1. buzzx

    Different images being shown in left and right eyes across terrain textures at a distance.

    I thought Id post this outside the bug report thread to try and get some feedback regarding this issue as it does not seem to be happening to all VR users. This issue manifests itself as a type of shimmering, blurry double vision effect on certain patches of terrain that when accumulated across...
  2. Captain Rafix


    In Odyssey is a must to have a quick VR acces key that turns on and off VR. Dont know why this feature isnt present at the game.
  3. N

    Can FDev please just give the VR community a solid answer

    Please Frontier, please just tell us what the intention is for VR gameplay with Odyssey and beyond? I've loved playing this game in VR up through Horizons. Will it continue to be a staple of the Elite Dangerous franchise? Or has the decision been made to scrap it beyond Odyssey? If the plans...
  4. Arioch

    I thought the stars looked better in VR today…

    To any fellow users with Quest 2 HMDs - the latest software update to v33 has introduced a new image sharpening thing when using Link / AirLink, and it doesn’t have any performance impact: https://forums.oculusvr.com/t5/General/Quest-build-v33-release-notes/m-p/884719#M379090 “Link and Air...
  5. S

    Mechwarrior 5 VR mod

    PGI in their latest patch (that went along with the non-free DLC... sigh) added UE base code for VR support, so modders could make a VR mod (and so PGI would not have to pay for it... sigh, again). Not only MW5 has reached a "decent game" status with that patch, but of course VR transcends...
  6. BraVo

    Autoswitch between VR and 2D?

    Does anybody know if there is an autoswitch between VR and 2D while entering or leaving the ships cockpit in Odyssey? Because there is a sensor in the headset the system should know if I wear my VR goggles. ED could then autoswitch between the HMD on/off setting. I really hate the...
  7. buzzx

    Grey vs Black border for on foot VR

    Would black be a better colour for the outside border when on foot in VR? Examples below. Maybe even an option to choose your own colour? Not sure if maybe even a gradient or some form of graphic would be possible but you would think a simple colour option would be easy to enable.
  8. S

    Need help with Odyssey graphics issue (plants look horrendous)

    Hi, I was really disappointed with the launch of Odyssey and decided to let it sit for a while and try again after a few patches. Yesterday I started it up again (in VR) and noticed horrible performance and really bad looking planets. I closed VR and started it without, performance was meh...
  9. buzzx

    FPS stats for settings in VR

    Just some stats I thought might be interesting to some. Ive tested the effect of various settings changes on a i7 9700k + RTX 2080. These results are from the home screen sitting in the hangar. Note that I had to wait at least 30-60 seconds after each change until the FPS settled on a stable...
  10. [VR] av

    Looking for the new focused VR discussion thread and feedback area

    Good Day CMDRs and FDev, I hope all is well! I recall from an Elite stream (I believe SuperCruise News) last week that it was mentioned by Arf that Bruce (or perhaps someone else) would be creating a new thread for focused VR questions/players. I'm wondering if anyone knows where this...
  11. H

    Odyssey VR performance - Mixed Reality+SteamVR vs. Oculus

    Hey there. Warning: Longish post, thought I'd write down some of my experiences and findings with Odyssey in VR. So far I haven't touched Odyssey, because a) I'm not really interested in the on-foot-gameplay and b) VR performance even when not on foot was atrocious the one time I tested it...
  12. VR SenseiMatty

    Game Discussions Space Games suggestion

    Burned out by Odyssey launch I'm now looking for a space/survival game in decent state, possibly in VR. Do you have some suggestion?
  13. [VR] av

    VR experience broken with bugs

    Hello CMDRs - is anyone aware of any posts or other information involving FDev performing any work on resolving the VR issues in Odyssey? The DSS scanner is broken and one is unable to successfully scan planets for regular exploration and unable to use filters correctly in order to find...
  14. I

    Toggle VR binding

    Since we can already toggle VR mode by going through the menus could we also have a controller binding for it? I think it would be useful to be able to quickly return to 2D/screen when playing on foot for example or allow us to continue when SteamVR crashes and needs to restart (this is...
  15. GrandAdmiralThrawn

    Free camera not working in VR?

    Problem: My free camera movement is not working. The camera suite otherwise works as expected: Entering the camera, changing fixed camera positions, entering the free camera, attaching/detaching the cam, toggling between ship/cam controls, ship movement. All that works. But camera movement...
  16. Arioch

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - VR mod

    The guy who did the amazing VR mod for GTA5 has just released the first version of his RDR2 VR mod: Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1315&v=xK7qvB8kdJ0&feature=emb_logo Early days yet, but already looking mighty impressive. I think I’ll wait until I’ve got a better graphics...
  17. C

    Add keybind to enable/disable 3D (VR mode)

    I've been playing this game for many months in a flight sim rig (joystick, pedals, throttle, etc), as well as in VR. What I've found with my time in Odyssey so far is that my rig is not at all suited for playing an on-foot, first person game with keyboard+mouse. So, what I do instead, is get out...
  18. [VR] Goooost

    The state of VR

    First of all: CPU: 3700x SSD: WD Black 2GB NVME RAM: 32GB (4x8) 3600mhz DDR4 G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Mobo: ASUS Prime x470 Pro GPU: EVGA Hybrid RTX 2070 Super HMD: HP Reverb G2 - I heard that the performance took a big hit, but I had no idea how big of a hit till now. I had to run at 50% scale...
  19. ApexAzimuth

    Odyssey VR performance is very poor

    I tried Odyssey in VR for as long as I could stand it this morning, but the performance is beyond terrible. Worst performance of almost any VR app I've used. In Horizons CPU and GPU frametime is 3 to 12 ms. Odyssey this morning with all graphics settings as low as they can go: 15 to 35 ms...
  20. T

    Playing Elite Dangerous with Valve Index?

    I seem to be having some problems playing Elite Dangerous with the Valve Index. I get it to boot up, but my controllers do not work, none of the buttons seem to work, and neither do the joysticks work. Am I doing something wrong?
  21. Faelendh

    VR: pilot our commander like a vehicule in the meantime true VR

    Hello Devs ! Could you give us a quick VR version in the meantime : instead a flat screen, give us the possibility to "drive" our character like a SRV or a SHIP. I mean : we can look around us but nead to move with our controller with same bindings like when we play on flat screen ? Same things...
  22. K

    App Switching Issue

    This may have been something posted before, I’ll apologise if this is the case. I’ve been playing Elite on my Oculus Rift S headset and have no issues with performance in the game itself. The only issue I have is when switching from the game to another app (discord in this instance) and back...
  23. RipPaw

    Oculus Rift S Controls

    Hello, Have been playing the game for a few weeks now and I am sold. Decided to try playing it in VR with Oculus Rift S and having a massive issue. When loading the game through Oculus or Steam VR, the controls provided with VR do not work at all. I have been searching for an answer for the...
  24. J

    How about a VR dedicated Newsletter issue, even if just once!

    There are a lot of us that really enjoy playing Elite Dangerous in VR. Each time an Elite Dangerous Newsletter hits, and there have been a LOT of them now that we are up to #312, I always scour it for any information on VR support, VR news, VR updates, etc. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons...
  25. SkyMech

    Newcomer / Intro VR UI Panel

    I was in the middle of a dogfight when my settings changed for panel view. I had turn off auto panel pop up when I’m looking around in VR. Now the setting is gone and I’m in able to find it. The panels keep popping up!! Plus, now my toggle between panels is controlling my rolls now. IDK what...
  26. B

    XBOX Controllers not Recognized while Using Quest 2 via Link

    Hey folks, wondering if someone else has run into this problem. I have ED working fine on the Quest 2 via USB Link while running the Rift version of ED and the game set as normal to headphones graphic output. However, for some reason 90 percent of the time it does not recognize my XBOX 360...
  27. M

    General Ah quand un clavier virtuel pour jouer en VR ? virtual keyboard in VR ?

    il est impératif de mettre un clavier virtuel pour pouvoir jouer en VR dans de bonne condition. Cela me sort de l'immersion de retirer mon casque à chaque fois que je dois entre le nom d'un systeme pour m'y rendre. C'est tellement dommage … Votre jeu a l'air tellement magnifique mais ce problème...
  28. F

    Odyssey in VR

    I know it has been announced that Odyssey will not support VR during initial launch. I guess that the problem are the hands and motion controllers. BUT! Would it be possible to let us play Odyssey in VR while using mouse and keyboard???? (i.e. without motion controllers) It does not make much...
  29. Jacobis9000

    OVRdop and Oculus Rift

    I’ve bought an Oculus Rift (just waiting for gaming PC to arrive) and I want to trade using eddb in an OVRdrop overlay on VR. The site has a tick next to Elite Dangerous to say it’s working, but I just want to double check it is actually working, anyone use it? I intend also to trade in game...
  30. S

    How do I play Elite Dangerous on VR?

    Hello guys, Time ago I got the game on Epic Games and I wanted to try it on VR. But I launch it as usual and as expected the VR mode does not work. Anyway on how to configure the launcher or whatever I have to do? I have Oculus quest 2. Thanks :c
  31. iiMStevo

    Elite VR - any recommendations?

    So I've just sold off my Rift CV1 headset as it's making me tired, and the amount of USB inputs meant I had to get a USB hub, and the signal sometimes gets interrupted on my hub causing the headset to twitch all over the place at random moments (not great in a dog-fight!). I'm looking to get a...
  32. S

    How to launch Elite Dangerous in VR?

    Got the game on Epic Games. Linked to my Steam account. Can't figure out how to launch it in VR on my HTC Vive. Help!
  33. M

    Non VR launch

    Hello, I downloaded the game from the Epic Game Store and i can't launch it without SteamVR launching too (and i don't want to play in vr). How am i suppose to play the game without VR ?
  34. F

    HMD (HEADPHONES) disappeared from the 3D option of the graphic

    Hello, Commander. I enjoyed ED with HMD (Vive COSMOS). However, when I opened the graphics options today, I had only three 3D options: [OFF], [ANAGLYF], and [SIDE BY SIDE]. I always choose "HMD (HEADPHONES)", but I couldn't enjoy VR because I didn't have that choice. Please let me know if you...
  35. Old Duck

    Doors for Cobra Hardpoints

    Hey Frontier, here is a suggestion - how about adding some doors to the medium hard points on the Cobra. It breaks my immersion when I peer "over the hood" and see to big, empty, square holes where my covered weapons should be.
  36. [VR] Captain_Obvious

    How big is our VR Community

    Didn't find confirmed information anywhere. So I hereby ask the devs: How big is the VR-Community in Elite Dangerous? Are you able to track that information? Just curious. If not, I would like to see a poll or a possibilty to have a checkbox "VR-User" in the users profiles. I would like to know...
  37. Billyjoejohnson

    Any news regarding VR?

    Honestly, this game is a pure vr title for a lot of commanders. Any news on that?
  38. Herbrand

    My Elite Dangerous VR Simpit

    Everyone, I'm proud to announce the completion of my VR Simpit, that I built from the seat of a BMW Convertible! The project took me roughly one year, although I worked on it on and off, inspired by a post on the Hotas subreddit. The base is built out of aluminum profiles, and it includes a...
  39. Kyokushin

    I felt sad, because i will not feel like an Armstrong

    Dear all, I have readed about changes in VR, i had my private opinion about that, finally i said 'meh', the life is still rolling... till today. Today i have readed this: and no. I will not feel like an Armstrong on flat screen, and writing such thing for me - the VR player, who is playing...
  40. Jamoir

    [VR] Feature request : Pitch Control

    Hi there! i have a feature that i would love to see added (and countless others from my endless searching for alternative fixes) The ability to reset your viewing pitch, Currently your unable to play in a reclined/led down position, I find sitting bolt upright for long periods of time...
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