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  1. Ron Python

    my zoo is constantly crashing

    Hi everyone, I don't know if I'm the only one but it seems to me since updating 1.7.1 or 1.7 my zoo is constantly crashing and sometimes I do restart the computer it sometimes works. And my other zoos or zoos from workshop do work so I don't necessarily know what the problem is but I hope it is...
  2. Ron Python

    plsnet zoo does not work for me

    Hi everyone, I just came to run planet zoo but it does not come in and I do not know what to do I did some refresh for both computer and game, I did restart for computer and also checked the settings and it still does not work does anything else run into it, I hope it works out
  3. S

    Cougar being of least concern? Florida Panthers (Cougar subspecies) are very endangered!

    As a native Floridian I was very excited to see Cougars added to the game, since here in Florida we have a Cougar subspecies. It means more Florida esque zoo options for me! But there is one hiccup, the game shows Cougars as being in Florida but they have them marked as "Least Concern" while...
  4. KaoRu

    Animal's INSIDE habitat are escaping?

    There was no problem last night but now for some reason when my Clouded Leopards climb the tree on the left (Which is fully inside the habitat it's not partly hanging over the fence) they're now classed as escaped animals. It was just climbing down it wasn't even sitting on a branch!
  5. GameBoy2936

    We Need a Wider Range of Food Shops, Please

    Hello, Planet Zoo devs! As always I love your game very much, but there's something I want to see improvements made on. I love looking at the food/drink/merchandise shops and seeing the customers lining up getting their purchases. But, the amount of food shops to choose from lacks a lot. In...
  6. Twixxie92

    Brighton Zoo

    Currently i'm busy building a new zoo called Brighton Zoo. Started playing again after the announcement of the North-America DLC and got some ideas to create on Planet Zoo. The idea is to built the Zoo in a couple of different regions, for example I started with 'North America' and 'South...
  7. JohnnyAaron02

    Animal Pack Ideas!

    Dear Frontier Games, My name is John Schultz and I'm an enormous Zoo Tycoon/Planet Zoo fan who just has some ideas of content I'd love to see in the game. While I know it looks like a lot, remember that GTA 5 came out in 2013 and is still getting new DLC so keep that in mind. As long...
  8. KaoRu

    Pixelated Items From New DLC?

    I could be wrong but uuhhh.......Are they meant to be this pixilated? 👀
  9. Q

    Oak Grove Zoo

    Hello there it is Quirky Quokka here with another zoo! This zoo is called Oak Grove and it is a semirealistic city-style zoo founded in 1922. It will feature some classical structures along with modernizations. Hope you all enjoy it!
  10. Eletan888

    Update Announcement Tomorrow?!?

    If we are getting scenry pack, and if it follows the same release day format as the Africa Pack/Update 1.6, we should hopefully the announcement for the Update 1.7 tomorrow the 13th. Update 1.6 was announced on June 14th and the Africa Pack was announced the following day, June 15th. Updates...
  11. Eletan888

    What do think is coming to Planet Zoo this month?

    Just wanted to get people thought or ideas of what's coming next to Planet Zoo. I'd like to keep this thread fairly realistic of what could actually come to the game. Please if you leave pack ideas, follow Frontier's format. If it's a theme pack, add your plant and building set ideas if you have...
  12. 1

    Game: Make your own aviary pack?

    I have an idea for a game, pick 1-5 animals from each group and make your own Aviary/Bird DLC. Rules are as follows: - 20 animals for your DLC in total - Minimum of one animal choice from each group (ie: can't skip bats, need to choose at least one) - Maximum five animal choices for any...
  13. D

    Changes to animals: the aardvark

    A lot of times, I have thoughts about problems certain animals have with their habitat requirements in the game, so I decided to put some efforts on a few specific species that have it as the most extreme. I may continue it that way, may switch to a more inclusive form that compresses multiple...
  14. G

    Will PZ Ever Come To Console?

    Just a question I’ve been pondering on, and I’d like to see what the public thinks. I personally hope it will and I think Frontier should, as it would expand a more popular game over a wider audience. Anyway, what are your thoughts?
  15. C

    Remote Play on Steam

    Dear Frontier, I have a genetic condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, in short it makes my voluntary muscles weaker, so much so that I can’t walk and I use a wheelchair. Because of my SMA, using a mouse is tiring, using a keyboard is extremely difficult, and using a mouse and keyboard is...
  16. D

    More animals should be given the ability to swim

    To get this clear, I am not currently talking about the deep diving mechanic, but basic surface level swimming. I am talking about animals that are currently incapable of swimming in any form (aside from glitching and walking on water), when the animals in real life do it enough to justify...
  17. KaoRu

    Buggy Trade Centre?

    I haven't played for a while so no idea if this is already a problem but while I was putting some animals up onto the market, I noticed their info panel after like a few seconds of being open suddenly all those options drop to the lower part of the screen and it makes you scroll? It's hard to...
  18. Mjmannella

    What is Media Foundation?

    In the update log, it's mentioned that "Media Foundation" is needed for Planet zoo to support custom sounds using the .mp3, .wav, .aac, and .m4a file types. Does anyone know what this is about?
  19. D

    Wolf pack and coloring improvement

    I have extensively studied wolves. The wolf behavior needs to be updated to match real life. What I mean is the children would become part of the pack and not fight with their parents, like the game. Also, Timber wolves can be black, white, gray, red, and everything in between. The color variety...
  20. Frowerssx

    Things that probably won't happen (sad but true)

    1. The next DLC being 8 animals plus scenery pack (priced around £9.99 or £10.99 (your paying a little extra for both scenery and animals) which would mean that the aquatic, Arctic, Australian, South America and South East Asia packs are updated to the same. I don't think this should be free. As...
  21. B

    how do i get out of debt in the "Bailing Out" the 11th zoo in career mode? and how do i fix generators and habitats?

    i have watched a few videos on how to complete it now and followed them exactly but still can't get out of debt. and for some reason the generators and habitat walls constantly break even if there are no animals in the habitats the walls break after few mins i have restarted the game couple...
  22. C

    Multiple entrances for habitats

    Hi all! First of all, thank you for this amazing game (Planet Zoo). I really enjoy to play with it. I would like to ask that is that possible to make that a habitat can have multiple entrances? I am asking this because I would like to create a really realistic zoo and sometime I just want to...
  23. F

    Where are the DEVS?

    Since Chante is no longer a community manager, it has become very quiet here in the group. There are almost no more reactions from Frontier in the threads. What's happening? Is our feedback still being read at all? Don't we deserve any more reactions? :unsure::confused:
  24. P

    Bigger storage option?

    Hi Keepers, I play a lot of franchise which means I’m always keeping offspring for future breeding projects etc. However I’m struggling with space! I currently have 43/50 and it’s a problem. Most of my hold backs are due to the fact it seems rare to get gold rated animals for some species...
  25. P

    Issues with Grey Seals & Cloud Leopard?

    Hi Keepers, I love planet zoo and it is one of my favourite downtime games however I have been having issues with grey seals and clouded leopards. Grey Seal: I have 5 grey seals in my habitat, 1 male and 4 females. Everything is green, they have more than enough space but I keep getting a...
  26. F

    Attractiveness & Statistics

    There are two topics that bother me right now: Attractiveness of the different Animals: I understand that a tiger is more popular than a flamingo, but why should i place flamingos in my Zoo? I placed them in a nice corner in my Zoo but all of the visitors only want to see my tiger. Better than...
  27. U

    How about a dark UI?

    I usually play Planet Zoo in the evening or at night when I'm done with homework. The white user interface hurts my eyes every time I play at those times. My eyes are very sensitive to light, to which I'm really hoping for an option to be able to select dark mode in the future. What do you guys...
  28. Mjmannella

    Dedicated Animal Packs are a Welcome Shift in DLC Format

    With the past 4 DLC packs, my biggest issue was the lack of animals. While foliage and building pieces are nice for the atmosphere, it is ultimately the animals that make a zoo game what is it. With the SE Asia Pack, this complaint has has firmly quashed. More animals means more opportunities...
  29. Valli Lu

    missing functions and 20 DLC-ideas

    Functions: Building: (invisible) barriers on paths for guests and staff raised paths without curbs mirroring-function for objects / groups thinner and shorter (steel-)ropes for building nets e.g., as habitat-“roofs” “natural water” as a option at placing water, to create ponds or lakes which...
  30. I

    Planet Zoo Update Suggestions

    I can up with some free update idea to add to the game that I think would make certain parts of the game more realistic. Off exhibit animals I think it would be a good idea to have the option to make habitats off exhibit. I have had multiple issues when I try and keep certain animals out of...
  31. L

    Relics of the past DLC

    This pack includes animals that are "Living fossils" Animals: Saiga Capybara Spectacled bear Water chevrotain Tuatara(Exhibit) Caveman building theme Various ancient plants Fossils of dinosaurs and other extinct animals
  32. L

    Southeast asia pack

    New features: 200 Cambodian Temple building pieces (Thanks to redpandareggie for the idea) New scenario where you need to turn a roadside zoo into a 5 star success(There's a lot of roadside zoos in SE Asia, such as the Surabaya zoo) Animals: Binturong(VU) or clouded leopard(VU) Sun bear(VU) Lar...
  33. L

    Conservation pack!

    This pack focuses on critically endangered species Main features: Boards encouraging guests to donate to conservation services Enrichment, food and shelter for the endangered animals New scenario where you need to release 50 critically endangered species into the wild Animals: Giant...
  34. Robongio

    What fishes do you want the most, and above all, why?

    I think we could all agree that the Aquatic Pack, definitely lacked species who are 100% aquatic (with third of those being semi). So until Frontier decides to upgrade the exhibit mechanics, I would like to ask which type of fish could fit in this game the best. Including a good explanation for...
  35. L

    Concept for a safari expansion

    New features: Jeep tours 200 Safari building pieces Animals: Greater kudu(LC) African leopard(VU) Southern ground hornbill(VU) Black rhino(CR) Secretary bird(EN) Grey-crowned crane(EN) Helmeted guineafowl(LC) Olive baboon(LC) Brown hyena(NT) Impala(LC) Red hartebeest(LC) Gerenuk(NT) Meerkat(LC)...
  36. Q

    Asian Entrance

  37. Q

    Do animals age in quarantine?

    Hi I was wondering if animals age in quarantine? I tried to experiment with it but I couldn't tell.
  38. Q

    African Staff Facilities

  39. Q

    Timber Wolf Habitat

    One of my most favorite habitats I have made! Source:
  40. Q

    American Bison and Pronghorn Antelope Habitat

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