1. CMDR_Raikkonen

    Multicrew needs love / fixing: FSS

    I haven't used multi crew in the game proper since it first launched, mainly because it was just so clunky to do anything and largely redundant. Could anybody tell me if crew can use FSS and can they use it while the helm is moving through supercruise? Or does the helm still have to stop...
  2. SadSky


    I’m very happy about the 3.2 update. I was not expecting that much, since it was supposed to be a small one. I appreciate all the new stuff. I feel that there is something for everyone. New fighter ship with hybrid guardian technology, new weapon class (I always wanted to have more torpedo and...
  3. A

    Ships Chieftain performance

    So I bought the chieftain and absolutely love it. Such a beautiful ship in my opinion and I bought plenty of decals for it. But after a while of fitting and flying I have come to... Somewhat regret my decision... As much as I love the combat the shields are just to weak to be of any use and u...
  4. Kathryn Kando

    I love Elite (2nd edition, 1st closed last summer)

    Just this (again). As a little beacon in the darkness.
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