1. D

    ELITE DANGEROUS ACCOUNT: link to oculus store???

    good evening I bought Elite Dangeous in the Oculus store to use it with the Quest 2, the problem is that when I start the game, Frontier asks me to register an account; the problem is that I already have an account, since I bought it to play with the xbox. Is it possible to use or associate the...
  2. M

    Oculus Rift S -- 6DoF Lost and Color Dissolation

    Hey ED gang! Sooo I apologize that this is a bit of a read but I'm not 4 weeks without VR and I can't find help anywhere else (including Oculus support). I first started playing ED:Horizons in November and from November to January I had the most fun you could possibly have with pants on...
  3. C

    Oculus Store Key

    Hello, I purchased Elite Dangerous via the Oculus Store (https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/988773191157765/) however after installing and launching it asks me to log-in via a browser. I log-in however it wants me to associate a steam key in order to continue. I did not buy the game on...
  4. T

    Purchased "Odyssey Alpha Access" thru Frontier, now what?

    I have verified that the (3) items are in my "Downloadable Products" on Frontier's site, but they all say "This item is PRE-ORDER". What I can't find is what to do next to get the Alpha ready to play. I own both the Oculus & Steam versions of ED w/ Horizons (I bought it twice, three times if...
  5. J

    Oculus Quest 2 Stand alone

    Hello, i wanted to ask, if ED is coming to Quest 2 Store, so its possible to play it on Q2 without a PC?
  6. Cosmo

    Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge | Oculus Quest

  7. C

    Please help. Keybindings for Oculus Touch

    Hey guys, I am trying to set my hyperspace keybindings to the original keybinding in the touch controls. Everytime I try to do this is wants to reset it to my new pitch control. How do I make the binding work using the touch control? I want the same binding when you Hold Y and press up in the...
  8. L

    ED:VR, BigPicture, SteamVR & Steam Controller

    Hello! I recently got myself an Oculus Rift S. Of course I want to try out Elite in VR, as it's a dream come true! So far it works pretty well and is absolutely breathtaking! Usually I play with my Steam Controller, as I painfully mapped every single thing I need to it. It also has a pretty...
  9. Helmut Grokenberger

    VR Performance degrading over time?

    Hi, I'm playing Elite in VR on a Rift S, and, although my system is beefy enough (Ryzen 7 1800X with a 2080 SUPER), my PC is struggling at times. I've by now found a good compromise between looks and performance, but lately I've noticed performance dropping the longer I play. Not so noticable...
  10. D

    I can't play elite with my Rift S

    I recently bought an oculus rift s so I tried to play Elite in VR but every time I launch the game it either crash or stutter a lot while I try to move my head. I tried to lower the graphics at minimum but it didn't help at all. Elite is the only VR game that I can't play all the other games...
  11. salmonmarine

    Audio issue in Oculus when using a joystick

    I play with an Oculus Rift and a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. Sometimes, when I move the joystick in-game, I can hear the swooshing sound effect the Oculus menu makes when switching between options. I also noticed that pressing button 2 on my joystick, which I use all the time in combat...
  12. R

    Want to play via Steam, in VR, but not through SteamVR

    The TL;DR to this is that I got the game on Steam and would like it to remain there but launch it (in VR) though the Oculus API solely and NOT have to use SteamVR when playing. Nobody has yet found this to be possible but Frontier DO have an Oculus version so there has to be a way to run it like...
  13. BinakAlgo

    How to listen to radio stations from the rift?

    The question is as simple as that. I've finally got tired of the music (or lack of) so I wanted to listen to Radio Sidewinder and found out that while I was able to hear it in the "oculus room", it was shut off once I started Elite. Can anyone help me with the solution?
  14. thirdeye333

    Can't install the latest update on VR version at Oculus

    Hi guys, For two days I've been clicking on the Update button via the Oculus store to install the latest update that was released a few days ago. It goes through the motions of counting down my download then 'optimising the updates' (whatever that means). Looks like its finished but when I...
  15. C

    Game won't load from Oculus Home?

    Anyone else having problems with an Oculus Home installation since the 3.3.01 update today? OH autoupdated the version and since that the game won't at all. If I hit play in OH the game starts to load I get a non-Horizon's version of the launcher (even though I have Horizons) and a second...
  16. GuusDeKroon

    Vive/Oculus rift support?

    Hey, As VR is getting more mainstream and there's been leaks of Valve releasing their own HMD, is there a chance Planet Coaster will get VR support? If you think about it, It would be a great selling point of the game, with things like walking around your own park/being on rides. Maybe even a...
  17. Curtis R. Prophett

    Dear FDev, Please support ASW 2.0 on the Rift!

    It says it all there in the title: Frontier, please add support for Asynchronous Space Warp (ASW) 2.0 to Elite! Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW) is a frame-rate smoothing technique that almost halves the CPU/GPU time required to produce nearly the same output from the same content. In other...
  18. Happy Shrapnel

    Mouse issues with Oculus VR & Nvidia 416.34 drivers

    Anyone else get this? Geforce Drivers updated to 416.34 (released 11/10/2018 - UK Date). Starting ED in VR (Oculus) all is well until you come to the start game screen and your mouse goes nuts, flickering on the menus, jumping about making it impossible to select any of the options. Rolled...
  19. P

    Returning to Elite and VR question

    Hi everyone - I have been out of Elite for a few months but have 100's of hours playing Elite in VR using my Oculus Rift. I basically had other things to do and have loads of credits and I had all the ships I wanted and I engineered my ship pretty much as far as I wanted, without grinding every...
  20. VR StarLightPL

    Vive czy Rift, które wybrać (nie tylko) do ED? [Moja opinia]

    Jeden i drugi ma swoje plusy i minusy, w dodatku trudno o nich pisać bo są to rzeczy mocno subiektywne. Rift w porównaniu z Vive jest nieco tańszy i lżejszy i ma zintegrowane słuchawki, ma nieco lepszy software pozwalający radzić sobie z kiepską wydajnością oraz jego kontrolery mają...
  21. ForteanApe

    Looking to add something to my ED on PC : EDTracker or Oculus Rift?

    Good afternoon commanders, I've been playing ED for quite some time, both on PC and on the Xbox One. As my PC commander is somewhat lagging behind, I'm looking to add some spice to my PC gaming, to coax me to spend more on the PC version in the evenings. For a while I have been considering...
  22. S

    Oculus Rift Users request

    Oculus is having a new home environment https://www.oculus.com/blog/welcome-home-introducing-new-features-coming-to-the-oculus-platform-on-rift/ And are inviting software developers to create some special environments for it. You do, have a good rift base. (This game is largely why I bought...
  23. Doug Inverness

    VR problem & services

    Hi Very recently - yesterday? - I saw a post which described how to create two desktop icons stopping and starting the Oculus Rift service, but I'm blowed if I can find the post today. I'm having VR problems and want to continue playing ED in boring old 2D in the meantime. I'm sure it was on...
  24. M

    Just Lean Back and Take in the View

    I'll start by saying that this game is simply beautiful in VR. So much so that when I'm in a ship with a large open cockpit, I sometimes want to lean back in my chair and take in the view. I want to stare in awe the beauty of the galaxy that surrounds me, but what do I see? The inside of my...
  25. L

    Oculus Touch Support

    Greetings CMDRs, I have recently played X-Rebirth VR with the Oculus Touch controls alot and was very impressed on how good you can control everything (including ship)with it. My question is how likely is it that Frontier does implement touch support as well.
  26. D

    Weird Menu Glitch in Oculus CV1

    Hi all, I recently re-entered Elite after a few months away. In that time I believe Windows and Oculus had updated themselves. I noticed straight away that there was a very weird glitch happening when scrolling through all menus (starport services for example) in the game. The lines of the...
  27. D

    Weird Menu Glitch in Oculus CV1

    Hi all, I recently re-entered Elite after a few months away. In that time I believe Windows and Oculus had updated themselves. I noticed straight away that there was a very weird glitch happening when scrolling through all menus (starport services for example) in the game. The lines of the...
  28. G

    How to navigate between tabs on the side consoles?

    Hi, I have an Oculus rift and Saitek HOTAS system. When I look to the left and right in game the side screens open up automatically. I can move up and down using the hat switch A on my joystick. I cannot navigate between the tabs though and not sure what/how to program this. Help much...
  29. dmulligan

    Does installation type affect performance in VR?

    There are 3 ways to install and therefore run Elite Dangerous; standalone, Stream, and Oculus Home. Do any of these perform any differently than the others or are these all actually the same executable?
  30. dmulligan

    CPU constrained quality settings

    I'll get this out of the way up front. My CPU is underpowered for Elite Dangerous VR. My 1080 GPU should be able to keep up, though always being ready for the next frame will increase the load on the CPU. I won't be able to upgrade my CPU/MB/RAM for several months and I would still like the...
  31. C

    I started playing in VR... And now nothing else will do... #VR4Life

    I'm honestly serious here. Visual fidelity of the current VR devices aside. This is it. I wont be able to go back. Even with a beautiful wide screen monitor (That I never thought I would own either) Even with a device that allows my eyes to be tracked, or my heads movement to be transposed onto...
  32. G

    Complete beginner

    Hi all, I have the ED game, a set of X52 HOTAS controls and an Oculus Rift headset. I downloaded the Logitech software for the sticks and the profiles that include Elite Dangerous. I can load this onto the sticks so the LCD on the throttle displays "Elite Dangerous". The game loads via the...
  33. buzzx

    My Wit's End

    I love this game but the stuttering in VR (rift) has me at my wit's end. I'm not after suggestions on how to fix it as Ive already tried everything over the past 12mths. All that's left is to plead with the Devs to allocate some time to have another look at it. Ive worked in IT for 20 years in...
  34. 1stBiker

    Community Event / Creation physical borders - INFORMATION FASTER THEN THE SPEED OF LIGHT

    hello this Post is deleted because lack of interest, but I do understand that :D however, what I leave here in is the basic question: sould it be possible to communicate faster then with lightspeed or not ? <<<1stBiker
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