1. Famine

    Allow fully-completed research in sandbox to be toggleable

    Maybe this has been posted before, but I would love for fully-completed research in sandbox mode to be either an on/off deal. At the moment, it seems like research is just all done and dusted when you start up a new zoo in sandbox. It's a nice option to have, but I like to work for stuff in my...
  2. marx

    Marx's guides, research, data, and various other stuff

    I wanted to make a collection of the various threads I've made over time, with the guides, research, data, and so on, but it wouldn't fit in my forum signature, so I decided I'd make a thread summing them up instead. Here they are: Guides: Marx's guide to finding Earth-like worlds Marx's...
  3. yoav_r

    Research in Sandbox

    I love the feature of Research, but in sandbox everything is researched for you. I would really like a feature that allows you to choose if you want all mechanical/animal research complete before starting a new zoo. Like a checkbox in the new zoo menu. This would allow you the sandbox options +...
  4. Antony Dust

    Live Thargoid Close-Up

    Following a hyperdicition event I encountered a Thargoid Interceptor that followed my ship, matched my velocity, but did not scan me or react violently - this was fortunate, as I had a sensor, a probe, and a link in my cargo hold. I took the opportunity to log a visual inspection of the...
  5. ProgramRAM

    Signs of human life out in the black?

    So I recently stumbled upon this old gem the Hyponia Horizon Mission and I was really intrigued at the fact that they found what appeared to be crashed nav beacons and even an NPC system defense ship roughly 14kly from the nearest starport and its got me wondering if this is something that can...
  6. ninekorn

    In-Development Virtual Desktop Program with embedded physics engine at the press of a button. coming in 2020

    CURRENT OCULUS RIFT MODELS SUPPORTED: Oculus Rift CV1 + Oculus Touch sccsVD4ED Mod description: 1. Virtual Desktop for Elite Dangerous. The whole project architecture is based on what i mainly learned by reading the code of github user Dan6040 Rastertek C# translation of the C++ Rastertek...
  7. E

    Somthing wrong whit sandbox and research?

    Hi Im just checking if someone has the same problem or if it was some glitch last time I played. I started an new park after installing the DLC pack, and when I was trying to get the educations screen to show my animal it was complitly blank? And when I accidentally clickt on the research it...
  8. Nioell

    Transferring research and more trading storage for CC

    Like many people have said before it's pretty annoying that you have to start over completely every time you open a new franchise zoo and it doesn't actually feel much like a franchise at all without an option to transfer research (and cash but that's another matter) between zoos. It doesn't...
  9. ProgramRAM

    Outpost Antenna Audio

    Hey guys I asked this question over in Dangerous Discussion but I was told I may have better luck over here! This was my question if anyone can answer it. Noticed an older thread that mentioned the audio thats played from the Outpost and station antennas but people were quick to dismiss it...
  10. ProgramRAM

    Outpost Antenna Audio

    I noticed an older thread that mentioned the audio thats played from the Outpost and station antennas but people were quick to dismiss it solely on not expecting us to need third party tools to find anything but after the Spectrogram audio analysis of the thargoid device I think its safe to say...
  11. kristine

    Advanced research bonus ? Is something missing?

    Yesterday i had 5 top trained vets working on advanced research. The bar filled up to maximum. Im wonderin what is suppose to happen or what it is for? Some of the animals still have locked items, even though its advanced research.
  12. CaptainPerhaps

    Research - what have I unlocked?

    Hi lovely people. First up, amazing game and everything is awesome. Top of my wishlist for a future feature - can we have a "See details" button or something when we've completed some research. At the moment it's really hard to figure out exactly what has been unlocked, particularly with...
  13. yoav_r

    Gardeners and plant research

    **** TL : DR I suggest adding gardeners to the game, and so you'll have to research exotic plants instead of having them from the get go. Plants could be used for educational purposes, realism purposes, and to make the guests and staff happy. I do recommend reading the rest for details ****...
  14. J

    Shared Research/Items amongst Sister Zoos in Franchise Mode.

    I know that animals and conservation points can be shared amongst the various zoos in Franchise mode, and I can understand why money cannot be shared amongst the sister zoos. However research I don't quite understand why it cannot be shared. I can perhaps understand scenery research, however...
  15. yoav_r

    Gardeners and plant research (what do you think?)

    **** TL : DR I suggest adding gardeners to the game, and so you'll have to research exotic plants instead of having them from the get go. Plants could be used for educational purposes, realism purposes, and to make the guests and staff happy. I do recommend reading the rest for details ****...
  16. L

    To be able to prioritise research for the staff

    When you assign a staff member to a research project it appears that the game will automatically remove them from the task if there is another job in the game to fulfill. This can mean incomplete research tasks go unnoticed. There should be an option to either force the staff member to remain...
  17. T

    Common Ostrich Sizes seem wrong

    Might just be in the ones I saw, but male and female ostrich size ratio seems very off. The females I saw in game were much smaller than males, when in reality they are the same size as male ostriches and in some cases larger.
  18. O

    [INDEPENDENT] To go and survey Raxxla!

    We need you to discover and research Omphalos rift and any other space anomalies. Let the treasure begin. Squadron Name: Omisis Omphalos Research Corp. Squadron ID: OMPH
  19. LordTrilobite

    General Gameplay Immersive Sorting for Research Fossil Screen

    Of course I want to know what dinosaurs and what DLC I've bought. But I can see that on Steam already. I know what content I have and I know what I have bought. Yet in the game while building our parks we also see the dinosaurs divided by their DLC, which isn't very immersive. This kinda takes...
  20. Tolmir

    [INDEPENDENT] Wanderers of Witch Space are recruiting, BGS and research, all are welcome

    The Wanderers are an in game faction that has two main focuses: The BGS system- taking over systems and how that is done is up to the skills and preferences of our pilots, the Wanderers do not discriminate pilot types as long as you don’t harm any other Wanderers unless it’s an organised event...
  21. ThomasWJames

    CANONN Interstellar Research Group

    Join the XBox One Canonn Squadron today! Simply search "Canonn" on the in-game Elite: Dangerous Squadron page and submit your application. Our home station is Thompson Dock in the Varati System. Canonn also has a community built/sponsored Megaship named the Gnosis; all are welcome on it, member...
  22. Gosht

    Reviewing the situation on space biscuits - Hive Radio from Beyond The Gnosis -
  23. T

    Engineers The best Heavy Duty Shield Boosters for your ship, optimisation charts and data

    Attention CMDRs, FOMO Research herein presents fellow CMDRs with optimisation charts and tables for engineering the best HD Shield Boosters for your ship. Fly safe CMDRs. SUMMARY 0A - all out max boost, when you don't care about weight and power draw. Recommended for all large ships. Consider...
  24. Meneer_vandaal

    Landing beacons. Detail maps.

    Started the guardians debacle. I found some things missing. A. I suggest a rename for the species : "the towers of Hanoi people". B. The planets are too dark to see details and alas the IR/LightAmp functionality on my HUD has been out of fashion since 2143. C. Maybe guardians love driving around...
  25. CMDRGURU951

    Ship and SRV Based Scientific Research Tools

    A few months back I discovered that there is a method to discovering volcanic and organic POI. Ever since that day this game has become so much more than what it was before for me as an explorer, which is my primary focus. 1. To aid in research it would be nice to have a little extra light for...
  26. O

    Thargoid Cargo interaction question - Complete list?

    I have looked around. I know that we have some basics on Thargoid interaction with cargo. I've been recording my own data. But what I want to know, and I've googled, searched, etc, has anyone gotten a COMPLETE list of interactions? Which is to say have they mined, bought etc EVERY item in the...
  27. Anubite

    Accidental Advance in Reverse Engineering Thargoid Warp Drives

    In researching Thargoid jumpdrive technology, the first breakthrough was discovered by accident. I was a crewman aboard the ship that saw it happen. The first tests seemed fruitless. Something about them had piqued the interest of a pair of interceptors, who dropped down to see clearly...
  28. T

    Spearhead Charter Looking for New Recruits (Thargoid Hunting, BGS)

    Spearhead Charter The galaxy is in turmoil; the Thargoids are an ever looming threat, and still internal conflicts and political struggles occur within the borders of human space. Commissioned by the Council of Admirals under the leadership of Commodore Jakken Eardley, Spearhead Charter carries...
  29. C

    The Helix Corp

    We at the Helix Corporation are looking to take on new recruits to aid the progression of becoming a player faction aimed a Exploration, Guardian and Thargoid Research, Trading and Combat. We are an Independent Group that seeks progression and advancement of the players under us. Rookies and...
  30. shrav

    The start of the war - MIR

    I have just received word that there have been more attacks. My heart goes out to the lives lost in Bhal and Nauni. I hope they will receive the same support we have in speedy evacuations. This guerilla warfare style hit and run tactic aims to keep us occupied and unaware. A bigger threat than...
  31. Dr_Floyd218

    [INDEPENDENT] Large PS4 Wing Recruiting, MSR

    Do you play on the PS4? Do you use PS Chat? Do you want to actively help shape the ED Galaxy? The Misfits of Science and Research are looking for players to join our team! We are one of the largest PS4 only wings. We have taken control of two systems and have expanded to two additional systems...
  32. cnschulz

    Those damn research limpets!

    G'day, Ive read (and posted) other posts about research limpet issues but I have just encountered a new one. This time the limpet was collected in the cargo bay successfully, a big blue message popped up telling me that the cargo had been acquired. Success! 2.3.03 has fixed the problem... BUT...
  33. Augustus Caelinus

    Peregrina Research and Intelligence Agency

  34. caol

    Elite / Frontier Allegiance

    Where do your loyalties lie (if you even have any :))?
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