1. R

    Suggestions for additions - animals shows and presentations - Birds of Prey

    A recent Planet Zoo player, but a long-time Planet Coaster player, I really enjoy playing this zoo game that far exceeds Zoo Tycoon. However, despite a few hours already on this game, here are some proposals that would make me dream. It's a family affair but my attraction for birds, and in...
  2. Sire_Yensid

    Fireworks and light show ~ Planco Illumination

    Heyo ! I created this a few months ago, it took me more than 100h to put together, it's a light and firework show over Sleeping Beauty's castle based on Disney Illumination Steam workshop
  3. KITTracer7

    New fireworks show: Mission Impossible | The Show

    Hayo everyone! A new fireworks show has been released this friday! This is: Mission Impossible | The Show! Inspired on the big movies with Tom Cruise... including a Jack Trammell remix of the official Mission Impossible theme song! This show is counting 5.282 triggers and a producing work of...
  4. T

    Music in Sequencer Timetable

    When going to a certain time by clicking on the timetable shown on the picture, the fireworks and fountains are fine, but the music is a few seconds late, please tell me I don't have to start the show over every time I want to see if something is timed correctly?
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