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Hey, sorry for putting this in a thread instead of filing a bug report, but i see no way in properly explaining the kinks and errors that occur within the 3DSmax workflow,
it's probably best explained with pictures and videos documenting the outcome and to explain step by step how to reproduce the errors.

There are currently 3 known issues i am aware of.
I will list them below and then further elaborate/document them in future postings:

1: Animation keyframe mismatch - Animations seem to become truncated in stepping and length when converted via TMTK
2: Hitbox pivot orientation - This only is detectable under certain circumstances, will show steps how to reproduce. The Hitbox flips 180 degrees or is mirrored.
3: MT shading inversion - Metal shader acts as if the light is coming from the opposite direction

Edit: I intentionally left out the SP map issue, as it concerns Blender, too, and is not maxspecific.
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Here's me trying to show the difference in the shader behaviour with items uploaded prior to the December TMTK patch and
how assets converted after the patch seem to have a different shading behaviour.

This is the Hitbox error, on these versions of the cables the pivot was set towards one end of the cable for easier placement, but this is what happens if you do that.
If the hitbox' pivot is centered, it appears to work normally, though i suspect it does the same rotational flip as shown in the video, it just wouldn't affect the hitbox' position (as the rotation applies at pivot point.

During recording of the first video i noticed how the face statue also has a flipped hitbox.
I know it used to work as intended, so this must happen ingame (possibly the engine reads the coordinates in wrong order?

Edit: video 4 (animation bug)

The video is from 11th december, the bug must have been introduced shortly before, as other animated assets did work as intended (i reuploaded those as well and the too were broken)
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