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    cant restock ammo

    Hi there, anyone else having trouble to restock ammo since last patche? Im on PS4 pro. Problem detail: having 2 imperial hammers on krait mk2, both WITHOUT plasma slug and both are around 140/240 ammo. At station i cant quick restock it and at advanced maintanance under restock sub menu i cant...
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    Upload Keeps Failing

    I'm trying to upload to the Toolkit, and I keep getting the same trio of errors: Failed to load FBX scene [FailedFBXLoad] "Failed to load FBX scene :" An unexpected error occurred preventing the build from completing [PreBuildFailed] "Prebuild failed :" Build process failed...
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    Crashed and now can't log back in

    Hiya folks, Yesterday I was mining in my Python when the game crashed to desktop. And now I can't log back in; it gets to the loading screen with the ship, and just crashes to desktop again. I've validated the game files and submitted a ticket, but that'll probably take a few days. Has anyone...
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    Help! I can't play. :(

    Hello all, I purchased Elite Dangerous back in 2015 but haven't played it much until recently. Everything was working fine until I decided to buy Horizons. Once I bought Horizon, the launcher says I need to update the game and then immediately closes, but there is no update available. I tried...
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