1. Old Duck

    Blast From The Past

    I was doing some Fall cleaning and came across this picture of my bedroom from my teenage years:
  2. Qohen Leth

    The FLEET POSTER is out! You didn't think I could fit 13,600 ships in one image, did you?

    And yet! It fits! You just have to push harder hon. The image is 8K @72ppi, so not exactly print-ready but heh, you might try it, it just won't be large as a wall. Makes for a nice wallpaper though. Click on the image below for the full picture!
  3. Qohen Leth

    [New!] Post-event printable poster "Roadie"

    In preparation since late 3304... Had to wait until now to finish it :) Inspired by a John Baizley tour poster for the band Baroness, spotted in an episode of the show "Limitless"... Click on the picture below to download the full print file (13MB).
  4. Qohen Leth

    Grand Tour wallpaper + printable poster

    Greetings Cmdrs, I've mocked up this advert for Sagittarius Eye a few weeks ago, and I thought it would make a cool poster and a nice wallpaper. It's totally "inspired" from NASA's "Grand Tour" poster from the Visions Of The Future series :) Print files are A3 format (29,7 x 42cm)...
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