1. AntonyVern

    Discussion Triumvirate (plugin for EDMC)

    Github page of the project Close Encounters Corps INARA page Close Encounters Corps WIKI page Russian version of the plugin description Triumvirate plugin for EDMC, developed by Close Encounters Corps faction, is an important part of the overall ecosystem "Gehirn"...
  2. Herbrand

    Release NohBoard with Direct Input Support - beta 0.8

    NohBoard with Direct Input Support - beta 0.8 Everyone, some of you will be familiar with the excellent NohBoard tool from Eric Bataille, a highly customizable overlay that visualizes mouse and keyboard input and can be easily imported into OBS. I am pleased to announce the first release of...
  3. Wendar

    It still looks like alpha

    It still looks like an alpha build. That same problems. No new ships or SRV, still only 3 suits, from new weapons only plasma, planet generation is same as in alpha (added only atmosphere color), until now planets are not higher than 0.10 atmospheres, no moon, optimization is better, but still...
  4. G

    Release EDNeutronAssistant - Tool for using Neutron Highways

    I made a program that makes the use of the Spansh Neutron Plotter easier by providing a desktop program that automatically copies the next system of a route to the clipboard to avoid the need to tab out of the game in every system. The program can be found here...
  5. Stanis

    Discussion EDAudio Custom music / TTS npc

    Hi all, I have been using for a few months an app that I developed to have custom music and TTS in ED. I was wondering if this could interest you even though it already exists... if you are interested, I will post a release. I wanted something very customizable and easy, so with 2 json, you...
  6. Athan

    Release Elite Dangerous Market Connector (EDMC)

    Elite Dangerous Market Connector ("EDMC") is a third-party application for use with Elite Dangerous. Its purpose is to facilitate supplying certain game data to, and in some cases retrieving it from, a number of websites and other tools. To do this it utilises the Journal Files written by the...
  7. A

    SilverFox Park

    Hi Guys, nice to be back again here! I've been playing the Rollercoaster games since RCT1 came out (yeah i'm THAT old) . But never ever did i finish a whole park. You see, i got the attention span of a hamster, and most of the time i just zone out when i've been busy for a long time on a park...
  8. R

    Discussion ED Agent - iOS app for EDSM and Canonn APIV2

    o7 Commanders. This is a personal app I've been playing around with and using for a while. I decided to put it on the app store for free if anyone else wants to try it out and provide any suggestions for improvements. I originally tried making this app in React Native for Android support but it...
  9. Navigare Necesse Est

    Oxygen Not Included released

    Like in "full release" - it was in EA since around 2016/17. Imo, it's EA done right. They had milestones with release dates. Delivered on time. It was also more complex than I anticipated. In a nutshell: ONI is like Rimworld only from the "side" perspective - not top down - with more science and...


    looked to that info found nothing someone can help?
  11. B

    Question to Devs and Managers: "Before" and "After" shots of the improved Ambient Occlusion System

    Question to Devs and Managers: "Before" and "After" shots of the improved Ambient Occlusion System Hi! I read in the Release Note that Ambient Occlusion has been improved on PC. Can we have a comparison shot like Hello Games does for No Man's Sky when they change such things? Thanks!
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