1. P

    Connection Problems Post Update Yesterday

    Hi All, I am getting a could not find server Error Code Orange Sidewinder message when going into continue open play. Loads up fine and have not had this problem before, any thoughts?
  2. LorenzoPinello

    Blocked in Career Mode.

    I'm stuck in career mode and really don't understand how an attraction works. What I really miss in the game, in the PC version: It's a character who assists us, like a tutorial that explains everything from start to finish the principles of the Game, Just like in Planet Zoo, but there is no one...
  3. A

    Lot`s of problems

    1. Everything extremly dark, in horizons it was much brighter and there no way to increase bright... why? 2. Unplayable to play mission on surface of the planet. My system is not so weak 1060 6GB + i5 7500 16 GB GPU... so in space my fps more than 100, but on the surface 25-35... what? 3. You...
  4. P

    Odyssey is crushing after i press Play

    Hello. I ran into a problem when i press play online (or solo) the game after some time of loading just crashes. Main menu works normaly and when you press play it loads, but after some time crashes (on every gamemode). Before this bug apperaed, i played normaly (today)
  5. turbogzub

    Odyssey - constant crash on preparing planetary generation system

    Hi guys, Somebody have that problem too? Game starts, than it stops at 0% on preparing planetary generation system and after a while it crash. Horizons works fine, but Odyssey not. Game on Steam, i verified local files, I reinstalled drivers, i set graphics settings to mid in horizons -...
  6. Y

    Game freezes and crashes after a few minutes of paying

    Normally I wouldn't post about it here, but in the issue trcker (I already posted there), but the game is literally unplayable as it currently is, and I wandered if there is any easy fix that would allow me to play for now. The problem is that the game just freezes, and no error is thrown for...
  7. ÓssaArts

    Faction request problem

    I have made a request for a player faction and Frontier tells me that all three systems are full and there is another player faction on them. But I have looked, in-game, in edms and eddb and in none of the three I see that this is true. What happens? Why do they say there is a player faction if...
  8. I

    Aquatic DLC Water Problem

    Hi people, This is my first post on the forum and im not sure where to post this. but i made an Indoor section in my Oceanic Australian zoo for the Aquatic DLC animals. Sadly i cant change the temperature of the water see added picture. It would be great to be able to change water temperature as...
  9. B

    Steam Account sync problem

    Hi,I recently bough this game on the steam store and sign up this site account but when i play the launcher and log in it says that i have to purchase the game first.So I linked the steam account to it and it says ''forbidden'' what? can anyone tell me why?and how do i to fix this?
  10. LiquidFerret

    Animal textures suddenly blurry. Solutions?

    So, I've been playing Planet Zoo since beta and I've never had this issue. I've always ran the game with high settings without any problems. This is the second day where the textures of the animals won't seem to load completely. It happened suddenly. They are all blurry and I haven't found a fix...
  11. A

    Animation TMTK Problem

    Hello, I have a problem with the animation. the cube goes up from 3M in Blender 2.8 and goes up by around 3CM from Planet Coaster. Source: Source: I followed the tutorial below but without result...
  12. A

    Ships missing from shiplist

    Recently I finished mining out in my t9. I come back to the station only to find 2 of my ships missing from my ship transfer list. One of my beluga's that I have almost 1 billion cr invested in, and a stock dolphin. When I logged off last night they were on the list, so what's the deal? Has this...
  13. F

    What about the "normal players"?

    Hello Team-Frontier, hello players, I was really hyped about his game. I play this game since the beta. After i realised Frontier uses the same engine as Planco i was shocked!! This means bad performance. This means no possibillity to create a big park/zoo. And now.. i played a lot. Now i have...
  14. J

    Can`t use my previously unlocked buildings on Sandbox mode

    I Dont know if this thread will go here —new to the forums—, but i have a little problem. I downloaded the RTJP DLC after playing the whole game. Everything was fine, until i started the sandbox mode. On the main campagin i have finished the game, and i have unlocked almost everything; but...
  15. KITTracer7

    Couldn't place a blueprint from the blueprint menu

    Someone on the Steam Workshop couldn't place a blueprint, this is what he said: I have enough money to built it, but I can't even select it in the Blueprints menu, it's just grey and there is a tiny lock symbol in the thumbnail, I have no idea why... Does anyone know how this could be?
  16. A

    Problem with Zookeeper

    Hey guys, i have built my new peacock habitat. assigned three keepers in a work area and for some reasons one or two are not going into the peacocks. they're only going up and down at the path in front of the dor to the peacocks. Hope u have an idea for me ^~^
  17. C

    Animals just dont make it into their exhibits..?

    Hey guys, new to the game. I pre-ordered and have been enjoying it so far, but I'm repeatedly running into a problem that I just can't figure out? I'm hoping it winds up being a silly oversight on my end. When I go into animal trading to purchase an animal --keep in mind, I've got all my staff...
  18. S

    Sorry, something went wrong - crash.

    Hi, when I press play the game doesn't even start. I get an error and message "Sorry, something went wrong." I've tried everything and it still doesnt work. I don't know how to fix it :'(
  19. B

    Habitat climbing space bug

    Hiya, Today I was super excited to start creating my orangutan habitat. The idea was a lot of climbing space and an extra ledge where they could hang out. Once it was finished, I moved them in - but the habitat has issues with reading the surfaces properly; one Orangutan's profile shows the...
  20. MendezZ

    First installation

    Hi after new first install (buy a game in Steam today ) i experience some problems game try open in window and shows window message about server maintenance Its a developer problem or my computer ?? Thank You
  21. B

    Why can't I log in

    Every time I log in it thinks I'm on a new computer, now it flat out refuses to let me log in all together telling me I need to buy the game. I already bought the game on steam and linked my account I don't know what to do. please help
  22. Mealie

    Exhibit animals/terrariums are limited and how to (potentially) fix them

    OK, this is a long one, but I feel I have to say it. Planet Zoo seems like it’s panning out to be an amazing game, but one thing has really disappointed me since its reveal, the terrariums/exhibits (I’ll refer to them as terrariums, because an ‘exhibit’ can be any animal display in a zoo, not...
  23. Manulator

    No puedo jugar!!!

    Buenas, compre ayer el juego por Steam. Y al crear la cuenta en Frontier, vincule mi cuenta de Steam. El problema es ahora, que Frontier no me reconoce que tenga algun juego comprado en Steam. Quise registrar con la misma clave de Steam y dice que no es valido. Me meto en mi cuenta en el...
  24. X

    Black box mission - Was given target name, but can't find it anywhere in the system

    Hello and greetings fellow commanders o7, I was just about to drop this mission, when I decided to quickly drop a Q in the forum and see what you guys (and gals) think. I've always been able to get my questions answered by doing simple Google searches - up until now, that is! This one has me...
  25. J

    Image texture not shown, please help!!

    Ok, so for my Disneyland Paris recreation I decided to build the Pirates of the Caribbean sign. To do this I used Blender 2.8. After a LOT of trouble I finally managed to get my own model into the game, but... ...only an empty white model. Now for this I used a texture image, which I also...
  26. B

    Key product problem.

    Dear creators of this game, i wanted to play in your's game, , bought a steam key, download game, registered in your's, and prepared for a wonderful and exciting journey in a cold space, BUT on my frontier acc have been registred only demo version. I tryed to figuer how to...
  27. C

    ED launcher problem: The launcher doesn't see the game installed

    Hi everyone, I create a new discussion because i don't found any that speak about my problem. Indeed, I had bought and downloaded Elite Dangerous in Steam, and it's successfully installed in Steam, but when I start the game, I can play only at Arena and solo training, because the launcher, for...
  28. Babarock

    Guests are not watching fireworks shows

    Park guests will not stop and enjoy the pyrotechnics shows no matter what I do, apparently. Certain challenges cannot even be completed without this game mechanic. I have watched every youtube tutorial on the subject (none of them mention this issue, nor show you how its "supposed to be done")...
  29. V

    Game crashes...

    I have a problem. Trying to run the game on a new computer, and it crashes. I tried many different ways, nothing helped. The launcher gives only an error message. My PC: Windows 10 Pro AMD Ryzen 5 1400 8 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 1060 (3 GB)
  30. LOLGotYerTags

    Render issue at night time whilst using Ansel

    First, I apologise that this isn't posted in the issues section ( ) but my username and password is not being accepted ( nor is my email address ). Now on to the topic at hand. When activating Nvidia Ansel on night shots specifically, If you select the...
  31. Vurrath

    auto-docking computer still turns off, when free-camera is turned on - 5000LY trip cartoG data lost.

    :S is it just me, or is how long it's taken, to correct the bug that turning on the free camera when the docking computer is on, which turns the docking computer off, taking just a liiiiiiitle too long to fix. how long have you had since that one was reported, Frontier? i just returned...
  32. T

    Advanced Discovery Scanner - Planetary Mission Issues

    Now, is it just me (because it certainly could be), or have things changed in the game? Coming back to EDH after a little time away, I slapped my Corvette into port, next to my Cutter & Anaconda and boarded my favourite ship; my Diamondback Explorer. Don't ask why, I just like it. Anyhow, I use...
  33. S

    Help - save corrupted!

    Today I found out my save became corrupt for some odd reason and I was pushed into select your starting ship screen as if I cleared save. Yesterday everything seemed to be fine. Xbox Game Tag: Nkizo Problem: Save corrupted
  34. A

    Jurassic world evolution "Not launching"

    I recently purchased JWE in my pc. After the download was done, I tried running it but, only the mouse pointer changes and the icon of the game popups in the taskbar, but then it disappears and the game doesn't start. Can you help me fix this???
  35. Justinian Octavius

    GalNet: Imperial Slaves are not Slaves & other Lore issues; Elite-opedia needed

    GalNet has recently published articles that contradict the lore that has been both officially established or implied by previous statements. In a recent GalNet article, for instance, entitled 'Anti-Slavery Organisations Unite' Imperial Slaves were again confused with slaves. In this interview in...
  36. N

    Game interface problem on resolution 5760х1200

    Hello averyone! I have nvidia 1080 gtx, three 24 inch monitors and I play on resolution 5760х1200 pixels with 3D Surround technology. I have a problem with the interface in the game. Look at the pictures. or...
  37. D

    Weird Menu Glitch in Oculus CV1

    Hi all, I recently re-entered Elite after a few months away. In that time I believe Windows and Oculus had updated themselves. I noticed straight away that there was a very weird glitch happening when scrolling through all menus (starport services for example) in the game. The lines of the...
  38. D

    Weird Menu Glitch in Oculus CV1

    Hi all, I recently re-entered Elite after a few months away. In that time I believe Windows and Oculus had updated themselves. I noticed straight away that there was a very weird glitch happening when scrolling through all menus (starport services for example) in the game. The lines of the...
  39. W

    Keep having connection errors when coming out of supercruise at particular station! >:(

    This keeps happening to me at a specific station. When doing evacuation passenger missions, the "coming out of supercruise" phase keeps freezing randomly, then I will get a connection error. And like every second time I redock at the damaged starport the passenger lounge experiences a server...
  40. T

    Newcomer / Intro Hyperjump Problem

    Hello, i noticed that in some missions with a system of maybe 2 to 4 Suns, i only can jump to the first Sun. But most missions in Game need to jump to Sun 3 or 4. Then i need to travel maybe over 800.000 Ls and thats needs me to 10 to 20 minuts. I only can jump with hyperjump to the first Sun...
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