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  1. H

    Oculus Quest (Link and VD) framerate drops to zero during menu or galaxy map loading

    I've been playing Elite for about 6 months now on my OG Oculus Quest, either through Link or Virtual Desktop. Both have worked great. I had to tweak the settings to get optimal performance, but once I got there it was great. Just recently, I'd say since last Thursday'ish, I started having issues...
  2. B

    XBOX Controllers not Recognized while Using Quest 2 via Link

    Hey folks, wondering if someone else has run into this problem. I have ED working fine on the Quest 2 via USB Link while running the Rift version of ED and the game set as normal to headphones graphic output. However, for some reason 90 percent of the time it does not recognize my XBOX 360...
  3. C

    Oculus Quest 2 or Warthog HOTAS?

    I suppose the HOTAS first, to get used to it, then the VR, but which experience would most so much more of the game? BUY BOTH! I hear you cry, but turning 50 will only get you one of these dream items (at least for now anyway) What say you?
  4. VR StarLightPL

    Przygody z Virtual Reality

    Ponieważ nie lubię nagabywania że coś nie jest o Elite, zakładam w offtopicu - tutaj możemy radośnie dyskutować o różnych grach. Zacznę od przeklejenia mojego pierwszego wrażenia po kontakcie z Pimaxem 5k+:
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