1. R

    Weights for influencers should sum to one

    Hi. I'm using Blender 2.80 and with a fairly simple object and just 3 bones I keep getting the error message: Weights for influencers should sum to one. I red the topic Weights, bones, Influencer? is it a sickness? And tried everything, but keep getting the error. Does someone know how to solve...
  2. Lateralus

    Engineers Lightweight HRP mod is redundant

    Why would anyone ever use the lightweight hull reinforcement package mod? Downsizing your HRP by one size and putting the heavy duty mod on it is better in every way (more hull, more resistance, lighter, cheaper). I think the lightweight mod needs a pretty decent buff in terms of...
  3. H

    Galaxy map, visited

    Hi. Instead of having the 'visited systems' as a tab on its own, could we get it just as a button to toggle on/off when using the other filters such as star class? On that note, it would be nice to be able to sort systems by weight in the same way you can sort by population.
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