1. I

    Target and subtarget aiming with fixed weapons

    Hey guys, in the following yt clip (live today: Source: ) i see those guys firing with fixed guns. Also i see, while they select a subtarget, the dot seems to autotarget on it?? Can someone approve this and tell me how to? O_0 I've never seen...
  2. Anterpe

    Bouh... Mon VRS ne trouve rien...??? My SRV can't find anything...???

    Bonjour, c'est bizarre, quand je suis les signaux radar de mon scarab, aucun caillou n'apparaît avec le petit carré pour le cibler... du coup je ne peux rien récolter... j'ai essayé tous les modes, plusieurs planètes, plusieurs endroits... rien. Merci pour votre aide! Hi, strange... when I...
  3. Clicker

    Guide / Tutorial TARGET SCRIPTING TUTORIAL: Using Text-To-Speech feedback without Voice Attack

    UPDATED: to include a volume override and ability to use different voices on the fly. CLARIFICATION: This is NOT a speech recognition engine. This is a text to speech engine you can use to issue voice feedback due to control inputs from your HOTAS or simple game events included within the...
  4. Clicker

    Guide / Tutorial TARGET SCRIPTING TUTORIAL: Adding sound effects to your scripts

    UPDATED: added default value to volume and loops arguments Hi all, One of those things I wanted to do some time back but couldn't work out how. Well, I've now worked out how. What you need is 'sounder.exe', a command line wav file player applet which can be downloaded from...
  5. Clicker

    Guide / Tutorial TARGET SCRIPTING TUTORIAL: Read status.json & process Flags keyvalue

    Greetings Commanders, If you use TARGET Script to enhance the functionality of your Thrustmaster HOTAS, sooner or later you may want to add some form of state tracking. The best way that I know of for your HOTAS to "know" what's happening within the game is via reading the status.json file...
  6. S

    HOTAS trouble

    Hi Folks! First-time player, long-time idiot, here! I played the game on my PS4 and loved it! I even managed a decent little courier business for myself. Then I decided it was time to go all out (and I mean ALL OUT). I have bought all I need to make a computer desk in the form of a fighter...
  7. X

    Black box mission - Was given target name, but can't find it anywhere in the system

    Hello and greetings fellow commanders o7, I was just about to drop this mission, when I decided to quickly drop a Q in the forum and see what you guys (and gals) think. I've always been able to get my questions answered by doing simple Google searches - up until now, that is! This one has me...
  8. J

    Add time to target to console

    Hi, As you approach a target, you have distance and time in the circle on the HUD. However on the console, you only have distance (see attachment). Can the time be added to the console (as per red arrow in attachment) also please? This is handy when you need to slow down within a certain time...
  9. Clicker

    Guide / Tutorial Get your Basic TARGET Script - PIPs and Curves here.

    Hi all, I've read a few forum threads over the last couple years about how hard TARGET Script is to either learn or get working. is not an easy thing and does require some time to get even moderately good at. The manual is pretty basic, and finding good scripts to learn from is not...
  10. G

    Programmable indicator lights on ship consoles

    I have a T16000m FCS & make use of the I/O layers for my control scheme. The problem I have is that there's no way to know what the state of the I/O layer is. I have the CapsLock key bound to the button that toggles the I/O layer state, but that's by no means a bullet-proof solution. I've...
  11. PowerfulSlicer

    Mission target?

    Am i missing something? (Probably) but i seem to remember that when selecting a mission from the left tab and opening the galaxy map it took me to my destination and i just selectd it, now it seems i have to manually search for the system and select it that way? Any ideas?
  12. n13L5

    Please 2 separate target locks for destinations vs targets like ships, USS

    There's nothing more annoying than always loosing your destination lock - any time you'd like to scan a ship or determine the type of a USS that popped up along the way. If we had two separate target locks: - one for items you can dock with or stars or planets, - one for all other types of...
  13. T

    [SUGGESTION] Compass and Targets minor Adjustment

    The compass is of limited use during combat, I propose the suggestion that it also 'track' the current selected target and its relative position as it does any other marker it has locked on to. In a combat situation, I have noticed the Compass is either locked on to what ever I have locked as...
  14. Gavin786

    Release HOTAS Warthog Throttle ULTIMATE Elite:Dangerous Script!

    I have now added automatic PIP management to the script. There are 3 pip modes, SHIELD, COMMANDER and ENGINES. In Shield mode, 4 pips are kept to shields with other 2 pips being assigned to engines or weapons or balanced as last pip input pressed. in Commander mode, manual setting of pips(as...
  15. Vortex-XIII

    hologram-icon for coriolis in SC: use the normal-space model for SC as well

    use the same holo-model for the coriolis in targeting - the one with the helping arrows towards the slot-side. so we can align with the slot easier when approaching in super-cruise
  16. Aussiedroid

    Release Aussiedroid's Enhanced Thrustmaster Warthog Script

    Welcome to My Enhanced Custom Warthog Script! About: Some consider the lack of twist & button options make this device far from ideal for Elite Dangerous, but I found this certainly not to be the case. That being said, after trying to configure things in the TARGET GUI & ED and being...
  17. F

    LostWinds stuck in Chilling Caves

    Playing the iphone version of LW2, I seem to be stuck at the point where you are supposed to stream some fire from below up to an ice wall above on the far right of the screen. I've watched this on some Wii walkthrough videos and the flame seems to be just barely visible but on my iphone it's...
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