1. alterNERDtive

    Release bindED 3.0 – import your key binds into VoiceAttack

    You are probably aware of Gary’s original bindED plugin that reads Elite keybindings and makes them available to VoiceAttack via text variables: https://forum.voiceattack.com/smf/index.php?topic=564.0 I wasn’t quite happy with how it worked (and how some things didn’t), so with his permission I...
  2. Grinnygog

    Newcomer / Intro Astra, Midnight and Minus voice packs—your preferences please

    I've recently installed VoiceAttack and have purchased the Astra, Midnight and Minus voice packs. Of the players reading this and who have installed one or more of the above voice packs, I'm wondering how players have assigned them, i.e. Number One, Helm Control, Operations, Tactical...
  3. Gavin786

    HCS Voice Pack + Scottish Accent

    I should have known better...Yes, I should have. I just bought VoiceAttack with the intent of using the HCS Voice Packs. Looking forward to it, seems really cool. Nothing I say is recognised by the speech engine, no matter how much I train or fiddle. Every single word almost is misconstrued...
  4. D

    Text chat in VR.. how?

    I play with a HTC Vive pro in VR ( and love it) but I have never found a good solution for text chatting in VR. I have some half- solutions using speech to text in Voiceattack but nothing is really satisfactory. This limits player interactions, as it's voice chat or nothing, many people...
  5. M

    Discussion WIP - [Voice Attack] Elite Dangerous Database

    Hey everyone. I've started creating a database in Voice Attack. The aim is to be able to ask your ships computer about a specific event/item/faction etc, that you can encounter ingame. The source of all the information is the Elite Dangerous Wiki. Now, this is a work in progress, as such you'll...
  6. kration

    Docking/Landing macro

    I had an effective (if complicated) key sequence set up so that when I said "permission to dock" in VoiceAttack then the permission to land came up for both space stations and planets. After the update it no longer works. Are there any other key sequences/macros that now work?
  7. WordSmith

    Is there a way to control comms with Voice Attack (or the HCS voice packs)?

    One of the problems I face when in the rift is not being able to type responses to messages I get while playing in Open. Often these are just hello's, but sometimes they are requests to vacate the large loading pad and it would be nice to respond with a 'yep, just buying stuff, then I am off'...
  8. M

    Xbox version is NEVER going to be the FULL FAT version?

    I have been enjoying the game for nearly three years now, but as I watch more and more content providers on Boobtube, I realise they get more of the "bells & whistles" than us console "plebs"! PC players have access to stuff like voice operated ship functions and as I search for ways to get a...
  9. Hoksilato

    EDDI en español released

    Buenas comandantes, EDDI ha sido traducido al español, lo podéis descargar de aquí: Última versión: release 3.5.3-b7 https://github.com/EDCD/EDDI/releases (Las versiones con internacionalización son la 3.0.1-b2 en adelante.) HoksiPack: release 3.5.3-3b...
  10. S

    Jugando en VR: VoiceAttack, packs de voces, EDID ...

    Buenas a tod@s. Busco consejo sobre como configurar VoiceAttack para llevar un diario de abordo y controlar funciones en VR sin tener que qitarme las gafas. He estado viendo videos y leyendo posts, y ando algo perdido. Por ejemplo me estoy planteando contactar con el creador de N.O.V.A y...
  11. S

    Hardware & Technical Voiceattack and Spotify

    Permission to ask a dumb question ... When using VA to control Spotify through something like CLMControl, you have to use headphones right? Or the music interferes with Voice recognition. Am I right?
  12. Meneer_vandaal

    Settings stored externally

    Hi. I'm flying on a PS4 using a hotas ( thrustmaster ). This works comparatively well. There are however some things that could improve the experience. 1) I'd like to be able to save the settings file externally. There seem to be periodical problems with reading the settings file saved on my...
  13. Highwayman

    Release Materials info for Voice Attack

    Hey guys and girls, After running around space for a while now in VR and getting frustrated at having to lift up my Rift to look at ED Engineer to remember exactly what the hell materials I'm supposed to be collecting, I decided to put together a few commands for Voice Attack so that I could...
  14. S

    In-Development A.L.I.C.E Project - Community Support Request

    Hey guys, I'm currently developing a very advanced voice attack profile. I currently need a little data and could use your help. I want to code automatic triggers to cycle shield cell banks when one is depleted. I just want to check a few things with the way the modules are listed in the modules...
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