1. O

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Ships Deep Space Miner

    My concept is a ship suitable for long-distance travel, that can mine out in the black. My ideas for this ship are mining tritium to help rescue carriers, visiting and working at the Azura Initiative, and possibly future CGs. Should I go for a modified explorer with a AspX or Phantom? Go...
  2. bjoly

    No ARX for mining gameplay?

    I thought that by logging in and playing the game I would earn a small amount of arx, but in 2 weeks of mining with over 1000 limpets spent I haven't gotten more than a couple, and that was for the few jumps I did going between mining spots. Is this an oversight? Miners deserve arx too ✌️
  3. Neilski

    Sub-surface mining... behaving unexpectedly (or just plain broken?)

    I'm not a regular sub-surface miner but decided to do some out in unpopulated space around 3.5 kly from Sol. I've been using a ring with a single tritium hotspot and on the most recent visit I dropped fairly close to the centre (less than 10% of the hotspot diameter away, or around 600 km). I've...
  4. SergMx

    General Refinery + Mining Multi-Limpet Controller

    Why are these two modules not combined ? Are there people who use THIS separately ? This will be a new module for mining without removing the old modules. Like a docking computer and improved docking computer. If someone doesn't like it, no one is forcing them to use it. Just like the...
  5. O

    Make ressource chunk not clip through asteroid

    I don't know why they didn't fix the collection limpet mechanism. They are stupid AF. If a chunk is "inside" an asteroide they will all go for it, one after another, granting us with the nice "collection failed". Just make the ressource chunk able to interact physically with asteroid instead of...
  6. KathyMiller

    Ships Top 10 Mining Ships

    Hello! I’m back again. I’ve got a fresh new profile, with updated info and all that jazz. I didn’t expect anyone to see my recent posts, so I figured I’d say hi rather than posting my links and letting my account stay a husk. Today’s article is something I’m actually pretty unfamiliar with -...
  7. F

    Are Hotspots still Hot?

    Is it just me or have the hot spots recently been not so hot. Meaning that there are deep core asteroids but not necessarily matching the hotspot mineral. Lately I have been getting a lot of minerals other than what the hotpot is for. Most recently in a Musgravite hotspot with the...
  8. Flimley

    Happy Xmas multi controller mining everyone

    Is this all real … ugh? Source: oh well add your suggestions to make this all better. \o/ Flimley
  9. A

    Ship Detection of Surface Minerals

    I can live with the new way that the surface scanner works and doesn't provide specific locations for surface mineral mining. However, I think to offset this our ships should come with the ability to detect mining objects on the ground so we can cover area more quickly, landing only to hop into...
  10. J

    Extracting Material from Asteroids

    Noob question. just started mining and starting to getting the hang of it, on the surface as well in flight. As for the last, when i’m mining an asteroid sometimes materials show up on the surface of the asteroid (i.e. nickel, chromium, iron, etc.) My question, how do i collect them? Collector...
  11. norlin

    General Asteroid Mining on foot please! Approved by B.Willis

    That would be awesome if we'll able to depart from a ship in a space suit, land on an asteroid with a powerful charge, place it in a specific weak spot, then run away fast to the ship and watch how it's exploded (should be more awesome than the seismic charges). It can be either the same core...
  12. RealDanFitz

    Tritium availability for solo Carrier operators, who do not want to spend weeks mining.

    Can we have some dedicated stations out there, in the bubble and in Colonia, that are always stocked with Tritium for sale, even if you up the price, double the galactic average, even triple? I recently headed back to populated space after an excursion into the black with my carrier, Tritium...
  13. M

    Newcomer / Intro Questions about mining

    So, my refinery (I think 3A, maybe 4? - it has 7 slots) works very slowly at times. The ore is at 100% and it just won't refine, sometimes for a pretty long time, while my drones bore themselves to death - literally. Also, When I liberate an extra slot for an ore I'm mining at high speed...
  14. S

    Mining Q: hot spots and resource extraction area. What are the #% Values I should be finding?

    Just started mining stuff this past week and a bit. Wondering what the numbers should officially be, for each type hotspot and material type. And hotspot with resource extraction area and different lvl values. Edit:Found this, not exactly what I was looking for but someone may find it useful.
  15. Tividar

    Question about shared asteroid mining

    Do multiple ships in the same instance who are not in a wing generate fragments from the same asteroid from independent pools or from a collective pool? e.g: One miner laser mines an asteroid and generates 25 fragments. Two miners wing up and both laser the same asteroid: each miner generates...
  16. Tividar

    Mining Lance 2.1

    Zemina Torval's Power-specific Module: Mining Lance is functionally useless. Replace it with an Engineering Modification: "Mining Lance." This Engineering Modification would be available from engineers that offer Beam Laser modifications as long as you've met and maintained the Pledging...
  17. Tividar

    Mining SLF

    Two variant Mining-focused fighters: each packs an Abrasion Blaster as the Primary weapon. For the utility slot, one carries a Sub-Surface Displacement Missile while the other carries a Seismic Charge Launcher. No special AI. Either you fly it yourself or you multi-crew. One issue that would...
  18. S

    Question about mining and it's state in July 2021

    Hello, I have a question about mining - how it' look like now? I remember not so far ago I fly towards rings with hot spots and I get nothing, since that time I don't touch this aspect of the game. How situation looks now? Is still everything nerfed to the ground? ED horizon - xbox Kind...
  19. M

    Refinery/Mining Help

    My mate and I are doing platinum mining in Pythons. He is using a 4A Refinery (10 bins) and 6 collector limpets. His bins seem to take much longer to process than mine, and as a result somehow all 10 bins are continuosly filling up to 100%. Then the second weird thing happens, his collector...
  20. CC | Zefninja

    [INDEPENDENT] 1st Enclave Rangers now recruiting

    Type of Group : BGS & General Gameplay >>Discord Link<< With ED Odyssey's release, it has become clear of the importance of organized, focussed BGS ground forces to complement existing space forces. We offer the opportunity to existing BGS communities to make use of our community to further...
  21. Noduran

    Paladin Consortium: Paladin Support Initiative

    Dear cmdrs, Paladin Consortium is proud to present our latest project: Paladin Support Initative The Paladin Consortium has decided to open its expertise to pilots and organisations, independently of their affiliation. If you are in need of help, or simply seeking advice, do not hesitate to...
  22. D

    Python for core mining plus fighting npc pirates

    Hello Commanders, i am curently in core mining with a python. My only problem is time - i cannot mine long enough to fill my cargo within one seesion. So i log off and on again. After logging in again i very often encounter some pirates (one or two). I don't want to fly away anymore. So what...
  23. S

    Wing mining

    Looking for CMDR’s who want to join on some laser mining! psn: Steinist91
  24. RenzorTheRed

    Newcomer / Intro Build Question about Multipurpose Hardpoints and being TOO HOT

    Hi, guys. Just joined the forum. Been playing for a month or so. Love the game. I had a question about what happens when you're demanding too much power, but the various weapons etc drawing power aren't intended to be used simultaneously. For instance, I've been looking to refit my Cobra MKIII...
  25. Susanna

    Can't complete mining mission hand-in?

    Hi All, What am I doing wrong here? I've mined a load of materials in the black... Arrived at a mining base (Sisters' Refuge) to do some mining missions with my mined materials... But it won't let me complete the mission even though it seems that I have the Osmium on board my ship??? Have these...
  26. T

    mining is no longer worthwhile?

    I fly into a mining area, into a hotspot! i get everything except what's on the hotspot. Got a 200km carpet around the rhodplumsite hotspot yesterday. There was nothing there. If I need rock, I go to a rock mine, not a coal mine. Gave up after 7 hours. Tried several different hotspots and apart...
  27. Sleep Runner

    [INDEPENDENT] 🔬 Ended Development - Recruiting in the name of science!

    Ender Development [EDEV] Squadron looking for new members! The main responsibility is to maintain peace and security in our systems, the well-being of our pilots, and the development of our company. We also providing support for new pilots, such as defense and carrier services, performing...
  28. Random Player

    Newcomer / Intro Mining and NPC Pirates

    Hello Quick question... so, not much of a miner, although made several billion with VO, when you could. I am going to start getting into laser mining and wondering, do NPC pirates just automatically attack you, regardless of their demands to drop some cargo? I have been interdicted millions...
  29. EWanderer

    Discuss: Subsurface Mining could use a tad bit higher numbers

    As the title suggests. According to FDev the tier list for income of mining activities is: Laser < Abrasion < Subsurface < Core. And every time I tried my hand at Subsurface stuff, the yield and price of the commodity as well as the general hassle of low ammo and constant struggle with the...
  30. LordBishop

    DC vs Laser Mining

    Hello Cmdrs, Just a simple question: Which makes more money per hour spent in the rings? I am currently Deep Core Mining in a python as my primary source of income when I want to spend a chunk on a new ship/upgrades. I typically jump on EDDB right before I launch and check the market to see what...
  31. M


    1. Mining drones should last until scooped again 2. Mining drones should not break on asteroids 3. Mining drones should use launcher space, not cargo space 4. Deep mining with rockets should be easer - ie. rockets unlimited, or change mechanics. That would give mining some space to live. Eve...
  32. Random Player

    What the?

    What's going on with this game? They have destroyed VOs! One of the most fun, at least to me, ways to make money has been been crushed. I've been VO Core mining for a long time and always a spot to sell for around 1.3M and now, THIS!!!!! Why do they INSIST on ing off their own players?! At...
  33. M

    Researching the broken pulse wave for mining. (PC)

    Greetings fellow commanders! As currently known the pulse scanner seems to be broken and scans rocks behind the ship yet for others it still works. The current theory that some people and myself have is that the pulse scanner is broken due to graphics, depending on which graphic settings you...
  34. Squall Blyat

    Making the mining more difficult (but without simply decreasing profit)

    Hi, I was thinking about the patch on mining nerf (which is still quite ok imo) recently. I would like to have your opinion about the fact that mining should not be less "profitable" but instead, more difficult. It is actually quite easy to be alone to mine, without pirate or whatever. I think...
  35. CMDR SoldiersFortune

    SRV Variant: Mining

    I would like to suggest that 2 new SRV variants be added to Elite with the specialty of surface mining. Welder This SRV is larger than a standard SRV and as such, takes up 2 hangar slots. The Welder has a pair of pylons out in front near ground level that can produce a heated beam of plasma...
  36. CMDR SoldiersFortune

    Utility Fighter: Golem

    Right now we have three fighter chassis available for fighter bays; the Fed Condor, the Imperial Interceptor, and the Alliance Taipan. I would like to suggest a fourth chassis be added along with the following loadouts. Name: Golem Manufacturer: Lakon Role: Utility Loadouts: Badger 2x Mining...
  37. DrCribbens

    Painite mining

    I should start by saying that ED is far and away my favourite game ever. However. In 3 years of playing I've never mined before because I thought it looked a bit dull. I've now had to start painite mining to unlock Selene Jean and upgrade my armour. I was wrong - it isn't a bit dull. It turns...
  38. Poperrap

    PVE Squadron recruiting

    Hello Commanders! I am the current leader of The Galactic Archive in Elite Dangerous (PC & XBOX) and we are a group of mature attitude players of many ages and countries. We are a friendly PVE focused squadron which is great for new people to Elite Dangerous allowing time to learn this...
  39. V

    2 Week Mining and Exploration Mission to Eta Carina Nebula leaving Tomorrow

    This expedition is planned for the 26th of October through the 9th of November. We are going to Eta Carina Nebula, not the star Eta Carinae. The Eta Carina Nebula is about 9,000 light years from the bubble and filled with lifeforms, good mining and unexplored systems. Veritech Trade &...
  40. imaner76

    PvP Frontier created PVP gankers. By design.

    Frontier created PVP gankers. Discuss. For. All in game combat delivers no balanced/relevant in game reward. Once done with the forced/effective methods of "play" that got you the money to being combat ship build ready, you have no in game challenges left. You think back on your time mining and...
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