1. N

    Planet Coaster Console Edition Day/Night cycle?

    Hi I am new at Planet Coaster on PS5. Is there any way to change the day/night cycle on challenge mode? I want night to be longer,it's too short. Nights are more relaxing and looks awesome with lights etc. I hope there is a way. Thank you for reading
  2. yoav_r

    Night Life! Nocturnal animals DLC

    Who doesn't love nocturnal houses in zoos? Also a great chance to teach guests (and by extension players) about light pollution. Animals which could fit: Aye Aye Galago Slow Loris Giant Cloud Rat Clouded Leopard European Hedgehog Margay Sugar Glider Panamanian night monkey Indian Porcupine...
  3. T

    Night vision makes stealth builds obsolete?

    Greetings Commanders. Just wanted to ask a question. Prefferably to the more stealth oriented of You. I have just recently been flying around planetside doing missions when i noticed that night vision makes very distant ships(the ones that appear as the scrambled blip on the compass) shine...
  4. voidwalker

    [DCS WORLD] Learning to fly the Mustang, two kills and a night landing after about 6 hours training.

    The kills were kinda easy. The AI doesn't seem to respond at all if they can't see you, even if you're pounding them with .50 cal rounds. The landing was not easy. Believing is seeing.
  5. joerg

    New mechanic suggestion: coating

    Hi all, the introduction of the Night Vision is a great thing and I am sure we all are glad for it. No more asteroid bumping in the planet shade :) However, it introduced a rather unique issue for PvP players. Having a low heat build, silent running on, and possibly a black paint was a good...
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