1. Arch3rAc3

    [Plead] Devs, can you please enable the voice comms effects again?

    Something - which perhaps many of the newer Xbox players are not aware of - is that ED has a very immersive voice comms effects for player-to-player communication, being very close to how ISS-Ground or typical Apollo-Houston communications in real life sound(ed) like - which is also a bit like...
  2. BinakAlgo

    How to listen to radio stations from the rift?

    The question is as simple as that. I've finally got tired of the music (or lack of) so I wanted to listen to Radio Sidewinder and found out that while I was able to hear it in the "oculus room", it was shut off once I started Elite. Can anyone help me with the solution?
  3. Black-Bart

    Radio Sidewinder Crew & Radio Sidewinder Galactic

    The Radio Sidewinder Crew are an international group of commanders, who are dedicated to supporting RSC factions and spreading "The Signal" across the stars. The signal is our radio broadcast (listen now) spreading far and wide across the galaxy. The signal contains entertainment, news and...
  4. ThatMykl

    Distant Radio 3305 - the dedicated Distant Worlds radio station

    LINK Greetings, commanders! This is Distant Radio 3305 - Making waves as you make history! "Broadcasting from secret locations all over the galaxy, we will be your invisible companions so you will never truly be alone". Launch date and time: December 28, 2018 - 20:00 IGT Click here to...
  5. Gosht

    Midnight Show tonight - Hive Radio - Security leak

    Hive Radio Pleiadean Security Update :Stardate 3034.22.02.20 :SOLSec09999t~!A9&99%ComDatCon#codex:codex!: :Confirmed: Thank you: You are now online to The Hive's Tachyon Command Intelligence Center #420 :Request update. Thargoid Invasion Force: :AGSUP^+!Q*~99%ComDatCon: :Secure Uplink Access...
  6. Gosht

    Reviewing the situation on space biscuits - Hive Radio from Beyond The Gnosis -
  7. tokachy

    Pleyades Radio

    Cordial saludos Comandantes hemos iniciado el proyecto de la emisora on-line Pleyades Radio con el fin de crear un espacio ameno para los jugadores de habla hispana, en este podras encontrar musica, informacion util, historias originales, musica de bandas indi, y comerciales para facilitar la...
  8. M

    Ingame Music

    the music of the game are amazing and beautiful. BUT.. 1- the only radio we have, the Gal-news radio, is limited to news only "indeed, its a NEWS radio". 2- we can not buy Planetary SRV music, even when we own Horizons, they are not released yet and no one knows when. so if we love to hear a...
  9. Colonel Kenney

    Jump Start on the Exploration Feedback - Software Defined Radio Interface EASY!

    With the exploration focused feedback coming I thought I'd put in my 2cents now. I've been terribly busy and unable to play lately nor surf the forums. I will be jumping back in full force this Fall and I hope they can take my idea to heart. If someone can take this and roll with it when they...
  10. T

    Ship-board Stereo System

    It would be great if there was a stereo system you could purchase at stations to install in the cockpit of your ship. One that reacts to each situation and environment perhaps. For example I enjoy listening to music while I explore the galaxy, in kind of a 'Guardians of the Galaxy' way, but it...
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