1. P

    MS Windows 11 Compatibility

    Hey Guys, May have been posted already, but are there any compatibility issues with Windows 11? My computer is out of date for this release and it gives me a good excuse to get some serious hardware, but obviously want to check that my Fav game will be supported :) Cmdr CraigD (aka The Duke...
  2. Covatex

    In-Development Best place to publish and share a windows app? (EDTK)

    Hi guys! For some time I've been developing a windows program for myself in order to help me in some ED tasks (mining, exploring, handling materials and blueprints, voice commanding ED, giving voice information from journal events, responding with c# scripts to events, etc). After this time the...
  3. Elrith

    Release EliteChroma

    EliteChroma is a tool to make Razer Chroma devices and Chroma-connected devices react to Elite : Dangerous in-game events. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then perhaps a video will be better still: Features Runs in the background, accessible through a system tray notification icon...
  4. M

    PC/XBox cross play!

    Both the XBox and Windows 10 PCs use the same operating system, so can ANYONE enlighten me as to why we cannot play together online? Microsoft sold us the XBox One by pushing the abilities of both platforms playing nicely together. Some games already allow this, so WHY NOT Elite Dangerous...
  5. CMDRVanguard001

    Windows Mixed Reality VR

    Hi, I have an Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset. Can Elite Dangerous officially support Windows Mixed Reality Headsets in the future? Thanks
  6. A

    WMR flicker fix

    I just discovered this after dealing with the flickering problem for weeks. Between the lenses on the headset there's what appears to be an IR sensor. I figured out that this is how the headset detects being put on and taken off. While testing this, I realized that covering the sensor...
  7. bowman9991

    Samsung Odyssey HMD Windows Mixed Reality - much better resolution in VR

    My Samsung Odyssey HMD Windows Mixed Reality headset is arriving next week. Now that it has Steam VR support (beta now but officially due 15 November) has anyone tried Elite Dangerous using it? From what I hear, it has a much better resolution and therefore also better results when super...
  8. buzzx

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709) Improved Performance?

    I don't want to jinx it but if my eyes aren't deceiving me I would say that ED VR is running smoother after upgrading to Windows 10 version 1709! Less stutter in VR. Is anyone else seeing this?
  9. Orbitalai

    Astronomy / Space NASA spots Kilonova

    Cool stuff:
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