1. Herlev

    PvP 1v2 in Asterope with commentary! I almost DIED!

    Close near death encounter I had today, extremely well played by AAAX (sry for double link, don't seem like the first one worked) Source:
  2. Old Duck

    How many of you did Thanos snap away?

    It just dawned on me that at least 50% of the galaxy's population, if not more, have been "snapped away" by Odyssey today. For example, when I briefly logged into Horizons, my friends list showed EVERYONE as "ED: Odyssey". Meanwhile I'm in "Galaxy Prime" (Horizons) for the foreseeable future, a...
  3. Asharyn

    Powerplay How is Powerplay not open only yet?

    It's clearly a PvP game mode where players choose a side and fight for terretory. So why is it allowed in solo, where you can't defend against someone undermining your system, or can't attack your enemies fortification attemtps. It would be a lot more interesting and fair if it was open only...
  4. and_ft

    Just survived a gank attempt for the first time!

    07 Commanders, I just survived a gank attempt for the first time. I was headed for the new federal CG and wanted to pick up some medical supplies in the nearest system to Duatma. I quickly saw a few other CMDRs on my radar, and sure enough, I was soon interdicted by a hollow triangle. Luckily...
  5. Alex Korr V

    Continuous play in the Open is more risky hence should be rewarded

    Hello CMDRs & Frontier Development Team, Background: I'm a rookie to Elite Dangerous. Even though I purchased it some time ago, I was rather an occasional player. Now that I've got more time to go deeper into this marvelous spacefaring world, I hope that I can offer my fresh eyes to the...
  6. C

    Make the risk / reward of playing in "Open" sensible for newer players, our community is too small to be divided

    The Elite community is small enough as it is (compared to other big titles out there), and I think it's a shame that rather than adjust game mechanics to adjust risk/reward of being in open, Fdev instead provides ways to divide the community (solo, private groups, etc) who likely would rather a...
  7. norlin

    Community goal but for encouraging Open play and PvP

    Please introduce two community goals contradicting each other. Example: Some faction wants to collect a resource to build "something". Other faction wants to prevent this construction. So, Commanders enlisted for the 1st faction will try to protect the transport NPC vehicles delivering the...
  8. [VR] Goooost

    Change 'solo' into 'open without pvp damage'.

    I think that people are mainly in solo to protect their investments, not to get away from people. By changing the options to just Open and Hardcore, it would probably help the community aspect of the game, player groups, and squadrons, but it also might help the servers, right? Instead of...
  9. Old Duck

    How Open-only would balance ED

    Disclaimer - I am NOT advocating for Open-Only, I'm just making an observation. Today I decided to join the Tritium Truckers, in hopes to make some meager credits to help me slowly progress to my goal of someday owning a fleet carrier. The best prices were between two outposts, so I configured...
  10. CMDR MattKajtar

    Second OPEN with separate BGS?

  11. P

    General Gameplay Could we have the option to open all gates at once? 😈

    Similar to how the shelters has an 'open all' option, could we have the same but for our gates? This time however, it will prompt up a message asking if this is something you actually want to do twice, in which upon answering yes to both, not only do the gates open, but have that sabotage...
  12. Old Duck

    Blocking in Elite Dangerous

    UPDATE - Thanks to much discussion and the very simple but elegant solution posed by one CMDR, I've changed my approach to the blocking system. I've decided to use it as a reverse iron man, in that once you have murdered me, I'm dead to you. You'll never see me again, because to you, I'm dead...
  13. Old Duck

    Some interesting PvP / C&P observations

    This weekend was my first serious "study" of PvP at a CG on PC, and it's been months since I've PvPed on PS4. I observed a few things, performed a few experiments, and came to a few conclusions that may be right or wrong. I'm sharing these for discussion. First thing I noticed is that when...
  14. Old Duck

    Do "purple-haired heroes" scare everyone into Solo?

    This is my first CG on PC, woo! I've been "ship watching" at one of the CG stations, and the flow of CMDR trading traffic has been steady. Finally I decided to grab a few tons of grain in my Dolphin to do my part, and on my return to the system I was chased by two very persistent griefers. To my...
  15. Onionbolt

    PVP Interdiction question

    I recently switched from Solo/Group play to Open play and on my first day I ran into a random commander who interdicted me. During the interdiction while still in supercruise I noticed that even though I kept my reticle at the escape vector (at max speed) my "escape meter" kept going down, even...
  16. quelcertoleo

    New Weapon Proposal

    Pirate here, roleplay pirate. After a night drinking Orerrian Vicious Brew I had a vision: We should phase out the FSD Disruptor (Yuri Grom Powerplay module) We really need the Menu Log Disruptor. Thoughts, ideas, improvements are welcome.
  17. TheInfamousFryCarson

    Voice Comms Etiquette Community Agreement Concept

    Yes. I made a title. I'm not sure how common utilizing the in-game voice-comms is on other platforms, I know on PS4 people prefer the PSN voice parties in my circles, maybe PC is different usage rate wise. A point. I had a point. An issue in Elite: Dangerous is the difficulty in quickly...
  18. K

    Players with bad karma should be instanced with each other

    Elite should keep tabs on number of players blocking and reporting a given player, and treat that as "bad karma score" (with reporting resulting in more bad karma than blocking). Instancing code should consider the score when dividing players to instances, and tend to throw ones with heaps bad...
  19. Valyn Arvis

    [EMPIRE] Join Lavigny's Legion, the Emperor's personal guard!

    Welcome, citizen or soon to be citizen of the Empire. We, Lavigny's Legion, are recruiting. Every loyal son or daugther of the Empire is welcome to join our ranks. Who are we? We are the houseguards of the Lavigny's, one of the most important imperial senatorial dynasties, and as such also the...
  20. Hellfire85

    [FEDERATION] The 44th is once again, open for recruitment!

    Hello fellow pilots! The 44th Vulture Syndicate, based in LHS 317 is once again open to receive applications. For those interested and not aware of what the 44th is, we are a Federal Squadron specialized in flying the Vulture for most of our engagements. We are PvP focused but since we call...
  21. B

    Community goals impossible of engaging currently give up participating for good

    o7 Cmdr's the current comunity goals in Drevlyada are disgraceful not possible participate because even today around 30 players in supercruise interdicting players going to repair&reload and going out of stations never seen such an incredible desmotivation to play the game whatsoever... How this...
  22. xfury

    Sons of Jud (Mobius)

    The Sons of Jud an Independent Democracy stands for peace, honour, a sense of justice. We try to work and act in a way that will bring those about. A small independent group of currently just 11 players who's main focus is to support its members in their exploits and to help other groups when...
  23. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP The Bug Exploiting of FleetComm.

    Blocking Exploit in Elite: Dangerous Links to evidence below. All reference to names have been covered to prevent naming and shaming. I recently made a post referring to the current block exploit circulating in Elite: Dangerous, on the Frontier Forums. It was immediately brigaded by members of...
  24. Swizzy o7o7

    Material Grind Solution!!! Player's Drop Engineering Materials!

    With the recent 'Distant Ganks 2' expedition; a lot of CMDR's have been dying. >2,000 CMDR's dead, which is one for each of the "defense force conda's" that don't exist. I have the solution to the engineering material grind! Let us reap materials from player ships, just as we would for...
  25. Swizzy o7o7

    Modes Block CMDR's with 'SYSTEM' chat.

    If you're a ganker, make sure to block lawful CMDR's using the system chat. That way they won't be able to instance with you, and won't be able to even try oppose you in Open mode. You can keep on ganking with no 'threat', it's incredible! Fly safe-space, CMDR's, Z0.
  26. davlon

    Earth Visit - Well nearly....

    Arrived in the system and... it's madness! The first attempt I lost my unprotected exploration Anaconda to someone - I wasn't firing back, what was the point? Anyway, went back in a more appropriate ship and there is an interesting open gameplay scenario 'can you reach the Abraham Lincoln and...
  27. number2301

    RED DICE SYSTEMS - Casual, Friendly, EU/PC Based PVE Squadron

    Our Offer We are a casual, open PVE focussed wing concentrating on fun cooperative gameplay, alongside providing a purpose for mission running, bounty hunting, and everything else by supporting our in game faction. In addition to regular daily priorities, we run varied events where we get...
  28. J

    Play Modes, Solo/PG/OP

    I know this has been said a thousand times before and I know I'm going to attract controversy for saying it but if I don't say it, how will Frontier know it's something I and likely many other people invested in the background sim would like. Gathering feedback in my gaming community for why...
  29. Leadfoot

    Powerplay PowerPlay in Open Or Solo

    Very, very sorry if I missed an announcement thread somewhere but I know that there were several rather lengthily (and often heated) discussions concerning the question of Power Play being Open only or not. I had assumed the discussion back and forth on this issue was expected to be decided upon...
  30. D

    Modes Idea for game mode resources being non transferable

    The idea is: what happens in a mode stays in a mode. Wanna play single player fine. Wanna play open fine. Wanna play both , fine. But your stuff in one does not exist in the other. This means pvpers can't hide in solo when in their taxi ship to CG, and then switch to open when they feel safe in...
  31. M

    My SECOND big journey - Going Home!

    It's been a VERY long time since I detailed my FIRST big journey, out to Colonia, (!) so I thought, whilst setting off again, I'd update you on my adventures! After arriving in Colonia, I set about creating some reputation...
  32. EWanderer

    Rework C&P and spice it up with Risk&Reward!

    Edit: For clarification and stuff, that I cuted out by accident. Edit 2: Including some points from the comments. Edit 3: Consider Medium security tag. Preamble Well here I am again, flying around in the Black. Watching the Creators Roundtable stream and the topic of C&P came up again. In the...
  33. Peoplearestrange

    Open - NoN PvP option

    I love this game, but I don't play it for the PvP, personal I'm not good at it and mostly I don't enjoy PvP games, its just not in my enjoyment of a game. But what I do enjoy is cooperation and playerbases, honestly some of the best times I've had on ED is interacting with people. For me the...
  34. T

    The realistic approach to BGS.

    So the BGS.. The bane of many Cmdr's existence. {DISCAIMER}: This is an open only advocating post, for the reasons contained within. (I feel the need to point out these home truths as noone on the other postings will even reply to my comments.) BGS is both a PvE and PVP activity, in such that...
  35. W

    Solo Play interactions with other players

    Hi! I have three questions relating this topic: 1. In Solo Play, do other ships represent real players or they are AIs? 2. Am I destroyable in Solo Play Mode if I slow down in space somewhere in a star system and quit from the game application? How does other players see and interact with my...
  36. Arburich

    Alchemy Den - "We Got This Corp" | A brand New Faction, In Game and Out!

    Hello All! My name is Arburich, and recently (after a little over a year in the making), we finally got our faction into the world of Elite Dangerous! We are the "We Got This Corp", found in the High Tech system G 139-50 and we are a small group of Elite Players that host ourselves under...
  37. torbach

    Report Crimes feature [against NPC only] option

    I play Open even when I PvE... I often RP an E-rated garbage truck in PvE and want the help I want to be a part of open content but not trigger PvE responses when attacked by a player please consider an option to report crimes only against NPC's so that open can be a bit better -- i do not...
  38. Sylveria

    Modes Mode Feature Exclusivity...AKA..."Render unto Caesar..."

    So..."Render unto Caesar..." Since Mode Feature Exclusivity is being justified by Sandro's statement of Player versus Player style in Open, the next best course of action would be then to remove all PvE activity from Open and make it available only to Private Groups and Solo as a result, as...
  39. J

    Modes This is precisely the reason i stay out of open

    This is hardly an isolated experience. In this case a griefer intentionally baits a helper into a situation where they know the helper wont be kitted out to fight back. Murderhobo excuse...
  40. Ragnascot

    Modes Bonus for doing CGs in Open

    I would like to see more benefits to playing in Open, perhaps a “bonus” for certain interactions like CGs and trading. Not sure how you could implement that in a way that can’t be exploited by mode switching. It shouldn’t have a negative effect on Solo, only encourage and reward Open play.
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