1. A

    Animation TMTK Problem

    Hello, I have a problem with the animation. the cube goes up from 3M in Blender 2.8 and goes up by around 3CM from Planet Coaster. Source: Source: I followed the tutorial below but without result...
  2. Distantz

    TMTK Wall/Roof set generator - WIP

    Hey all, As you all know the TMTK pipeline is just not the best for beginners. And since most beginners want to make basic objects like walls, I thought I'd make a program that deals with the modelling and exporting part of TMTK. Here's a snippet of the grid object set that will be available...
  3. Distantz

    Removing the TMTK 8m x 8m x 8m might rejuvenate the community, so why hasn't it been done yet?

    Hey all, personally I use TMTK a lot in making technical models for the community, yet am limited by this pointless volume limit in TMTK objects. I'd sincerely like to ask Frontier if this is a technical limitation or an intentional design choice. The last time a dev spoke about this issue on...
  4. ArtiX

    TMTK Speedbuild Sessions

    Episode 1: Episode 2: (with commentary)
  5. ArtiX

    Work In Progress TMTK Community Templates

    Hayo, This thread is supposed to serve as a central place to gather community-created LOD templates for others to use. This is supposed to help those who just want to create simple items for their parks, like walls and floors, etc. but who have trouble with making their own LOD models. With the...
  6. J

    TMTK - Any future development plans?

    Back in the mid 2000s when i was in the early days of modding RCT3 a couple of guys over on atari forums decompiled the ovl files and built an importer. It was clunky and there was alot of unknown 'check this box but we arent sure why' etc but it worked and it worked very well. Then came custom...
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