1. H

    no mouse on foot

    so i just installed odyssey and im setting up my controls, but i noticed that i cant look left,right,up or down with the mouse and i must bind it to some key and it controlls awfully, does anyone know how to fix that?
  2. P

    Keyboard for PS4 and PS5

    Hello, Would it be possible to make the use of keyboards for ED compatible for PS4 and PS5 ? We can use for FF 14 by example, but not pour ED... Why ?
  3. W

    Release Tastatur / R2R / Neutron Koppler

    Since I was recently on the neutron highway from Babble to Colonia - Sagittarius - Babble (I'm on the PS4) and I wanted to make as few jumps as possible, I had to enter a lot of waypoints by hand, so the thought came to me To build a type of keyboard coupler that loaded the CSV on the one hand...
  4. Old Duck

    I'm an outlier, as I prefer gamepad controller over K&M

    I just read an article that basically stated what I've seen in forums for years, that K&M is superior to a controller like the Dualshock 4. I actually felt that way myself when I first switched to console, because I lacked the fine motor skills in my thumbs, but having used a Dualshock for...
  5. Arthur Z.

    In-Development RGB Keyboard support for Elite

    o7 Commanders! (this is a dupe thread from Dangerous Discussion as I think this is a better place to post this kind of stuff) Long time ago I've tried to create a Java app to support RGB keyboard lighting for my Logitech keyboard (the old thread). After some time it felt like a dead end so I...
  6. Arthur Z.

    RGB Support for Elite (almost any device)

    UPDATE: Please use this thread for discussions o7 Commanders! Long time ago I've tried to create a Java app to support RGB keyboard lighting for my Logitech keyboard (the old thread). After some time it felt like a...
  7. C

    Keyboard support

    Does anyone have any information as to if Frontier will be adding keyboard support, so that mapping keys will be possible? This would be a welcomed addition to at least have the option to do so.
  8. D


    Consoles Keyboard and Mouse Support Not sure if there's keyboard and mouse support for the PS version but I'm here pleading for a keyboard and mouse integration for Xbox. Specifically now that it's officially supported by Xbox. This integration would be very much welcomed and utilized by the...
  9. Troopi

    Release Autohotkey Macros for PC Elite. Mouse/Keyboard use

    Hello mates. This post is a little gift for those that play Elite Dangerous on PC with mouse+keyboard. It uses 2 autohotkey scripts (the base one calls the other, so don't worry about it) to make your life easier. It requires a mouse with 1 extra button (those buttons on the side for the thumb)...
  10. G

    Improvements for the VR player? (on screen keyboard etc.)

    First, I have just returned to the game after 2 years (hit the wall in the early game). my setup is the HTC Vive Pro & the Warthog HOTAS helped along with an i7, 1080 gfx, 16GB ram I have had no issues with lag or image quality, that is sufficient and not bad compared to my 4K monitor. I...
  11. fishgotnosole

    General / Off-Topic Xbox One keyboard & mouse speculation thread.

    Howdy, I was trawling through the news as I do most mornings in among the usual tragedy and scandal I and came across this article: Microsoft and Razer might be working on an Xbox keyboard and mouse partnership - Windows Central and also this one: Microsoft reportedly partners with Razer for...
  12. Meneer_vandaal

    Settings stored externally

    Hi. I'm flying on a PS4 using a hotas ( thrustmaster ). This works comparatively well. There are however some things that could improve the experience. 1) I'd like to be able to save the settings file externally. There seem to be periodical problems with reading the settings file saved on my...
  13. C

    Keyboard as input device for PS4

    Hello Frontier, I am playing on PS4 with the Thrustmaster Hotas. The double and triple button bindings are really annoying. I would really love to have a keyboard as a second input device. Or even better a touchpad surface via my iPad. PS4 supports the iPad as a second screen! Please!!!
  14. Fett_Li

    In-Development Custom E:D-Controls-Keyboard

    Dear CMDRs, ​What? I developed a some code that let's you use any USB-keyboard with an arduino uno and remap buttons arbitrary. I like to use this for ED with a second keyboard that is used for Elite: Dangerous-commands only. How to? There are three hardware requirements: A keyboard An...
  15. BZSm1th

    PS4 Chat (Noob question - apologies in advance)

    Just started playing ED (love it by the way...totally addicted, no sleep, unhappy wife etc etc etc lol) Couple of questions regarding the Comms panel How do you replay directly to another player (instead of simply messagign local) More of a console question in general, but will any USB...
  16. kenwshmt

    General / Off-Topic station stones / ice.!odKH8 ' These dice will not in any way help you roll to defeat the dragon, but they will keep your drink icy cold. They’re 4oz d20s made of soapstone and you just keep them in your freezer then...
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