1. Erudine

    EDBinginds a tool I just made to search through key bindings and add device/HOTAS mapping

    I made a thing that loads a *.binds file and makes it searchable. There is also a device mapping for the Logitech X56 (which is what I have). Project Repository Get the installer from here:
  2. MajorK

    ED Data Collector

    Hello CMDRs, I would like to present you my small program for counting the influence points. This tool takes the faction influence points as well as the number and type of collected raw materials from the local log files of Elite:Dangerous. These values are clearly sorted by system or...
  3. Daniel Klimchuk

    Fleet Carrier Route Planner?

    Is there a tool that is designed to generate waypoints for an FC (perhaps even with tritium consumption information)? Or is there published routes to destinations such as Colonia, Beagle Point, etc..
  4. E

    square tool and circle tool!

    Hi! Im doing a square themed park, and i really miss a tool for making habitats perfectly square. So you can klick and drag the perfect square or circle, pls pach it in soon. :D
  5. Elrith

    Release EliteChroma

    EliteChroma is a tool to make Razer Chroma devices and Chroma-connected devices react to Elite : Dangerous in-game events. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then perhaps a video will be better still: Features Runs in the background, accessible through a system tray notification icon...
  6. L

    Variety of terrain

    I would like to have more options of grass, dirt, stone, etc. For example; dry grass for savanna habitats, or darker grass for jungle, darker dirt, etc. They could work as actual terrain types and be just cosmetic, I think that the floor of the different habitats looks so similar.
  7. T

    New Building Tools - Part 1: Spline Helper Tool

    In honor of the 2-year anniversary of Planet Coaster I suggest some new building tools for the game to make our lives easier and also push the limits of what sandbox building games can do. Part 1 is the Spline Helper Object which allows you to draw lines along the terrain (or other surfaces)...
  8. Z

    Release Detailed search of systems

    This is a repost, since probably the other one was in the incorrect part of the forum. Hi commanders! I am aware of the third party tools developed to interact with Elite's data. The most complete that I know of is EDDB. Actually, this data base gives for free .csv and .json files containing...
  9. M

    In-Development ED Score - Alternative Soundtrack and AI Companion tool

    Project purpose The working title of the project is "ED Score", and the main purpose of the tool is to offer an application that reads ED Logs and plays a dynamic soundtrack accordingly. One soundtrack that I'm writing since mid 2016 and in the future a functionnality that will allow players to...
  10. M

    Discussion [CLOSED] E:D Score and suggestion : realtime event log

    Hey ED Dev team, hey guys... I'm working on a side project of mine based on Elite Dangerous and I recently encountered an issue that I hadn't anticipated. Let me explain... Project purpose The working title of the project is "ED Score", and the main purpose of the tool is to offer an...
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