1. C

    Steamvr (wmr шлем) вылетает во время игры

    Steamvr (wmr шлем) вылетает во время игры Wmr шлем (самсунг одиссей) Intel i5 4430 gtx 1070 16ram Windows 10 Охлаждение справляется, все виар игры нормально идут, через ревайв так же нормально идёт dirty rally и assetto corsa. До этого стояла 1050ти, то же нормально шли все игры, кроме элиты...
  2. CMDRVanguard001

    Windows Mixed Reality VR

    Hi, I have an Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset. Can Elite Dangerous officially support Windows Mixed Reality Headsets in the future? Thanks
  3. A

    WMR flicker fix

    I just discovered this after dealing with the flickering problem for weeks. Between the lenses on the headset there's what appears to be an IR sensor. I figured out that this is how the headset detects being put on and taken off. While testing this, I realized that covering the sensor...
  4. G

    Native Mixed Reality support in the cards?

    Just got a Mixed Reality headset, and have been impressed so far. I know SteamVR is currently getting worked on for Mixed Reality support (which will give users a way to play in VR anyway), but in my experience with an Oculus Rift going through Steam to use VR it isn't recommended. SteamVR can...
  5. bowman9991

    Samsung Odyssey HMD Windows Mixed Reality - much better resolution in VR

    My Samsung Odyssey HMD Windows Mixed Reality headset is arriving next week. Now that it has Steam VR support (beta now but officially due 15 November) has anyone tried Elite Dangerous using it? From what I hear, it has a much better resolution and therefore also better results when super...
  6. GMcA

    Millennium 2.2

    Anyone remember this classic from 1989? Don't think I played until the early 90's but just wondering. I thought it was a great game and was looking to try and find a source so I can play it again...:) Millennium 2.2 http://youtu.be/D0h2q3G-C3E cheers
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