1. KITTracer7

    New fireworks show: Mission Impossible | The Show

    Hayo everyone! A new fireworks show has been released this friday! This is: Mission Impossible | The Show! Inspired on the big movies with Tom Cruise... including a Jack Trammell remix of the official Mission Impossible theme song! This show is counting 5.282 triggers and a producing work of...
  2. Dawk_nite316

    Rewind Feature

    A rewind option would be cool for when implementing triggers. It gets kind of annoying having to cycle the coaster or track ride around the track just to see if a trigger is timed perfectly. When you have a lot of triggers it can get very timely. I know that would cause the game to require and...
  3. D

    Let us set the duration of objects activate by triggers

    So when objects are activated by a trigger, you can not set the duration of the object. However, if you set them to activate every X seconds, you can set the duration. Why can't you set the duration of the object when it's triggered? I feel like this is a feature that's been requested before...
  4. F

    Day/Night triggers

    I would like the ability to trigger events/scenery items based on the day/night cycle. Primary use-case would be with lighting and TV screens.
  5. S

    Drive Tyres, brakes, Lap events, and Smoothing

    A few of suggestions pertaining to this. A lot of little things that could make coaster building give more freedom and just other polishes to the game: First suggestion is make it so we can choose different particular laps for the brakes and/or drive tyres activate when you select that piece of...
  6. P

    Newcomer / Intro Promotion Missions?

    So I've been searching the net high and low and it has been an mixed bag of answers. I'm currently trying to gain ranks with the Federation so to some of you tired veterans it might be a dumb set of questions. I'm currently at 100% so i'm just waiting for the mission [Yes i'm aware its round up...
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