1. P

    UI navigation for the price of products is a bit cumbersome on Console Edition (PS5)

    Hello all! I was unsure of whether or not to place this in the issue tracker, as it could be designed this way, but I want to address one tiny issue I had with the Navigation for Planet Coaster Console edition. I noticed that when adjusting the prices of my products/services, pressing up or...
  2. A

    Mission Destinations as a Navigation Filter

    The game; the UI already knows where a mission takes place at. It highlights such mission destinations with a cyan colour. All I'm asking is, also implementing it as a navigation filter. It'd be a huge time saver, and the base legwork has already been done. Clarification: Lets say I've Stations...
  3. S

    Where did the destination name box in Navigation go? I'm trying to plot a route to "IX Chrons" and don't have it bookmarked.

    I use the Navigation destination name search all the time to go to specific systems that I don't have bookmarks or missions to. Installed Odyssey and now can't find it.
  4. Cyndalen

    Better Bookmarks

    The selection of bookmarks is quite helpful in the galaxy map. However, it takes several clicks to reach them from the pilot's seat. I would therefore like to see an additional place with a listing of the bookmarks in the navigation tab or in the contacts. Gladly also with a separate favorite...
  5. Jibroni Gibironi

    We could use more nav beacons

    🤷‍♂️ If nothing else but for the sake of convenience, and making the game less tedious with the unnecessarily long flights to your destination. All they need to do is blanket each star system with more navigation beacons, that way, all I have to do is pick the one that is closest to my...
  6. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    [Galaxy Map] Show more stars with less filters

    Hello, quick request. When you limit the galaxy map to just show 1 type of rare system using any filter, would it be possible for the actual map to display more stars from further away? When I'm looking for say, neutron stars, or civil unrest systems, I have just 1 filter active, so the map is...
  7. L

    Make Building Floor pieces Navigable

    Make Building Floor pieces Navigable ie act as path areas and allow paths, doors and gates to snap to them. This will make creating large buildings for staff and visitors to walk through easier, especially multi-level buildings.
  8. W

    Newcomer / Intro Navigation question - non-selectable stars

    I am currently on an exploration expedition on my own. While following my originally plotted route, I saw an interesting star cluster and now I want to fly towards it (or see if it is even reachable). Now, when in-flight, you can't just press A on the controller to select any star, and I can't...
  9. Acteris

    Wing Formation Module

    Here is an idea.....I think it would be cool if you could have pre-set wing formations, here is how the mechanism could work There could be a Wing Formation Module which would work on synchronising position of ships in the wing based on some predetermined layout ie: 1. Wing formation shapes...
  10. Afroleft2001

    DSS filter for scanned planets

    Please please please add a way to tell surface scanned bodies from those yet to be scanned! It's a bit of a pain trying to pick out the single planet you missed in a large group, currently only way to check is to go through them all until you find one with 0%. In the Navigation panel - Make...
  11. Be4st

    Navigation - Mark Stars using Cockpit Centre Dot

    Though I am not an explorer, I just pondered an idea whilst mindlessly drifting into deep space for my Proto Heat Radiators and thought Explorers and even other folk may benefit from the feature suggestion listed below. Seeing as all the stars you can visibly see are real locations within the...
  12. kromit

    Galaxy Map Mouseover Pop-Up Is Bad Usability And Need To Go

    Sorry if this was already mentioned, but this "feature" drives me nuts. I do understand the reason for this from the developer point of view and why it is still there historically, but as a user I do literally hate this feature every time I open the galaxy map. It is currently very difficult...
  13. K

    How to navigate on a planet with the SRV

    I was using my SRV to do some surface mining on planets/moons and was wondering looking at the planetary map which is up , down , left and right. The map seems to show position but not orientation , any idea how to find my orientation and my position on the map ? I would like to visit specific...
  14. MajorM3ss

    Pre Warp Life / post warp life discovery

    Greetings everyone, I'll start by saying, I love this game/sim, and i look forward to all the content that has to follow in the Beyond series update, but I think FDev is missing a potential that would raise the steaks of the game , far beyond anything the competition might develop (NMS) being...
  15. PowerfulSlicer


    Please can we get rid of co-ordinate hunting, you should be able to put the numbers in the nav comp and just go there, i dont even accept missions with co-ordinates as its a pain, i know lots of you will show off saying its easy etc but i cant be he only one who thinks the ships should find...
  16. keelerad

    Recent destinations in the std Nav Panel

    The TomTom satnav in my car can display recent destinations and I use that feature quite a lot How about a tab in the nav panel that shows in reverse chron order the last 20 say systems you have jumped to Would save having to go to the galaxy map to plot a route to a destination you visit a...
  17. Gromit_


    I think that all FSD ranges should be doubled, reason is in most ships when armed jump range drops to 20ly, and if exploring in an ASP would be able to get 80ly. I spent 2 of my nights jumping to travel the 5000ly for engineer unlock, I work in the daytime, I would explore more if it wasn't so...
  18. flobadob

    Better navigation / map whilst driving planetary vehicle

    Doing the latest CG: Ram Tah's Last Hurrah, I found it very difficult & disorienting whilst trying to navigate myself around the guardian ruins. I know where I wanted to go but it's hard to visualize that from the buggy cockpit. The only points of reference I had were the ship, and some pillars...
  19. Robert Maynard

    In-Development StatusDisplay - status.json / journal display and surface navigation assistant.

    With the inclusion of status.json as an addition to the player journal data offered by the game in 3.0, I started development of an application to display that data and, given that positional information is included when in proximity to a landable body, allow the player to set destination...
  20. Uncoupledlight9

    Suggestion: Navigation panel/contact list refresh

    I have had a quick scan through previous threads and can't find any related material, but I would think that someone must have commented on this before. Whilst in Arinack collecting materials around the Naphtha Class Tanker it became quickly apparent that I was being frustrated by the speed the...
  21. Rivelus

    Ships Combat Leveling and Counting the points in the screen with my Python in CNB

    Leveling with my Python in a CNB Made this experiment video trying to count the combat points in the screen. Hope this is right and be useful, please share with me your toughts! Thanks!
  22. T

    Release Possible to Get "HAST Elite Assistant" working, or an alternative?

    I've been trying to find another route planner that shows you WAYPOINTS for ED. (Still hoping for a Waypoint system in game in the Galaxy Map, as I know MANY are as well). I DO like a lot, but wanted something more like HAST. I tried using it, not realizing it...
  23. Justinian Octavius

    Pin System to Navigation (Left) Panel System List

    I find I visit a couple of systems regularly so it would be really handy if I could pick a system or two from the Galaxy Map & 'pin' them to the Systems list on the Navigation Panel, clicking on them generates the route from where ever I am. Neowave
  24. C

    Wings and Navigation

    Ok. So wings and navigation... I'm sorry, but the wing navigation is broke. All wing members should be able to fly in the wake of the wing leaders hyperdrive. There should be no "I can make the jump, but you can't" Or mistimed nav lock jumps, etc. That stuff is just ridiculous that it doesn't...
  25. SAI Warrior

    Bookmarks On Navigation Panel

    I think it would be a good idea to move the Galactic Powers button from the Navigation panel over to the Status panel underneath View Engineers. Then in place of Galactic Powers on the Navigation put a button for quick access to our Bookmarks. When you select the Bookmarks button it could...
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