn't happen, you never saw that.

And here is that Adder in her taxi colours, isn't she a beauty.

Adder taxi.jpg

And an example of the exploration data

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Looking more like a taxi now!
That's what I was going for. Too bad you can't put the chequered taxi colours on it. You can on the Dolphin, but the Dolphin is not a taxi, it's more a Learjet to me.

Took the Adder out for a spin yesterday, stacking two sightseeing missions. It performed well, but the D-scoop was a bit slow and held me back.
A-rated it but that brought an extra 12k to the insurance cost. Ouch ! ! !

Cancelled the order for the 3E economy cabins.

Stacked two sightseeing missions again today and I'm running more and more into previously visited systems and scanned planets. Seems the low hanging exploration fruit has been picked. This is worrying as it's the exploration that brings in the money, the ss missions barely cover the docking costs.
I should probably consider the data gathering expeditions, but would feel more comfortable in a Cobra . . .

Still, when we show up at a tourist beacon and see the Orcas and Belugas floating around majestically, and us zipping between them in the Adder. :cool:
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