solo play

  1. Asharyn

    Powerplay How is Powerplay not open only yet?

    It's clearly a PvP game mode where players choose a side and fight for terretory. So why is it allowed in solo, where you can't defend against someone undermining your system, or can't attack your enemies fortification attemtps. It would be a lot more interesting and fair if it was open only...
  2. Alex Korr V

    Continuous play in the Open is more risky hence should be rewarded

    Hello CMDRs & Frontier Development Team, Background: I'm a rookie to Elite Dangerous. Even though I purchased it some time ago, I was rather an occasional player. Now that I've got more time to go deeper into this marvelous spacefaring world, I hope that I can offer my fresh eyes to the...
  3. [VR] Goooost

    Squadron-Only carriers would have killed squadrons straight out of the gate.

    If Frontier had made Fleet Carriers Squadron-Only, everyone would have ditched their squadrons to create their own so that they could get a carrier of their own. We'd end up with way fewer large population squadrons, and a bajillion one-person squads. I hear you saying, "But Goooost, if they...
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