1. Axewielder

    Snickering Pirate from Hell

    "So there I was just mining my own bussiness with my lazer pointed straight at a fat Tritium deposit.Next thing I know a Pirate from out of frekin nowhere scans my ship and blasts my shields to shutdown.No use trying to escape,as my drives go next,and then in true Pirate style,the hatch. I Had...
  2. T

    Ships Anaconda: turrets or gimball ?

    Hi guys, I bought an Anaconda I'd like to use to hunt pirates in RES or limited conflict. The idea is take bounty and to loot them thx to collector limpets. I was wondering if I should stick to my gimballed weapons or switch to turrets with this ship. As she is a big baby ;) And what kind of...
  3. K

    pirate equipment required

    Hi. I would really, really like to add some kind of harpoon, grappling beam, or grappling hooks that could stop the ship. What is the problem: you pull the truck out of hyperspace, you demolish its engines, and it by inertia flew 300+ m/s and flew with a stone. There is no way to stop such a...
  4. T


    I just lost 500t of cargo to some dumb Cobra (AI) who melted me and my Type-9. Waste of my time, this game. Please explain to me how something so small can destroy my A rated ship in such a short time. Also he asked for cargo, like 1t so i gave him it, after which he asked for more, and then...
  5. FerriJoku

    That's absolutely not funny

    During unlocking Lei Cheung (buying hydrogen fuel and selling it on the same stations) i was interdicted by npc pirates too often for 1 single day. I don't have anything in cargo hull, but still being interdicted by npcs when flying to each damn station. Is it normal, or it's another weird AI...
  6. Old Duck

    Making money as a pirate, is it possible?

    I've been enjoying my new "night job" as a pirate. Thank you Frontier for giving us Borann! And thank you those who mine in Open. "Acquiring" LTDs is not my issue, selling them is. This is a pirate noob question, but do black markets mirror the regular markets when it comes to demand and price...
  7. CMDR Kastagar

    Blasted Pirates!

    I have been playing Elite for a long time (a very long time if you include the original elite) and, on the whole, i love the game but there is one thing that really niggles me. I'm not very combat orientated and mostly do trading for a player faction so i find the constant NPC interdiction...
  8. J

    :"Booming economies"

    From one pirate to another:.... conversation recorded on 4/11; Hey how much do you think we can make here just in fuel, now that the governor has all this money? " "I don't know but be careful there are feds near here and your ship isn't easily hidden.They know you're here." Two female pirates...
  9. RyRy2312

    Parks Piralandia - complete Pirate themed park work in progress.

    Hey all, This is my pirate themed park called Piralandia, a huge work in progress and will be for another month or so, currently running at 18.5 piece count looking to finish probably around 30k mark. I hope you like and I’ll be plodding away getting it to look perfect 👍🏻 Happy coastering all!!!!
  10. J

    Image texture not shown, please help!!

    Ok, so for my Disneyland Paris recreation I decided to build the Pirates of the Caribbean sign. To do this I used Blender 2.8. After a LOT of trouble I finally managed to get my own model into the game, but... ...only an empty white model. Now for this I used a texture image, which I also...
  11. Z

    Newcomer / Intro Find pirates zones

    Salut les gars, je veux trouver des zones de pirates comme zone de conflit. Je sais qu'ils sont dans le jeu, mais je ne me souviens pas dans quel état, quelle vigilance et quelle sécurité ils sont. Tout corps sait?
  12. Berndji

    [WIP] Pirates of the Netherlands

    Hey guys, after years of not playing roller coaster games at all or just creating smaller stuff, I finally had the time to start a medium sized project again. (yay). Dedicated to the Pirates of Batavia this one is a compact and low profile single-rail coaster with a 95° Drop, 3 Inversions and...
  13. Foraven

    Why anyone want to be a pirate in Elite universe?

    One thing that has been bugging me since i started playing this game is how immersion breaking piracy is in this game. Why does anyone turn pirate (aside from us players that do it for fun)? Getting a bounty flag us for destruction, by anyone (we are lucky stations don't open fire on us). Stolen...
  14. A

    Better trade system

    Dear Frontier, For God's sake, please fix the current trading system! I pick up 3-4 trade missions, I go to pick up cargo, then go back to the original system, and I'm interdicted immediately. Which is OK, but as soon as I evade, there's the next f...ing pirate. I counted 11 interdiction...
  15. G

    The new Queen VI - Pirates found in system Kinesi near Colonia

    There is something big circling Kinesi 5 with high velocity. It is impossible to keep up in normal cruise. I am trying to enter its gravity field but I keep failing. There are also a lot of angry pirates that are killing me I managed to scan the sattelite which is close to the station...
  16. McDark

    Why am I being attacked for no reason?

    I've noticed a few times recently that bad guy NCPs have been attacking me for no reason. Times when I have no missions, no cargo, no powerplay alliances, not wanted, just minding my own business. And they swoop in and attack. You might expect that might happen in open play, but what other...
  17. G

    HAZres could use some more dangerous criminals

    Bounty hunting is cool. It's THE combat activity apart from CZs. But it really get's easy fast. As soon as you own a Medium Multipurpose/Combat ship like Python, FDL, Chief, FAS or Krait, you won't really have any problems taking out any single enemy ship even if you're only G3 engineered...
  18. M

    Lost 7 tons (out of 180 tons) mission cargo (Beer) - can it be replaced/reimbursed?

    Hi All, I was interdicted by an NPC and quickly jettisoned 7 (out of 180) tons of beer (I can't remember which option I selected) - fortunately the NPC let me go. I went back to the station where I originally was given the mission and bought 7 tons of replacement beer hoping it would be...
  19. B

    Pirates have tracking beacon on my ship or what?

    In an Ice ring hunting Low Temp Diamonds Log out for sleep Log back in PIRATE! Get away... drop in elsewhere in ring PIRATE! Get away... Log out Log In... Drop into random part of ring PIRATE! At least I don't have to worry about getting interdicted with cargo anymore since apparently the...

    What are you commanders using on your PvP Chieftain?

    Also, do you guys think it could be a fun pirate ship? Manly PvP pirating, and not the butthole pirate that shoots on site, but the ones that are gentlemen .
  21. A

    Pirate NPCs recognizing trolling when dropping Limpets

    Currently, Pirates will try to loot valuable cargo from your ship if it has a high enough value. That value floor is pretty low, with responses from holding certain low value items along the lines of, "You're not worth my time", and responses from holding only Limpets being the same as responses...
  22. TheOriginalB

    For the future: Pirate Faction

    Looking forward to the future when the Thargoids and Guardians are sorted out, I think it would be interesting to create an official Pirate faction. From a lore standpoint, there was a subset of the population dissatisfied with the laws of the Federation, Empire, and even the Alliance. They...
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