1. C

    Why does srv radar poi signal die out?

    In horizon, I have followed a lot of radar signals that looks like lines from bottom to the top. It has been indication of poi at far away. Now in odyssey when I follow such it just dies out! Why? Am I thinking wrong in some way?
  2. C

    Where is the blue POI zones in odyssey?

    As the title say. Where is the blue POI zones on planet surfaren in odyssey? It used to be possible to travet åt 2k an higher to see them, now they are non existant.
  3. King_INF3RN0

    DSSA King's Pass Information, Biography, and Visitor's Guide

    Hello, commanders! The DSSA King's Pass is humbly a part of the Deep Space Support Array Initiative and we are destined to Nuekea RP-M D8-161 (nicknamed Delacor) in the Norma Expanse! I wanted to take the time to give a nice guide for visitors of this amazing system! As a young...
  4. SpaceTrash67

    LRH 3305 Expedition (Beagle --> Bubble via Sagittarius-Carina Arm)

    Greetings Cmdrs! Note: Although we are 'underway' - as an alternate route back to the Bubble at the conclusion of DW2 - we will be accepting new expedition members at least through the end of June 2019! Overview: Fresh off my first trip to Beagle Point and the far side of the galaxy via the...
  5. CMDR Ewa


    Hi people I want an HYPERCRUISE, please.... When we travel across the galaxy reaching far destinations, we have to jump, and jump and jump and rejump to stars again and again an then again [zZzZz] . I really love to explore the galaxy and i love to apprehend its vertiginous vastness before...
  6. Cyclinguy

    Geological POI scanning in the FSS is too slow!

    Am I the only one who finds the time taken by the POI scanner to be way over the top when there are Geological POI present? Firstly, I do really like the FSS scanner. I must have used it hundreds of times since release, especially as I'm currently out in the black with the DW2 expedition. I...
  7. Sprie

    Finding the POI during a planetary scan mission

    I may have missed something, but before Beyond, finding a POI during a planetary scan mission, a scan with the discovery scanner caused the planet in question to be marked in the location table. But now, such mark doesn't show up any longer, neither when scanning the nav beacon. How are we...
  8. Factabulous

    POI from DSS in Q4 - FD can you number them please

    Loving it all apart from: Can we have the surface POI numbered / lettered please? If I find a particularly special lava spout and want to share with friends then I don't really want them to have to visit (in this case) up to 9 sites to find the one I mean. In fact it may still be faster to...
  9. Darius Ventarra

    Help With POI Blue Circle Search Area Interpretation

    Hi all! I've been exploring a while now but I'm having some trouble working with the POI, blue circle search area. Specifically, when I detect and approach a blue POI search area, sometimes it will shrink quickly to a small size/search zone, whereas more often than not it remains large - I...
  10. M

    Voyager 2

    Ok, I've found Voyager 1 easily enough, but is there a more accurate set of directions to find Voyager 2? Ghost Giraffe's video helped me get the distance, and I even managed to line up to the weird set of landmarks he found (honestly, who uses the four dimmest star on the screen to line up Sol...
  11. Robert Maynard

    In-Development StatusDisplay - status.json / journal display and surface navigation assistant.

    With the inclusion of status.json as an addition to the player journal data offered by the game in 3.0, I started development of an application to display that data and, given that positional information is included when in proximity to a landable body, allow the player to set destination...
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