1. Pyrrhus Rokh

    [INDEPENDENT] The Tower Union

    Hi fellas. Since the beginning of this month I have been making plans to organize a team of people with second accounts, who are not in or don't own a squadron or haven't made any progress in the game at all. I was looking to start making some credits, on my 2nd account and slowly developing...
  2. M

    Power Reward for Mahon Should Match Ethos: Better Cargo Bays

    So Edmund Mahon is a trader-focused Power, pushing expansionism through commerce, commerce, commerce. Literally, in fact: Preparation method: Finance. Expansion method: Finance. Control method: Finance. But his power reward is a dinky little thermal laser, the Retributor. It's not really worth...
  3. Alexander_Sepulveda

    Hot Take - Consent to Risk, Ship Abilities, TTK

    Hello forums, Disclaimer of wall of text. A day or so ago I posted thread that discussed time to kill (TTK) and ship heath without actually thinking through what I was trying to touch on or get at. I had a feeling that my Corvette was too indestructible (despite not being fully engineered) and...
  4. M

    Join the 501st Joint Arcturus Wing Today!

    Greetings, Commanders! I recently started up a squadron called the 501st Joint Arcturus Wing on PC. The squadron shares the name of a player-created faction (though I did not create it) and both are based in the Arcturus system. What do we do/what are our goals? Right now is to take control...
  5. O

    Add a High Value Commodity Only Tradable In Open

    Not only would it make trading a more viable money maker, it would revitalize the pirating scene, make traders bother engineering and adding defenses to their ships, and maybe even encourage traders to have bodyguards or travel in groups. Seems like such a simple thing would add a lot of life to...
  6. TheOfficialRadium

    TITAN Contractors - Squadron Looking for All Types of Players!

    TITAN Contractors is an independent mentorship PvE Squadron on PC in the expansive universe of Elite: Dangerous. Seeking to be a diverse, comfortable and friendly environment for new and old players, we pride ourselves on creating a fun and peaceful environment for our members to learn and grow...
  7. Adept

    Ridiculous trading outlier - megaprofits for polymers.

    This is one of the weirdest trading glitches I’ve seen. Polymers, cheap plastics bought for 50cr/ton bring about 10k profit when sold at high tech. A million / run profit with a type-6 with no investment risk due yo cheap cargo. Makes cargo missions pointless, because just running plastic is...
  8. Z

    Help in Cernobog please god

    There is an AI pirate that is following me everywhere and can chain interdict me. I cannot jump to a new system without them following, I cannot stay in normal space without them appearing, and just when I think I’ve finally lost them, they appear right in behind me and start chain interdicting...
  9. M

    Purchase Button in Compare Mates Panel During Trading

    So I often use that compare mates button in the trading center when looking for new animals, but it's driving me nuts that I cannot purchase from that menu! Instead, I have to close out, which causes the page to refresh, and then I have to go back through the pages to find the animal I was just...
  10. G

    Trading Animals

    It would be good to offer a "swap-shop" style within the market to allow similar animals to be traded (without cc or $ changing hands) with a focus on varied breeding Suggest that once your Zoo reaches a certain reputation you could sign-up to inter-Zoo agreements to swap animals for the...
  11. Jenakin_Skywalker

    Trading price lock

    I strongly believe the game needs a price lock for trading animals. Here is what I mean by that: I'm adopting an ostrich for 20 leaves. I should be unable to immediatly sell the ostrich for anything higher than 20 leaves. Reason: People are lurking at the trade center looking for a cheap animal...
  12. C

    [INDEPENDENT] Sigma Convoys LLC

    We are a highly cooperative trading/mining focused enterprise. The main point of strenght of the company is to trade and mine in big convoys where each employee is highly specialized in its role, to enhance security and mechanical failure tolerance. We're planning to organise huge convoys with...
  13. Lapstrake

    Ships Dolphin v ASP-X for Cargo/Passengers

    I'm currently exploring in a throwaway Hauler, but looking to upgrade to run passengers or cargo short range. Currently, my two vessels of choice are the Dolphin and the ASP-X. I've prototyped a build for both ships and found the ASP-X (unsurprisingly) to be a superior ship in almost every...
  14. Voivre

    [INDEPENDENT] United Federation of Explorers is recruiting

    <Outdated and deleted>
  15. E

    [LFG] I was experienced... and now im looking for someone who still is [ENG/GER]

    Hi there, to make it short I havent played since quiet a while and now I really wanna play again. So now Im looking for someone who wants to fly with me and get me back in to the game. Im interested in pretty much everything from trading to combat except PvP because I heard rumors that a high...
  16. Vice President Hank Sweeney

    [FEDERATION] THE RETRO FACTION OF VOLTRIGONES About us: You have decided to apply to become a Junior Analyst at the RFoV, an active Corporation within the Milky Way Galaxy. We’re a medium-sized group with an in-game Player Minor Faction called the Retro Faction of Voltrigones. We...
  17. H

    House of Saga recruiting! [PC+Xbox]

    The House of Saga is an established PMF with presence in 13 systems. We strongly believe in staying true to our roots and never forgetting where we came from nor our peers who are sadly not with us anymore. Hence we are more like a family as opposed to a rigid hierarchical system. Therefore our...
  18. F

    Wing up with crew members or hire npc's

    When completing trade or other types of wing missions I think it would be good if I could make use of the hired crew or hire npcs to take along as part of the wing. They could use my spare engineered ships or have access to their own grades of ships for differing costs. They could be cast as...
  19. Deareim

    BGS - Trading / Smuggling : Decorrelate system source and goods when registering a BGS transaction

    Today, Trading and smuggling, related to BGS transactions, are tagged by system source. For instance, if I mined 5 different material but from the same system, it would count as 1 transaction in the same system when I am selling them to BGS until I have emptied my cargo. In order to tied more...
  20. J

    Trading between players

    I propose to add to the game the possibility of trade between players. Below is a description of how this might look. So, now in the game we have some "goods" that are impossible to buy. First of all, I mean all things for ship engineering. Mechanical scrap, hybrid capacitors, phase alloys...
  21. B

    Colonia trade route

    Hey guys, Personally i always loved elite the most for its flight mechanics and Sim style of gameplay. I can enjoy small things as space trucking verry much. Although trade is pretty good in elite (could use an overhaul tough) what is miss is the large far away long route trading like in the 16...
  22. Gromit_

    Player to Player trade

    When will it be possible for players to trade with each other?? Including modules, ships everything, some players could make a living out of engineering ships modules etc. The players who don't want to Grind for everything could buy some stuff from players. It would also bring players together...
  23. Yamiks

    [Video] Elite tips : Trading
  24. A

    Better trade system

    Dear Frontier, For God's sake, please fix the current trading system! I pick up 3-4 trade missions, I go to pick up cargo, then go back to the original system, and I'm interdicted immediately. Which is OK, but as soon as I evade, there's the next pirate. I counted 11 interdiction...
  25. EWanderer

    More Depth to Trading in the BGS

    Introduction So as of now, trading in BGS only affects the controlling faction of the station. If you think about this, you come two one of 2 conclusions: a) The controlling faction gets a monopoly in all industries on a station. b) The controlling faction is in charge of the port and flow of...
  26. E

    Frontier add EDDB to the game

    I think is about time that Elite made its own EDDB, I'm really surprised that they haven't add it yet. why they haven't done this at this point is beyond me.
  27. Whispering Dave

    Ships Rares map on Krait rear console?

    Noticed a small detail on the rear console in the Krait II bridge. A rares trading route perhaps? The original map by CMDR Gid.
  28. Konigerino

    The BIT-D reports its first large scale success and opens its doors to new members

    Brosnatch Imperial Transportation Department A short-lasting conflict between the Caledo Network and the Caledo Progressive Party had come to an end, and workers across the Imperial star system of Caledo were just beginning with repairs when a new threat hit the already weakened system...
  29. T

    Adding player to player trading

    This would greatly improve the game I think and also add a bit of player interactions. Just adding an ingame player trading where you can pay with credits would be huge. Also, it would give players an incentive to get materials, earn money etc.
  30. CMDR Hagglebeard

    Finishing the Basics.

    This game's most foundational systems are absolutely astounding. The flight models feel more real than anything else I've ever flown with a joystick, and the immersive factor is incredible. The scale is amazing, and flying to and fro really puts space travel into perspective. Watching the video...
  31. wolferr

    Horizons The Path to Elite Trader is Littered With the Wrecks of a Hundred Trucks

    Space truckin' seriously for the first time and ~75% Entrepreneur, and I realize for the first time just how ready you need to be to lose your kitted out Type 9. I'm out in Colonia looking for profitable routes (few) and well paying missions (drying up) and I knew it would be a slog, but...
  32. J

    UCC Trade Wing Commanders required

    We at the United Countries Collective require able bodied pilots to help with Trade Wing missions. Regardless of rank, experience or knowledge of the game, our team is on hand to help answer questions in return for cargo space. Current wing mission board is 100mil+ and we need your help so we...
  33. Swizzy o7o7

    Exploration Build Please!

    Hi, commanders. I need help to build an Asp that can do exploration, but also light trading! I will be playing in Open Mode. Thanks, o7
  34. Swizzy o7o7

    Newcomer / Intro Asp Exploration Build Advice Please!

    Hi, there. I'm new to the game, and I want to build an Asp that I can play Elite: Dangerous with. I want to be able to do exploration, but also trading. I will be playing in open mode. Thanks commanders! o7 [yesnod]
  35. Bionic Bytes

    Does rare trading need a re-think FDEV?

    I spent quite a lot of time unlocking a permit to gain access to the rare goods at that station. However, there are two problems which would seem to spoil the whole process... 1. Limited quantity of the rare item (14 in this case) 2. Small profit margins given the amount of effort So, whilst...
  36. V

    Thoughts on incorporating player based business’ in the game? Ie: space fedex

    So, I had an idea that I think would be awesome addition to the game as well as increase the immersion too. How would you feel about allowing players to have their own business in the game like space fedex. The concept would allow a player the option to either use in game service to transfer...
  37. D

    Delivery missions nerfed after patch-bug or feature?

    Anyone else noticed this? Prior to the patch, it was possible to make reasonable amounts of credits doing delivery missions, with numerous offerings in the 500k to 1.4m range. Now there are hardly any. Given that the balance appeared to be about right pre-patch for single player deliveries, I...
  38. P

    Newcomer / Intro Are mines worthwhile for trading vessels in 3.0.3.

    Upon being interdicted, I usually beat the “mini-game” & outmaneuver the pirate or submit and boost away. No problem. However, I saw a vid on YouTube recently and a trader was using shock and regular mines to either blow up or to throw off the attacker. I thought I would try it out for fun but...
  39. Loopios7

    Ships Trading python with no engineering

    So i finally got a python and wanted to do trading with it and i found this build but it needs engineering and with what i have rn(280t/16ly Laden) i cant find any trading routes on eddb. Can someone help me to either find a loadout or something else so i can trade with it, thank you [heart]
  40. S

    Newcomer / Intro Basic Trading - Noob question

    Hi all, Complete noob to this game, only started yesterday... Have so many questions :eek::eek:, but for now just this very basic one! So, I've bought some commodities, but through lack of experience :S:S, I didn't take a note of where or how much I paid... is there a good system for this or...
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