A little sad and frustrated when it comes to end

I reached Beagle this week. There is no group selfies at boot camp due to ganker attacks.
As a mechanic, I wandered above the crater in PG, searching for ships that need repairs.
Sadly nobody : (

The reason I join this group was actually that I cannot withstand the loneliness traveling alone across the void.
But now, I have to face the fact I have worn out totally for the return trip.

As a never-self-destruct pilot, I choose to become a ghost in the abyss, providing repairs to anyone in open or PG.
Until the next return trip expedition, or super carrier visit, or this site becomes a remote base, or simply AFK and get this game deleted,
I choose to sit here, tuning the radio to hear the voices from where I came from ...

PS: Gankers please do try to relief me if you guys are still in BP area. However don't be cocky, there is a reason why a fully engineered conda jumps below 60ly : )
I'm still on my way, I hope to see you and some others when I arrive! May be a few more weeks before I get there.
Just crossing the Abyss now, so I should be getting there fairly soon, but I feel you, I set off with a few friends but it seems I'll be the only one there for the photo we'd planned.
Even with hundreds of Cmdrs around in the PG, it's possible that instancing will not work in your favour. We always recommend to form small groups with friends from similar timezones, either via Discord or the Squadrons. You can't expect to cruise about and see ship after ship, it's (unfortunately) not how Elite works. Take your time for the return, and like I said, reach out to other players, a lot of them will be returning slowly or after a break from the game.
I'm still in the region. I'm checking the various waypoints and the area.
I won't be going home too fast. Wanna check that farthest arm for some weeks before I go back.
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