1. yeehi

    Discussion Swagger API Framework and OpenAPI v.3.0 for Elite: Dangerous

    Frontier have provided two (any more?) official APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for Elite: Dangerous. These are: Elite Companion API EDAPI (Elite Dangerous API Tool) also: Elite Dangerous Journal There are two Free, widely used, industry standards relevant to APIs: Swagger...
  2. Andalyn

    X52 Pro bindings copied over to X52 standard - Anyone know how?

    So, I got my young son ED. I was able to buy the cheaper X52 from a friend (didn't want to spring for new X52 Pro in case son doesn't get into the game). I figured that it would be a simple matter of copying my much cherished and hard worked bindings for my X52 Pro over to his computer - and...
  3. Tyridan

    £35 A3 Signed items

    All, Had a quick search but couldn't find if this had been asked or not. I put an extra £55 in for a mug and a signed A3 print. Sorted the mug already. However, there are now three options of A3 print to choose from: Signed A3 Concept Art Print Signed A3 Star Chart Print Signed A3 Ship ID...
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