thargoid combat

  1. P

    super suggestion I would say

    Hello @sallymorganmoore I would like to make a suggestion, what do you think of this: add 1 earth-type planet with an oxygen / nitrogen atmosphere as proof, which when trying to enter, generates that fire effect on the hull of the ship, that difficulty to traverse the atmosphere, which has a...
  2. Tividar

    Very weird Thargoid interceptor fight

    Had a weird Thargoid fight tonight. Winged up with m’daughter. She dropped into a threat 5 and scanned the cyclops. She did not agro the ‘goid, and did not trigger the early swarm release. I dropped in a little late so she fired on it as it was moving to open its witchspace portal. I...
  3. The Chairmaker

    NHSS in Coalsack!

    Been scouting for evidence of Thargoids in Coalsack and found an infestation in the following system. Will report on others as i find them Musca Dark Region MD-R B5-6 Musca Dark Region MD-R B5-0 over 100 NHSS in this system Musca Dark Region KI-R B5-5 Musca Dark Region HM-V C2-31 total of 146...
  4. M

    General Engineering options for AX weapons?

    Hi, the AX weapons were the main way of fighting the Thargoids before the Guardian weapons were added. This has been some time has Alba Tesreau in his Aegis institute developed no improvements on the AX weaponry over the years? I guess the AX weapons were an experimental technology...
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